Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shoot Me

oh hey there June, it is GREAT to see you.
Let's just not talk about the last month or the one coming up either.
Let's just say that this semester is hard. and it shouldn't be because not one of my classes are required.
I am taking classes this semester to work. aka to get money. aka so I can go to a different school.
got the picture? great :)
In the words of everyone around me, I just care too much about grades. and man is that TRUE. and how sad it is! I have learned that I don't learn very quickly. It takes time for me to process. and I almost always need a visual. So when a test comes or a large assignment or project comes along I do all I can to get the best grade even if it means cramming everything into my head and then letting it exit once I have gotten that A.
Moral of the story this semester I am really learning to not... care so much(although that sounds bad) but really try to LEARN and UNDERSTAND the material.
BUT real great story I LOVE MY PATTERN MAKING CLASS. I was a little hesitant to take it because I thought it would be hard and its at 8am and if I have a choice then the choice is not waking up that early. but I risked it and I am SO glad I did. This class is seriously amazing. I definitely have a lot to learn but it is SO great. and i can't forget my building an eternal marriage class. WOW this teacher rocks and has so much knowledge and quotes and information from prophets and apostles. I look forward to this class every monday and wednesday. so its all good.
Now I realize I have not posted in a while hence that little rant. So I am now going to proceed to overload you with pictures of a time we went shooting. and then hot dog roasting. and then watching people blow up a REGULAR SIZED FRIDGE. and then beautiful sunset gazing. all in one night. man its great.

Stupid people trying to drive up the hill and falling back down..oh teenagers.

The fridge with tires on top and us standing far away from these crazy peoples experiment. 

and after..real bummed I didn't get a picture of it actually blowing up.. but we didn't know when it would really happen. bummer. 

okay people you will probably be seeing this photo all over the place for a while cause I pretty much LOVE it. ok so deal. its great though right :)

So its June and that is pretty awesome. Less than 50 days until the end of the semester. and about a month until my 21st birthday. yippie!
How is your summer going?
love, alex&andrew
p.s it was like 50 degrees here today so summer is uhm...slacking in small terms? hopefully this weekend is better. and did I tell you we get to see BILL COSBY this weekend. yes in little ol rexburg. how awesome. The question I keep asking myself is What the heck is he going to do in-between the three shows he has over the next three days in REXBURG? come on people...