Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's Just Have Some Fun

This weekend was a pretty fun time. 
How was yours? 
First we started off by going to the temple, the BEST place in the world :) 
We went to Sammy's and of course got a Cupcake Shake 
Then hit up a sweet sweet sweet Jello party. 
Yes your eyes read that right. J-E-L-L-O Partttty. 
Andrew competed in the jello competition. 
He didn't throw up thank heavens. 
But he did win, which means I won
Fun Dip :) 

Oh my how I love the sugar of my childhood days. I love just the fun candy.
The nerd ropes. 
The fun dip. 
The ring pops.
The spongebob crabby patty gummies 
Candy Bracelets 
Tootsie Roll! Ah yes, okay so they aren't that kidish but yuummmm

What is your Favorite "Fun" Candy????

Now you may say awh but I missed out on all of the fun but wait you DID NOT! 
muahahah I have pictures :)

Here is everyone warming up 
Don't they look excited? 

The old roommates. Pre-Competition 

And GOOOO...
Oh the noises that came with this. 
Ewh, Ugh, Woah

A nice up close shot of Andrews mouth full. 

This photo makes me laugh for more than one reason :) 

We watched The Social Network. wow it is true what everyone has been saying. 
SO GOOD. A must watch! 
We hope everyone had a great weekend and has even a better week! 
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Much Love, Peace, Happiness 
<3 Alex & Andrew 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Walking my dog and almost falling right in front of a car.. 
Stuttering. Yea I do it a lot. Especially when I am talking a lot and not really thinking straight.
Having the worst zits in the world on my face. yup thats me. 
Thinking I know the kid sitting next to me, trying to look at him to see if its who I think it is.
Having to take our dog on a road trip and worrying about him doing something wrong at everyones house.
Learning a hip hop dance within an hour. it has its good and weird moments. 
Having the Fire Alarm checker people come into our apartment and have to go into every room. Yes the extra room is pretty much the junk/ just throw things in there room. Good thing they didn't go into the bathroom..

I finally started exercising again. it felt wonderful & horrible. I can't wait to go again tomorrow. 
Going on a road trip to St. George. SWEET
Cooking dinner with a recipe I found all on my own and it turning out pretty darn nice. 
I put out my spring decor already. yay. bring on warmth
Going to Sammy's for Cup Cake Shakes. Yes you heard right. CUP CAKE. little bites of icing is all I can say. YUM
Stacie's Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips. 
Finishing one of my books so I can start the other. 
Getting to listen to Julie B. Beck on Saturday.
You are officially looking at a compassionate service helper. 
Andrew won his basketball game. 
Last year we went to pond skimming with my sister. 
This year we are going again. Tomorrow!! 
Look at how awesome it looks..

Time to go to Zummmmba :) 

How was your Thursday??

Love, Alex & Andrew 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When I grow up..

When I met Andrew one of the first things that I learned was that he wants to go into broadcasting and work in Sports, Aka ESPN. The big dogs.         
I loved this idea because I love sports
Little did I know how much this kid LOVES sports. I have never met someone so...obsessed?, sure that works, with one thing! I mean he seems to know everything about everything sports related. and if he doesn't for some odd reason he finds out. 
Thats one of the things I love about him. He is passionate
He has figured out what he can do with something he loves and he is determined to make it happen. 

Now when it comes to me I think I know but I don't.
I LOVE art. I love design, photography, fashion, painting, drawing. 
But when I really think about it I really don't think I am good enough for that. 
And in the world of art confidence is a must. 
I really try to make it work but sometimes I am like why don't I just do something easy..
Then I remember that for me Art does seem like the easy, fun, adventurous, wonderful thing to do. 
At the moment I want to be.. 
Hm well when I grow up I want to be..
A photographer
A fashion designer
An Interior Designer
A seamstress
A person that reads all day
A fashion show expert
A designer in everything
A singer
I want to be it all. 
I love it and I hate it. 
What do I go into?
Right now its Art with lots of photography and possibly graphic design classes
and then I am throwing in a minor in Clothing Construction which I am obsessed with. 

What do you want to be?

love, Alex & Andrew 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't every day be the day of Love?

I loved going out on Valentines day and seeing everyone getting flowers for their lover. 
I loved the feeling of love in the air. 
I loved the joy in everyones faces and the friendliness. 
I love that my heart was full of happiness. 
I loved that it was a day focused on LOVE. 
Andrew had class all day but look what I got at the door while he was there :)

The flowers are blooming in the next few days. 
I loved waking up this morning and seeing them on the table starting to pop! 
The way to any girls heart.
Chocolate. yum

While Andrew was at class I made our apartment into a tropical paradise/get away with a few heart decor

And I made dinnnnner. delishhhhh
And you can't have dinner without dessert. 
Even better

Can't have a tropical paradise without a beach right?


Andrew with his presents. 

I decided to continue the love and made a delicious breakfast!!
Crepes, Strawberries, and Apples. Perfection
After all of that sugar and food we took Oakley on a long walk to get energy out and enjoy the amazing weather we have been having but know it will soon end. 

He kept following Andrew..even if it was up a huge pile of snow.

Luckily he made it up all by himself! 

A good thing about Idaho. 
The Sunsets. 

Hope you all had a wonderful valentines day. 
Always tell those you love that you LOVE them. 
We love you all. 
Love, Alex & Andrew 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

- Running to the bathroom and right as I walk through the door my phone rings. I have to answer it but man do I gotta go! 
- Super Bowl Sunday. Looking in the mirror at half time and realizing I have barbecue sauce from the wings on my cheek. I ate them at the start of the game. Therefore it has been there for....a long while. 
- Getting hit on by a creepy guy, wishing my husband would hurry up and get out of the locker room, flashing my wedding ring at him but him not noticing. 
- Running into someone I only kind of know or just haven't talked to in forever. Do I say hello? And if so what do I talk to them about? Or do I just keep on walking? I feel like that makes me anti social.
- Going to devotional and feeling like the guys in front of you are gay. no judging here. just awkward
- Trying to find a seat at devotional. Asking if the seats are taking and getting a rude/mean yes. Well excuse me for trying to sit by you! 
- Being the only one at zumba with my hair down and with out a friend.. yea it doesn't sound awkward but I felt like EVERYONE was just looking at me thinking what in the heck is she doing. 
- Loosing, well lets say misplacing your husbands drivers license... woopsies. 
- Watching the Mr. play basketball and having the ball come flying at me, almost killing me, and making the weirdest face ever...
- This may not be awkward but I hate it. Always having a coat and being cold so it never really matters what I wear underneath.

-Participating in awkward & awesome thursdays. 
- Having my puppy FINALLY be nice and cuddling with me :) 
- Feeling so accomplished by finishing my apron
- Thinking of creative ways to make my outfits look cuter. downside I have no where to go in them.
- Being more outgoing. 
- Winning the final round of battleship 
- Having time to read as much as I want. 
- A clean kitchen, however I never know what to make for dinner..
- Going to St. George next weekend. It can't come quick enough. one word. Warmer. 
- Having the temple a mile away from my house :) 
- Going out to dinner and learning we don't have to pay for it
- Two movie tickets, Large popcorn, 2 Drinks, free refills all for a beautiful price of $10 
- When my husband talks in cartoon voices. I can't help but smile 

Man life is just awesome isn't it. 
I mean there are always going to be things to worry about but why worry. 
It won't get you anywhere. 
I need to remember this. 
I LOVVVE my Mr. 
I LOOOVE being a Mrs. 

Basketball is awesome

Listen to these two sing = awesome

 He is becoming a cuddler = AWESOME

And I will leave you with this old but awesome picture. 
The beginning of mr. and mrs.

Have an awesome day 
Love, Alex & Andrew 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A picture is a poem without words

Look at my creative husband. focusing so hard on his art work. 

Our Porters experience brought us this lovely piece of art. 

Now ladies if you would like to keep your husbands busy for a while just get them one of these. 
They look pretty fabulous once they are done as well! 
Isn't he adorable?


Okay now it is my turn to show off! 
Introducing my FINISHED Apron. 
I am so excited and happy about this finished product. 

Look at those awesome pockets! 

Now for christmas we were at the Sorensen's house and we all got christmas pajamas.
I got the cutest little button up cotton dress in the fabric below. 
Now yesterday Andrew and I got a package from his mom 
And look what I found inside!!!!! 

Matching little girl pajamas. AWHHHH 
They are adorable. 
No, I am NOT pregnant 
but whenever I do get pregnant with a girl
She will wear this and look like the cutest kid in the world. 

Thank you Mommy Sorensen

Now on to my next project maybe???
The dress

The Fabric. AHHH yay I LOVE it. 
I love the flowers. 
and yellow
and pink
and green
and blue
and yeaaaa
its going to be awesome

We are an artistic family. 
I love it. 
It's wednesday. 
I need a way to make money. 
Dannnnnce party. 
You know when people say oh lets hang out and then you never do?
Well I feel like I should invite all those people over at the same time for a dessert party. 
Yea that sounds fun. I like it. 
Zumba tonight. quite possibly. 
Then Andrews basketball game. Let's go Top Dudes!!!...haha
Question of the say: Does anyone remember Duck Tales??
Andrew and I started thinking about it the other night and even looked up the song on youtube. 
oh sooo good. we used to looove that show. How about you?
The weekend is halfway here.  
Love, The Sorensens