Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Loving

I decided to start a trend. I loooove looking at blogs and I love the creativeness of them all. I have participated in Awkward and Awesome thursday, which was just great and I should probably do it again cause it is just great to write down all of the awesome things that happen each week and laugh at the awkwards. SOOOO end of the long story, I am doing Sunday Loving. (I just started singing summer loving from grease in my head...bah) Every Sunday, as long as i don't forget, I will write about something I love or we love. It can be ANYTHING. maybe something that happened that week. something we have seen, done, ate, anything. and YOU can join in too! maybe if this gets cool enough I will make one of those button things for it. If you know what I am talking about great and if not.. well don't feel bad, I'm turning into a blogging freak.

To start my new trend off I neeeed to tell you all about this show that Andrew and I first found on netflix and now have to watch on Hulu because we caught up WAY too quickly. We have fallen in LOVE with this show. one word.


This is the cast. This is also the family that it is all about. The siblings are all grown up and have their own families but they all still live near each other in northern California. 
I think we like it so much because it is just everyday life and troubles that a lot of people go through. Andrew and I love to discuss what we would do if we were in those situations. We have had some great discussions come of it and in a way I think it helps us see how we will handle parenthood and how we will handle difficult situations. 

Isn't this such a cute advertisement??
it doesn't hurt that Lauren Graham is in this show too. I love her. Don't even get me started talking about how much I LOVE Gilmore Girls. 
One thing we have noticed about this show is how much of a difference it makes knowing we have the gospel in our life and how different we will handle those situations because of that. 
Go check this show out. its normalish life acted out. Whats better? oh yea reality shows..ha

So what is your Sunday Loving? 

PS. I feel like I should leave you with a couple pictures from a trip we took to Utah and then a drive up to Sundance. It was beautiful and I fell in love with the gift shop they have. perfection. 

Friday, February 24, 2012


Honestly, I never thought I would ever go there. and then I met this boy named Andrew who was obssesed with the school, especially the sports. It started to look like our future would end up there. So I thought about it and decided it sounded like a greeeeeat idea. We visited a few times and honestly, I immediately fell in love with it. I loved the atmosphere and school spirit. I loved the idea of having my own team and I having a legit reason to cheer for them. I wanted to be able to say that I had a degree from Brigham Young University.From then on I could not wait to move there. However, there was one small thing in my way. Getting into the school. Ugh. the dreaded application and acceptance letter. The longer I had to wait the more I thought I wouldn't get in. I freaked myself out pretty much. good job me. But low and behold on thursday, after checking multiple times that day, my application status changed to ADMITTED! AHHH. I screamed a little and I cried a little. that surprised me. I thought I would only cry if I got rejected. But no my eyes watered. I could not believe that I could finally call myself an official Cougar. Andrew wasn't home yet so I called my mom, in the middle of my laughing and crying and being in awh. and then Andrew came home and we cheered some more. I don't know, maybe I am just crazy for being so excited but man was I one happy girl and I still am.

hey did you know i got my associates? 
yup, i did. 
I was so excited when it came in the mail
made these past two years worth it. 

Did you go to BYU?? Tell me about it. What was your major?? 
I want to know. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I had forgotten to post this for the past month. Mostly because I had to narrow down the pictures and then figure out how to share them. In the final days of being in Kansas we spent two days at this wonderful place called the Great Wolf Lodge. It is the greatest Lodge to stay at in the Kansas City Area. They have an indoor water park with a couple slides and pools and huge playground. AWESOME! It has become a tradition, kind of, in our family to go there every year after christmas. Great in the winter when you need something new to do outside of your house. 

What a great play place for young and old
I love it. I wish we could go back right now. 
Rexburg is way too cold. and windy. and BORING. can I just tell you how excited I am to leave???
really really excited. I need more. more. more. 

At the last minute this past weekend we decided to travel down to St. George. What a GREAT decision that was. We saw the SUN! WOAH. I have missed that wonderful thing. and when we do have it in Rexburg it is way too cold to enjoy it. I love having a little break from our little apartment. Coming back was hard. Literally. Of course a storm hit so we had to go slow and drive through lots of snow. If you know that drive you know that it is really sketchy when snowy. I was nervous to say the lest. but it all worked out great. Heavenly Father is definitely watching out for us. in a lot of things. Now back to cold, snow, school, and normal everyday life. But sometimes that is nice too :) 
How was your weekend?
p.s- We just ordered a juicer. I am super duper excited to start using it. stay tuned for updates :) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Okay, I have a confession. I have not told many people about this because it kinda freaks me out. So be nice.

 First you need to know some background on this. Andrew is an avid technology guru. he loves to find things out online and watch videos. Youtube is the main source. A while more than a year. we started watching a vlog ( like a blog but with videos instead) on a family. After making videos for two years this family now earns a living making videos for youtube about their daily life. Now if you have been on youtube you know there is a lot of tutorials and how to do things and stories and music and families and EVERYTHING. soooooooo we decided one day that we would start a few channels. And that is when Andrews channel "The Sports Rant" and my channel "Sew Bliss" was born.

It has been a year since I have created my channel and I am amazed at how many people watch my videos. Once a week I make how to videos on anything sewing. If you know me very well you know that I love to create things. I have taken four sewing classes on campus and these videos have helped me to continue learning and growing doing something that I love. 

In no way am I perfect at it and every week I am learning how to better the videos and filming that I do. so don't judge. Ha.  

If you want to go check out our videos you can click here for Andrews Sports channel and here for my sewing channel.

Hope you Enjoy. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So you want to here my random thoughts and something I have been realizing for the past couple months? Well here is is....
the whole world is pregnant. yup the entire world. I really do think almost every person I know is.
Yes I know not everyone is. there is like two or three of you out there, but really? Its TRUE!
My thoughts.. Maybe the world really is ending. All these babes need to come before, what december 20th or something? and it is HAPPENING! Now don't get me wrong it is great! I love all these little babies coming around. Honestly some days I want one. Yup its true. I am jealous. But then I realize why I don't just yet. but we don't need to talk about that today :) maybe tomorrow can be, why this month needs to hurry up and move quicker. I really am excited for all these mommy's to be. It is so cute and I can not wait to raise my own little love bug and dress them and take pictures of them. You know maybe it is because I follow too many blogs that show adorable babies. I bet thats it. I am hearing all about them and am excited for them and get excited for that one day in the distant future when Andrew and I will be able to experience that. So to all of you who are pregnant congratulations!
What are your random thoughts of the day??? Hope you enjoyed mine :)