Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Break Adventures

I guess April is over? Where the heck did it go? Well it has been good.
We went to St. George and then to California for a few days. It was wonderful.
The day we left for St. George it was like a blizzard in Rexburg. We were SO glad to get out of here.
Now coming back sure was hard. We are so excited to leave at the end of July. We are so excited to go to Provo we can't even take it. Keep crossing our fingers this semesters goes by VERY quickly. It will be good though. I already love my Pattern making class, Studio Photography class, and my building an eternal marriage class. I really think I am going to learn a lot of things this semester that will help me the rest of my life.

Now back to our wonderful break...
We did lots of stuff. Like in St. George we went to this Art fair. It was great! Andrew and I tried Fried Twinkies. Woooah. those things are great. really bad for you but I'm pretty sure it was worth it. we also ate these fried potatoes that are twisted and on a rod and you put seasoning all over it. yum yum.
Yea we didn't eat too healthy on this trip and it has began to show. ha.
We also celebrated easter. went shopping. watched movies. ate more. swam. played. and just had fun.
Then we went to California. There we went and watched Aaron's Volleyball games. went to a Broadway play called Billy Elliot. Cleaned and painted a very nasty apartment. went to the LA Zoo. and had some more fun. It was a great trip.
And to prove it I have a lot of pictures to show :)

First we are at the Art Fair eating good food :) 

We went to a antique shop which was a house STUFFED, with things in every square inch of it. and Andrew found this awesome hat. and a legit chastity belt. like full metal with lock and key. funniest thing ever. and then andrew dropped it. hahaha 

Next photos are of us going to the L.A Zoo it was a beautiful and perfect day. 

And that was our lovely April adventures. Now it is finishing school in Rexburg and trying to find an apartment in Provo. if you have suggestions we wouldn't mind the help :) 
Andrew is busy with school as well and he starts his sports job next week. which I think he is very excited about. and he is excited about getting his Associates at the end of this semseter. YAY Andrew
Welp that is us. hope you enjoyed. 

p.s- I think I am going to start eating Gluten Free. I have gotten tested but apparently I am not intolerant to it but I really think its lying and that I really am. or my body has other issues. who knows these days. 
SO anyone have any helpful suggestions on how to do this or what to do or eat. 
ANYTHING let me know. I need to do my research on it.. so yea. thanks in advance. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

2012 Championship Game

How has your week been? Ours has been great. fustrating. stressful. productive. boring. fun?
Not too bad I would say. Andrew probably would beg to differ. He has had a stressed out week but he is DONE!!! YAY. He is really happy to have one more semester behind him and I am grateful that he is done writing his dang papers this semester. Now we are off to St. George tomorrow and then California on Monday. YUPPIE. I am glad to have a break from this town. Although the weather has been quite pleasant. So I can not complain. Just time for a break. something new. So I got my HAIR DID!
No, I did not go back to Evans. Never again will I. (If you missed that story click here!) 
I went to Paul Mitchell Beauty school instead. Which I must say was great! Yes they are more expensive, but SO much more professional! And I LOVE how my hair turned out. I didn't do anything really different. Just touched up the regrowth and cut off three inches because my hair is SOO damaged.
I am happy with how it turned out so that is all that matters, right??

Well as you hopefully know the 2012 NCAA Basketball Championship Game was on Monday night. We had the Checketts over and I made some homemade pepperoni and ham and pineapple pizza and bread sticks. It was Yummmmmmy. Of course we should all know ;) that Kansas was playing against Kentucky. I pretty much knew they would lose but I had HOPE and lots of it. but in the end they could not pull through which is always a bummer but in all honesty I am so PROUD of my boys and how far they came this year! Everyone said they would lose soon in the tournament but I knew they could get farther! and THEY DID! So honestly that made me happy enough.

Here are some awesome pictures with the cheesing Taeden of course from that night of basketball and food. ENJOY

He likes to take pictures of himself.. what a cutie. 

Aren't these two just the CUTEST! AHH 
I was dying. Andrew literally ran around the apartment with him for probably a good 20 minuetes. Playing all sorts of games and making this kid crack up laughing. 
It was ADORABLE. He is going to be such a great dad :) 

Letting Taeden jump on him. ha 

The aftermath of the pppartya.

Today is friday friday friday. yea yea yea. party. 
We are driving in a car most of the day. four people. and two animals that HATE each other. 
This shall be grand. haha :) 
Hope you guys have a great Easter weekend.
Remember why we really celebrate Easter and who the real reason is for all of our Happiness. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome to the Terrible Twos

Picture Overload. 
But aren't they so CUTE! 
You can not have too many pictures of that little boy cheesing. 
So as you can tell this was Taeden's Birthday. 
Isn't it just ADORABLE! 
All the decor and that Cake! Man it is awesome. 
My sister is awesome. yup. 
I think Taeden had a great birthday. He loved all of his presents and is now learning to become a professional basketball player. yup he is already in training. 
and he is an official Mickey Mouse lover. aren't those ears just ador on him! 
I hope you enjoy me showing off my nephew. It is great having him so close. I cherish it and know it will be heartbreaking having to move away from them. 
Hope you guys are having an awesome week! 
Andrew is tackling finals and I am tackling getting all of my last minute projects done before Spring Break and school starting. Use your time wisely is the modo around these parts. 

p.s- want to hear my morning story real quick?
this needs to be documented. 

So last thursdayish I call Evans Beauty College to set up an appointment to get my hair did cause it looks blah..too grown out at the roots. SO, called, said I would like to get it done next tuesday, Tuesday the 3rd. and the girl is like alright I have you down for tuesday with Shelby at 10am. PERFECT.

Now fast forward to this morning. I struggle to get out of bed, get ready real quick, and head on over. 
As I pull up I notice there are NO, let me repeat, NO cars in the parking lot. 
I pull up to the front door and what do I see? 
A sign that says we are closed for April the 3rd and 4th for our SPRING BREAK! 


yes I yelled this in the car. How do you schedule someone OVER YOUR SPRING BREAK???
Honestly I still don't get it and I am very upset with this place and will NEVER be going back. 
That was the last straw. The first one was them messing up my hair a while back. and I was giving them a second chance. but i guess they really didn't want one. 
so next up is Paul Mitchell beauty school tomorrow at 10:45 
they better get it right cause lady is hanging on by a thread when it comes to getting my hair did. 

great story right?? YES! give me a few days and I will be able to laugh about it. As for right now, I am steaming :) 

Have a great day :) 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Loving--General Conference

Happy April. 
Happy April Fools Day. 
Happy General Conference Weekend. 
Happy less than one week to Spring Break
Happy one week until Easter 
Happy SPRING. 
Happy Day. 
Yup I'm Happy. Are you? 

Aren't these the cutest little signs EVER. General Conference was this weekend. 
It was wonderful. As it always is. 
Did you watch? 
If not go HERE to listen and learn more. 

What are you going to be working on? 

Some of the things that I picked out was...

  • Make a Scripture chart to make sure you do it daily. Start Studying every morning instead of night! 
  • Set Priorities in life. What do I really need to be doing with my time? 
  • Read & Study Daughters in My Kingdom. 
  • Be more thankful for what I have and not dwell on what I don't. 
  • Don't hold grudges or create contention. FORGIVE! 
Just some ideas that I got while listening. Conference is wonderful. VERY Spiritually uplifting. And I love hearing from the Prophet. Listen to all of their voices and seeing there personalities. It is just really cool to me. Makes it seem even more personal. I feel like I am getting to know them and I really feel that love that they have for each of us. I LOVE knowing that what they are saying was inspired from the Lord. He gives them things to say to let us know what we need to work on. 
So what are you going to be working on?? 
Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the weekend.