Monday, October 22, 2012

Forgotten Gems

I found these on my phone and thought they needed to be shared with the world. 
Enjoy :)

We love our family :D
love,alex&andrew sorensen 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


2 years and 1 month ago today.
I married my best friend in the Los Angeles Temple. 
and it has only gotten better and better since. 
Day One
Happppy 2 years and one month Anniversary to US!
Last year I didn't write about our anniversary until October 3rd so I decided I should do the same this year. What a great tradition. and What a year we have had!! I can't believe we have been married for two years. One of the first things Andrew said about our two years was that that is what a mission feels like. and it made me think of all those people who left for their missions when we got married... they are all COMING HOME! my gosh I have been married for as long as a mission is. and really that doesn't seem very long but for me it is. and for all those missionaries, it is a long time. SO way to go missionaries and way to go us!!
One year 

It has been one heck of an amazing year. What can I say.. things just keep getting better and better with this guy. I just keep falling more and more in love with him. I really never knew what people meant when they said that their love is stronger than the day they married. The day I married Andrew I thought I loved him to the extreme but today I can honestly say I love him more than the day I married him.  Just think of the song by Brad Paisley, And I thought I loved you then. Yup thats how I feel. and really those words are exactly how it happened for us. I seriously could not stop looking at Andrew that Sunday at church when I met him. and now he is my whole life.
WOW crazy how things like this happen.

A little look back on the past year...

  • Semester Fall 2011 at BYU-Idaho 
  • Picked Apples at the Orchard 
  • We went to our friend Clayton's Mission Call opening -- He is in New Zealand 
  • Then went to Clayton's Farewell. 
  • Andrew worked as a Scarer in the Straw Maze in Rexburg
  • Went to St. George for Time out For Women with Andrews Family 
  • Went back to St. George for Thanksgiving/ Christmas with the Sorensen's 
  • We went to Zion and to the old Sorensen home. 
  • Andrew turned 22 
  • Alex got her Associates Degree in General Studies 
  • Celebrated Sydney Turnbull going to Ukraine at her Farewell
  • We went to Kansas for Christmas with the Browns 
  • Went to the Great Wolf Lodge with the Browns 
  • Alex worked on her youtube channel while Andrew went to school in the Winter
  • Alex got into BYU for Fall 2012 
  • We went to a BYU Basketball Game
  • Went to a BYU Volleyball Game
  • We watched a lot of TV shows ;) 
  • We tried to start being more healthy :) 
  • Alex went to Time out For Women in Idaho Falls 
  • Celebrated Taeden's 2 year Birthday
  • Spent Spring Break in St. George & California
  • Explored the Los Angeles Zoo for the day
  • Watched a lot of sports. Especially Basketball 
  • Semester Summer 2012 for both Andrew and Alex 
  • Went shooting with Anna & Jordan and Lindsey & Dave
  • Grandpa Brown Passed away 
  • Cameron Went into the MTC
  • Alex turned 21 
  • Justina & Curtis have baby boy #2  Caleb Steven Checketts. 
  • Andrew got his Associates Degree in General Studies 
  • Moved to Provo, Utah. 
  • Went to Lake Powell with the Sorensen's, Turnbulls, Rahns, Julie & Val. 
  • Alex started school at BYU
  • Andrew started working for a Lawn Maintenance Company. 
  • Hiked Y Mountain on September 2nd at 11pm for our Anniversary :) 

wow. amazing what a year can do. I love looking back at all the things we have done and remembering all of the wonderful experiences we have had. Makes me look forward to all the years to come. I can't wait to see what happens in the coming year!

For this years present giving Andrew got these legit moccasin slippers he has always wanted and I got a pair of pretty pink vans. I think we are officially the shoe loving couple, and if you don't believe me come take a look at our closet.
Two years 
Well we are happy. Life is oh so good. and I still get butterflies every time he walks through the door and smilies those beautiful pearly whites at me.
I find myself cherishing these days more and more. and taking in every single moment we have together because I know days like this won't last forever. and who knows when we will have time like this again. I am soaking it all in and enjoying every moment. these are the best days of our life.

Hope you guys are having a great week.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Enjoying the simple little things.

It's October 1st. Happy day.
Guys I just thought you should know.. 
School is hard but more wonderful than I could ask for. 
and work is hard but has its benefits. 

Life can be hard but wonderful at the same time. You ever realize that? 
I absolutely love my life. and right now I could not be any more happy. 
I have this amazing husband. and this awesome apartment. and I go to a great school. Andrew has a great job. we have food on the table and a nice warm bed to sleep in. We both have amazing families. We are both healthy. and I can see. 
what could seriously be better. But there are days that I really have to remind myself of that.

Instead of enjoying the little things, I stress over the little things. 
I am realizing that life is simple and people just complicate it. I am realizing that I should be more concerned with the eternal things of life, like my family. 

I get stressed out way too much. and I am trying to figure out why. So I am starting to slow down and really think about the reason I do things. 
Just one person, loooking good in a tux, that I am thankful for. 

Life is for living and enjoying the simple everyday things not stressing over it. 

Good friends that make me laugh oh so much.
beautiful new shoes. 
Life is beautiful. Take a look at the blessings you have all around you every day. I know that it really makes me happy.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of things I am thankful for.

ps. looong story, but after 2 years of being married, I finally was able to change my drivers license to Alexandria Sorensen. oh and I am one of the newest residents of Utah. yayyy :)