Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Misters Birthday

yo. yo. yo. Christmas is in a day and like 3 hours.

uhm I don't know where that came from. it just poped out.

GUYS CHRISTMAS IS HERE! and it kinda makes me sad because then all the treats, and cheesy movies, and beautiful songs, and shopping is over. yup it gets depressing after Christmas. But these next 24 hours I plan on living it up some how..

I finally finished Christmas shopping on Friday. Before Friday I had NOTHING for Andrew..ha oh man. But I was so focused on his birthday and then I had no idea what to get him for Christmas sooooo I just kept waiting and waiting and waiting and then I was like welp I will just buy him some stuff and hope he likes it. So I am crossing my fingers. but I must say I think I got some good stuff. Although when I say that it usually means he doesn't like any of it.. ha ohh we will see.

Speaking of Andrew's birthday, I completely failed at taking pictures. although he hates having his photo taken so how about we just say that he wouldn't let me take his picture ;)
Ironically his birthday was my last day of classes for the whole semester so skipping in my mind wasn't an option. BUT I still tried to make it one spectacular day.

I didn't have class until 12 so I got up early and decorated the apartment. Just the way my mom would when we were kids. She made sure there were signs all over the house saying things like happy birthday, or your age, or happy happy happy birthday. So I made sure Andrew had some signs of his own. and I decorated our ginourmous white board. It pretty much looked like arts and crafts time in elementary school.

so thennnn I made some yummy crepes, aka swedish pancakes or whatever everyone else calls them.
they are delish and we love them. Andrew was then nice enough to rush me off to class. but after words it was time to play. we got a cake from cold stone which honestly I was disappointed in. next time I will be sticking with Dairy Queen - which is the bomb digity :)

that night we splurged a little and went to Benihanas which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. yum yum yum in my tum.

and ya know it was a good night. yummy food. good company. and we officially have an old man in the house. he is 23 ya know??! I know, so old ;)

Well I love this old man. and I am so happy I have gotten to spend the past 3 years together celebrating his birthday and I can't wait to spend a bunch more together. 
I hope your day was wonderful and you enjoyed every moment of that day devoted to you! 

Stay tuned for Christmas break updates :) 

 p.s- hope you enjoyed my random photos of andrew from the past few months

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

All weekend I was thinking oh I should blog about Thanksgiving and what not but I kept thinking ah no I'm not in the mood yet.. Well here it is Monday and I should be doing all my lovely homework and studying and what does my mind say, LET'S BLOG! yippie. SO I gave into my mind and decided okay lets procrastinate a little more and blog.

Guys, Thanksgiving was great. It was relaxing but crazy and fun. We played, maybe a little too hard, cough andrew cough, but it was great and hard to come back but at the same time I was excited to come back and finish the semester because then it is CHRISTMAS! Oh happppy day.

Well this year we went to St. George for Thanksgiving. Andrew's family was there. There was his parents and brother, Aaron and two of his Aunts and their husbands, then 2 cousins and their spouses and four second cousins. did i get that right... ha oh well. Lets just say it was fun to have a variety of people and different ages around. Usually the youngest person around is Aaron who is 17 but this time there was two younger boys and I think they added a little spice to the group. I feel that they kept us on our toes!

Do you guys know about geocashing? well one of the boys loves it and was telling us all about it one night and Andrew was getting pretty interested... well I will admit so was I. It is such an interesting concept. So the next day we went and found one and then another and that totally hooked Andrew. I think it is so cool that you can find them all over the world! And if you don't know what it is.. talk to andrew or do a little research :)

While we were there we did a little shopping, went on many motorcycle rides, played with our niece Haizlee, watched movies, played basketball, went and explored where our cousin Katie works aka the ambulance.. place, hiked in Zion, got a sweet deal on movies at BlackFriday, and ATE a lot! great great great :)

I am so thankful for this amazing life that I am living. When I take a step back and really see the amazing opportunities and experiences that I have had and that I am having, I can't help but think wow this is a great life.
I am grateful for the wonderful husband that I have and the life we have built together in the past two years. I can't believe where it has taken us and I can't wait to see where and what happens next.
I am grateful for a healthy body. I feel that with all my experiences with health, I can't seem to express enough, how amazing our bodies are and how extremely grateful I am that I am a healthy(okay to an extent) person. I think that with being grateful for Heavenly Father for this body, I have a responsibility to take care of it and do all that I can to keep it healthy and make it even better!
I am grateful for education. For schools, books, and the ability to learn. There are so many wonderful things in this world and I love learning about them. I am grateful I have the opportunity to go to such an incredible university and learn from these intelligent professors.
I am grateful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It has made me who I am today and shaped my life to be the wonderful thing that it is. I am grateful that I know that Jesus Christ lives, that he loves me, and that he died for me so that I can return to live with my Heavenly Father again. I am grateful that I was married in a place and with the authority so that Andrew and I can be together for eternity. I am grateful for the missionaries who sacrifice two years of their lives to share this gospel. Especially for my little brother.
I am grateful for a a wonderful, loving family who supports me and loves me.
I am grateful for this time of year. For the love, humility, and service it brings.

I could go on and on but I need to stop somewhere.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And a wonderful week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Currently I am..

Listening: To the TV and husband talking

Eating: Just ate half of a yummy pumpkin spice muffin

Drinking: A nice glass of cold milk

Wearing: jeans, hoodie, and an apron so that I don't get paint on myself.

Feeling: Happy & Creative

Weather: Night time and realllllly cold.

Wanting: a large rectangle chalkboard.. and the skills to write beautiful words on them.

Needing: A blanket, I'm cold.

Thinking: I am really ready for the paint to dry on the project I am working on right now so I can finish working on it. SO glad I am doing something crafty.

Enjoying: Spending a lot of the day with my husband, exploring Costco and Walmart. and being crafty and making some decor for Christmas that says Noel :) Pictures to come.

Tuesday I took my last test until finals. Guys, that is HUGE in my mind. now I only have 4 tests until the end of the semester. WOW. one semester down and 3 more to go! I can't believe it sometimes.
So no tests soon means life is good and I have time to do the things I love. Like crafting or spending looots of time with husband or watching lots of episodes of white collar with husband. and because of the nice little large snow storm we got last weekend husband isn't working as much which is good for spending time together :)
and guess what?? Thanksgiving is next week!!! YAY! I think I may have checked out of school already.. I am just so excited for a longer break than just two days, and good food, and family time. It is going to be greeeeat!

What are you happy about today?

p.s. basketball season has started and I loooove it. We have already gone to two BYU games and I love being in the students section. This last game we got really close and I won two down-east shirts. how great is that?? and if they get over 80 points you get 5 ounces of froyo. needless to say I feel like we will be visiting yogurtland often. I love being apart of the student section and calling it my "own." this is my school. i looove it :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And the Festivities Begin!

October was a good month. and looking back I can't believe it has already come and gone. Life is busy. School is hard. and so is work. we are two worn out kids ready for a little break coming in 2 weeks. However we had some fun activities this month that kept life being really great.

  • First we went to the Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes concert! It was amazing. probably one of the best concerts I have been to, and lets just say I have been to a lot of concerts. Andrew got me tickets for my Birthday in July so I had been looking forward to this day for a long time. And they did not let me down. We got delicious Thai food at this great place in Provo and then headed to the concert in Salt Lake. We walked in while Hunter was performing. Now I haven't listened to much of his music but this boy melted my heart. My sister is in LOVE with him and I understand why. His voice is wonderful and if you haven't heard his single Wanted, you should click here and listen to this beauty. Now Carrie Underwood was for sure the BEST thing ever. What a voice that girl has and what a performance. I was entertained and in aw the whole time. She even floated over the crowed with her band on a piece of the stage! (picture below). It was AWESOME. 

  • One weekend.. we went to Murray, Utah (Where my little brother is living on a mission right now for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and we went shopping :) it was fun and relaxing. Bought a few little treats. And then we headed over to Scheel's, a sporting good type store, for its grand opening. We walked all around and took some fun pictures. It is a fun place and I am pretty surprised we didn't walk away spending a lot of money, instead we bought nothing. How good are we? ha I am sure we will go back :) 

  • The last weekend of October we headed up to Rexburg so that Andrew could scare in the straw maze. If you remember last year he was able to work at the straw maze the whole month of October. He LOVED that job and was really missing it. So we were able to go up for a weekend so that he could scare on Friday and Saturday night and I could spend time with the Parson's and the Checketts. I had realllllly been missing my little baby boys so I am very glad we got to go. Andrew got a little scaring out of his system which is always nice for me and overall it was cold but great weekend. 

  • As for Halloween we dressed up as an Old Man and an Old Woman. It was hilarious. Andrew even had these little hair pieces for his ears. He legitimately looked like an old man. I can't wait to have kids to dress up in obnoxiously cute and awesome costumes. And I really can't wait to pass out candy to all the little kids in the neighborhood. I love seeing everyones costumes and hearing trick-or-treat. We stopped by Hannah Taylor's party and hung out there for a while. She was dressed up as Katy Perry, it was awesome! 

What a great month. and I am thinking november is going to be just as great! 
Hope you guys are having a great week! 
Happy Election day! Did you go out and vote? 
I got to vote for the first time ever. I was so excited for it and really looking forward to it. and it was great. I like getting my little red sticker. 

We have spent the night anxious and watching fox news and eating pizza. Oh me oh my, what a night. We are ready to hear the outcome! Hope you all did your part and went out and voted! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today I am reminiscing about..

I was looking through our wedding photos today and thinking about how much things have changed. 
and thinking about all these wonderful people. 
All of these people have been such a blessing in Andrew and I's life. 
I am grateful for the support we not only had that day but have had for the past two years. 

Then I saw this picture and was thinking back to when it was just the seven of us. 
and we all lived in the same house. 
it was such a crazy time but really great. 
and I miss each and everyone of these people everyday. 
But I think how much we have all changed in just two years! 

I am really grateful for eternal families and that I am so close with all of my family. 
I am grateful that our family continues to grow and get bigger and bigger. I love big families. 
I love each and everyone of them so much and I feel blessed to be apart of such a great family. 
I know that I can be with each of them for eternity. 
I love my family :) 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Forgotten Gems

I found these on my phone and thought they needed to be shared with the world. 
Enjoy :)

We love our family :D
love,alex&andrew sorensen 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


2 years and 1 month ago today.
I married my best friend in the Los Angeles Temple. 
and it has only gotten better and better since. 
Day One
Happppy 2 years and one month Anniversary to US!
Last year I didn't write about our anniversary until October 3rd so I decided I should do the same this year. What a great tradition. and What a year we have had!! I can't believe we have been married for two years. One of the first things Andrew said about our two years was that that is what a mission feels like. and it made me think of all those people who left for their missions when we got married... they are all COMING HOME! my gosh I have been married for as long as a mission is. and really that doesn't seem very long but for me it is. and for all those missionaries, it is a long time. SO way to go missionaries and way to go us!!
One year 

It has been one heck of an amazing year. What can I say.. things just keep getting better and better with this guy. I just keep falling more and more in love with him. I really never knew what people meant when they said that their love is stronger than the day they married. The day I married Andrew I thought I loved him to the extreme but today I can honestly say I love him more than the day I married him.  Just think of the song by Brad Paisley, And I thought I loved you then. Yup thats how I feel. and really those words are exactly how it happened for us. I seriously could not stop looking at Andrew that Sunday at church when I met him. and now he is my whole life.
WOW crazy how things like this happen.

A little look back on the past year...

  • Semester Fall 2011 at BYU-Idaho 
  • Picked Apples at the Orchard 
  • We went to our friend Clayton's Mission Call opening -- He is in New Zealand 
  • Then went to Clayton's Farewell. 
  • Andrew worked as a Scarer in the Straw Maze in Rexburg
  • Went to St. George for Time out For Women with Andrews Family 
  • Went back to St. George for Thanksgiving/ Christmas with the Sorensen's 
  • We went to Zion and to the old Sorensen home. 
  • Andrew turned 22 
  • Alex got her Associates Degree in General Studies 
  • Celebrated Sydney Turnbull going to Ukraine at her Farewell
  • We went to Kansas for Christmas with the Browns 
  • Went to the Great Wolf Lodge with the Browns 
  • Alex worked on her youtube channel while Andrew went to school in the Winter
  • Alex got into BYU for Fall 2012 
  • We went to a BYU Basketball Game
  • Went to a BYU Volleyball Game
  • We watched a lot of TV shows ;) 
  • We tried to start being more healthy :) 
  • Alex went to Time out For Women in Idaho Falls 
  • Celebrated Taeden's 2 year Birthday
  • Spent Spring Break in St. George & California
  • Explored the Los Angeles Zoo for the day
  • Watched a lot of sports. Especially Basketball 
  • Semester Summer 2012 for both Andrew and Alex 
  • Went shooting with Anna & Jordan and Lindsey & Dave
  • Grandpa Brown Passed away 
  • Cameron Went into the MTC
  • Alex turned 21 
  • Justina & Curtis have baby boy #2  Caleb Steven Checketts. 
  • Andrew got his Associates Degree in General Studies 
  • Moved to Provo, Utah. 
  • Went to Lake Powell with the Sorensen's, Turnbulls, Rahns, Julie & Val. 
  • Alex started school at BYU
  • Andrew started working for a Lawn Maintenance Company. 
  • Hiked Y Mountain on September 2nd at 11pm for our Anniversary :) 

wow. amazing what a year can do. I love looking back at all the things we have done and remembering all of the wonderful experiences we have had. Makes me look forward to all the years to come. I can't wait to see what happens in the coming year!

For this years present giving Andrew got these legit moccasin slippers he has always wanted and I got a pair of pretty pink vans. I think we are officially the shoe loving couple, and if you don't believe me come take a look at our closet.
Two years 
Well we are happy. Life is oh so good. and I still get butterflies every time he walks through the door and smilies those beautiful pearly whites at me.
I find myself cherishing these days more and more. and taking in every single moment we have together because I know days like this won't last forever. and who knows when we will have time like this again. I am soaking it all in and enjoying every moment. these are the best days of our life.

Hope you guys are having a great week.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Enjoying the simple little things.

It's October 1st. Happy day.
Guys I just thought you should know.. 
School is hard but more wonderful than I could ask for. 
and work is hard but has its benefits. 

Life can be hard but wonderful at the same time. You ever realize that? 
I absolutely love my life. and right now I could not be any more happy. 
I have this amazing husband. and this awesome apartment. and I go to a great school. Andrew has a great job. we have food on the table and a nice warm bed to sleep in. We both have amazing families. We are both healthy. and I can see. 
what could seriously be better. But there are days that I really have to remind myself of that.

Instead of enjoying the little things, I stress over the little things. 
I am realizing that life is simple and people just complicate it. I am realizing that I should be more concerned with the eternal things of life, like my family. 

I get stressed out way too much. and I am trying to figure out why. So I am starting to slow down and really think about the reason I do things. 
Just one person, loooking good in a tux, that I am thankful for. 

Life is for living and enjoying the simple everyday things not stressing over it. 

Good friends that make me laugh oh so much.
beautiful new shoes. 
Life is beautiful. Take a look at the blessings you have all around you every day. I know that it really makes me happy.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of things I am thankful for.

ps. looong story, but after 2 years of being married, I finally was able to change my drivers license to Alexandria Sorensen. oh and I am one of the newest residents of Utah. yayyy :)  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Wedding Bells

September is just the BEST time to get married. well if you ask us. and if you ask anna&jordan and now alex&logan.
Andrew's best friend Logan ( he was mentioned in this post and this one) goes to school at BYU-Hawaii, lucky little duck, and he met this AWESOME girl named Alex (mentioned her in the last post).
Well long story short they dated and fell in love and got married. awesome right? yes.
September 6th 2012 they got married in the Salt Lake City Temple. I loved being able to go and celebrate with them in the most special day of their lives. This temple is so magical. I love the history of it. and the detail of everything in it.

It was a beautiful day. and everything was just amazing. love is great. and so is marriage.

and on that note, i seriously love this man so much. 

can you see her face? she seriously looks so happy. i love it. 

the newlyweds and the parents. 

we switched husbands and waited to see who noticed first. 

i really just love this. and all of them. 

Logan's adorable little sisters. 

the men. 

oh man look at that ring. 

happy couple 

rainbow to the reception. 

The day was just wonderful. The wedding. then the reception. We had so much fun there. i fell in love with the location of the reception. and then we all fell in love with the food. seriously delicious. and Dustin (our photographer) was there with his photo booth. that was SO FUN! 
Needless to say we all had a great time and we are so happy for this beautiful couple. 
Welcome to the Club :) and we can't wait for them to move to Provo! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Wonderful Labor Day

School started. Andrew started working and all of the awesome events that we have been looking forward to are starting to slip by. Where does the time go?? It is just crazy to me how fast time goes one moment but then other times I can't wait for weeks to go by and they go as slow as possible. I guess that is life and we just need to LOVE it. and we do. life is great right now. really really great. (I think I am in a good mood..ha)

Thursday the 30th we went to our very first BYU football game of the season. It was wonderful. I am falling in love with this school.

Wowoooo so Labor day weekend was great. Relaxing but a BALL. Andrew and I were definitely ready for a little break after our first week of school and work (Andrew especially). Saturday we got some much needed sleep and then I went to a bridal shower for this cute girl named Alex. Small world I know. and more on that cuteness later :)

Sunday we went to our new ward for the first time. eeek. it was good. other than the 8am thing we are still trying to deal with. guys, it is hard. I think Heavenly Father is testing every single person in that ward asking us to be there that early. But I like it already. The girls all seem really nice and I feel like Andrew is liking it too. This week we found out that two people from my stake back home are in our ward. yup small world again. it is fun being in a ward with so many kiddos. I like that its not just dead quiet in the meetings :)

Do you see the temple??
Sunday afternoon we went over to the Turnbulls for Sunday dinner. we like this group of people a lot. and they are our only friends right now ;) ha so we hung out with them and had fun. and at 10:00pm we decided we would hike the Y. and the reason being was for Andrew & I's two year anniversary which started at midnight!  Now I had never done it so I was pretty up for it and excited and so was everyone else. It was a beautiful night. But man is that hike hard. maybe cause I am so outta shape! the whole thing us up hill but once you get to the top it is magnificent. I guess I never realized that the whole thing was up hill..I don't know why cause it is in the middle of a mountain..ha

Needless to say it was awesome. I am falling in LOVE with this city.

Well Monday was our anniversary and because we are starving college students we had a pretty relaxed but fun day. In the morning we went over to the Turnbulls because Amanda decided to paint her new car. Its an old little guy but we made it new and awesome! We took some time trying to get the right base color and painted that on, which is a beautiful sky blue I might add, and then we had the real fun!


We flung tons of different colors of paint ALL OVER it.
AWESOME, right? yes! it was so much fun and I am pretty jealous now of this hot rod she has. oh and did I mention the door handles, rims, side trim, and windshield wipers are GOLD. yes she is now the cooolest kid at school. or at least in my book she is :)

After this lovely adventure we met up with Justina, Curtis, and the babies. They were visiting his family that weekend in Layton and it was a perfect time to come see us as well and go to Cabela's. I loved seeing my two little boys. and my sister and brother in law of course.

THIS FACE. AH I caught him at the perfect moment. 
 So we played with them for a while and then went to dinner at Tokyo. yup we went to Tokyo. But really its one of those places they cook in front of you. I had never gone and it was a perfect day to try something new and awesome. Of course I loooved it. and so did everyone else. Taeden especially loved the fire being right in front of him and all the crazy tricks the chef was doing. Then we decided we needed some really good dessert so we headed to The Cheesecake Factory. Oh my I am droooling just thinking about it. YUM yum YUM.
Future hunter like daddy? 

After saying our goodbyes to the babies and adults Andrew and I ended the night at the movies where we saw Nitro Circus. It was actually awesome. and I will admit I loved it. and of course andrew did :)

Obviously it was an awesome weekend. it was hard to go back to school and work but it was a great break. Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend two weeks ago :)