Monday, March 25, 2013

Turnbull Adventures

I seriously can't get enough of this family. 
They always so entertaining to be around. 
And the nicest, sweetest, third family of ours. 
I consider them family more than anything. 
I feel so blessed to have them apart of our life. 
Thanks for being such great friends Turnbulls!
We hang out with these kids at least once a week.
 It's been great to have such fun people close by.  
Cutting Off Chris's tail. 
And it has been chopped! 
Trying to see how many toothpicks can fit in this guys beard. 
250 toothpicks in that man beard! 
Chris attempting a crazy push up 
And then he tried a clapping one. 
And that is a look into this wonderful house hold. 
They keep life exciting. 
the end :) 
p.s - I just realized these are all of chris and cj. I guess I need to get some photos of Amanda and Sydnee doing something crazy. Guess that will be next time! 

Monday, March 11, 2013


Dear Sydnee, 
Thanks for being such a great example to us all. 
Thanks for being such an amazing missionary and showing us how to serve whole heartily. 
Thanks for bringing us all together to celebrate your home coming. 
Thanks for making us all realize how much we need you in our lives to make it a heck of a lot better. 
Thanks for being my friend. 
You are awesome!!! 

First Hug.  
Can't you feel the love?
This beautiful girl came home two weeks ago from TODAY! 
If you didn't  know, she was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Ukraine.  
I am so proud of her and the amazing accomplishments she has had.
She has brought back such an amazing spirit and love for the Lord. 
I am so glad I know her and can call her a very dear friend of mine. 
These are some of my favorite pictures from those first moments off of the airplane. I hope you all enjoy! 

All of the signs we made her 

Hand shake? 

With her mission President & his Wife 

We LOVE YOU Sydnee 

Stay tuned for more fun photos from Sydnees first few days home!! 
Hope you all are having a great monday!! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Best Presidents Day EVER

This day in time was beyond crazy. In the most amazing and wonderful ways. We had gone to St. George for the weekend but had to be home on Monday so that Andrew could go to work even though I didn't have school. The plan was to come home Sunday evening but it got so crazy and Andrew was doing pretty bad with his sickness (yea the one that he STILL has) so we decided to go to bed early and get a good nights rest and then wake up and go in the morning and get there in time for him to get ready for work. Well we got there just in time to go to work. No getting ready. No nothing. Just drop me and all of our stuff off at home and go.
This is a view from this house in St. George. HOW INSAIN is that??
 I absolutely love it. It was literally a wall of windows. did I mention I love it.  
I was also in a hurry to get out the door again but for a much more awesomer reason :)
My sister Justina and her husband Curtis and my babies, aka Taeden and Caleb, came to town and I was eager to see them. I miss them. A Lot. I need babies in my life to remind me why I don't have babies in my life yet. ha. But really they are the cutest little things and I love this little toddler stage that Taeden is in. THE CUTEST! ah, kills me every time. So we met up at Scheels, also talked about here.

This was so much fun. There was so much for Taeden to look at, and Curtis ;) 
I was VERY surprised when Taeden really wanted to ride the Ferris wheel that is in the middle of the whole building. It is really cool looking but I thought he would freak out the moment it got really high but he never did! He enjoyed every moment of it and was sad when he had to get off. 
I got to play with Caleb while they road which was equally fun. He is such a happy baby and full of warm smilies. I am kinda in love with all of these pictures I took. So many photo-ops at this place! and stay tuned because once I get more from Justina I mighhht have to post them. (if you think this is a lot, just wait until we have a child..ha) 

UHM then the day just got 100 million times BETTER. And lets just say that it was already pushing the couldn't get any better than this day. Well Justina had e-mailed our brother Cameron, who is on a mission for our church in Salt Lake City, and asked him if he would be able to go to lunch with us or something. Well she kept checking her phone the whole time and then finally, 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave he e-mailed her back and said Let me ask my mission president. WELL he did and after a few emails back and forth and a little confusion, the Pres. said YES! 
WOOOOOOOOPIE. I was so very very surprised. But I have heard about how awesome he is through a few pretty good sources, so this made him even greater in my eyes. 
We met up with him at this really old church in the city. He told us it was this creepy old church and when we pulled up I was like oh my gosh this place is beautiful. HA guess we have two different perspectives on the beauty of old architecture. He was writing his letters home so we just sat around and talked with him and a few other missionaries. Then we went to crown burger so we could eat and talk some more of course. 

Elder Brown writing home. 

Holding Baby Caleb for the first time. 

Oh just chillaxing with Elder Brown.. T is really into it. 
It was so wonderful talking with him. He has such an amazing spirit. I still can't even believe that he is a missionary. He is so dedicated to the spanish community in Salt Lake City. I loved hearing him speak in spanish. It is beautiful and he is amazing at it. I can't believe that in 8 months he can speak complete sentences and have conversations in spanish. HOW COOL. I feel so blessed to be a member of this wonderful church and I am so proud of my little brother for being so selfless and giving up two years of his life to serve the Lord. What a glorious thing he is doing. I look up to him for the wonderful faith he has and exudes not only in his letters but to every person he meets. The whole time we talked all he did was tell us about the people he is meeting and teaching. I know that really loves the people there and truly has a testimony of the things that he is teaching. I just love him so much.
Caleb is freakin out. bahh. He loved Elder Browns name tag. 
Me and Elder Brown. YAY 

It was one of those perfect days. I loved seeing everyone and catching up and just relaxing with family. I love them all so very very much. 
I guess this post is a little mushy too. Ah, I guess I just love my family so much I have to share it with the world. Its grrrreat. 
p.s - is saying love 11, well now 12 times too much for one post? 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day of Love

How can you look at that face and not love it??? Everyone, this is going to be a mushy post, I will make it quick, but just to warn you, if you really must stop reading now. But you will miss my awesomeness :)) 

 how could I see that lovely box of chocolates at the store and not get it for him? 
If I was to ever get into fantasy football or any fantasy sport for that matter he would be my #1. And he always will be. 
Valentines day. oh me oh my. It is a good day. BUT I must say I like to express my love for this guy all of the time and not just on a special holiday. but still how can you not celebrate the day of LOOOVE. 
I have decided that I want to decorate like crazy for this holiday. This year I was pretty proud of myself. I made a banner and everything!! Woop Woop! and then I had a TON of those window stickers and put them everywhere. Andrew really loved this touch as cupid was placed on the microwave and is still there at this moment because either 1) I am too lazy to take them down or 2) I just love this holiday too much to take the love away. Lets go with the latter. 

It was still a pretty normal chillaxy(ha) day for us. It was my day to sleep in because I didn't have class until noon (hallelujah), so that was glorious in and of itself. Unfortunately the mister did have to work at 8am sooooo he was kinda out of luck on that one. Sorry lover. But I did have a test that day so I guess we were even on that scale of things. So after my glorious sleeping I woke up to find these two beauties in the kitchen. 
This guy... oh man.
That watch is KILLER if you didn't know. It has a mother of pearl facing. Sometimes I just like to say that.. Mother of Pearl. I picture myself yelling at someone saying that and then laughing because it sounds so funny. BUT isn't it just stunning. didn't he do amaaaze. and I was pretty sure we were doing cheapo gifts this year... like as in $15 in chocolates. I would have been happy with that. 
But he did good. really really good. 

We went to dinner at this Thai place we both love which is awesome because we all know how obsessed with thai food I am. Yea, then we came home and ate chocolate covered strawberries because those are both our favorites. 

It was a great day. He is an amazing man. And I really can't tell you how happy I am to be by his side for eternity. He keeps me on my toes. I am laughing constantly. and I know we can get through anything together. 
He is my best friend in the entire world and I love spending every moment I possibly can together. 
And honestly it is a lot of time lately and I LOVE IT. Sometimes I think about the future.. like when there are little chillians running around and he has a 8-5 or 6 or 7 or 8 o'clock job and we barely see each other, yea that is when I really really truly treasure these days we have right now. 

Okay I will stop with the mushy but I am so glad he is my Valentine. 
Hope you all had a wonderful day of looove, like a month ago :) 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

World Moguls Championship

About a month ago.. or more... well lets just say in January. I think... Okay one evening we went to Park City area and saw the World Moguls Championship with our friends Alex and Logan and her family. It was insane. if you don't know what I am talking about or anything go look it up on youtube. It is like flying down a mountain with a lot of bumps on skis and then doing a trick at the end and hoping not to fall. It was so cool to watch!! They were all so fast and did it so smoothly and made it look so easy, even though I know it is not! And then their tricks were cccrazy cool. flipping and twisting and turning and such. 

This is the course they come down on. 

Watching the crazies 
There were over 50,000 people there watching! Can you blame them? it was a great show. And then afterwords there were fireworks! Ah I love fireworks. so pretty and fun and such.

THEN as the 50,000 people were leaving we decided it would be best to stay and sled down the hill a few times. That was probably my favorite part. We were flying down the hill and then trying to climb back up it a bunch of times. You would go really far and fast too. How wonderful. 
If you can see it, we saw this helicopter take off from like 100 feet away. how cooool. 
This is what we were sledding down. And those lights are all of the traffic we were waiting for to leave. 

It was a great show to watch and so much fun afterwords too. Then we ended up going to Betos, aka the best mexican food ever. Honestly, it was cold but we were having so much fun I didn't even notice it after a while. Although we all got lots of snow either down the pants or in the face or somewhere where it does not belong! ha this is the part of winter that I enjoy. the fun things that you can do or that occur outside with the snow. now just walking class to class and freezing. 
What fun things have you found to do this winter??? 
Have a great week!