Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hello Baby - Week 19

How far along: 19 weeks!
Gender: We find out on WEDNESDAY! AH
Weight gain: around 4-5 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: I haven't bought any true maternity clothes yet. I definitely don't button my pants anymore and usually just use a hair tie to keep it together. I really don't like tightness on my waist.
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Sleeping pretty well.. a little tossing and turning from achyness and back and leg pain. Starting to have to go to the bathroom once in the middle of the night. Every once in a while I have heart burn.
Best moment this week: Having Thursday off! I love being able to sleep in and get things done around the house. I was able to get groceries and start to make a youtube video! I feel like I never have enough time to sew any more and would love to get back to it.
Miss anything: I miss not having pain in my back and legs. It really makes work difficult.
Movement: I was really excited to start feeling baby move so I felt pretty cautious of it for the past few weeks. Around 15-16 weeks I thought there might be some movement I was feeling but I wasn't sure if it was just my body or baby. This past week I really feel that I have started feeling something, almost like little kicks right up front. Now it could still be just my body but I like to think it is our little mister or lady.
Cravings: I am always wanting Mexican food. I didn't think it was possible but Andrew might be getting sick of it. Smarties were never my favorite candy but now I can't get enough of them. I had to by a bag of them to munch on. If you know me you know I love sweets and all types of desserts but now a days they aren't my first pick, it is really weirding me out.
Queasy or sick: No queasyness or sickness. All of my nausea has gone away. Now just certain foods don't taste or sound good and smells annoy me. I have always loved thai food and now it doesn't sound good at all. but thats about it. 
Looking forward to: Find out the gender on Wednesday! I think it is a boy. So if it's a girl then I will be REALLY surprised. even a lot of the wives tales say its a boy, so we will wait and see! Obviously we will so so happy with whatever baby is, we just want to know! AH SO EXCITED! 

Week 19
Love you little one! 

Love, Alex 

Recapping Weeks 15-19

We have a little mango baby!

We just hit 19 weeks today. Its crazy and awesome and I am getting really excited. Next week we get to find out if you are a boy or a girl in there. I CAN'T wait! I think it might really start to make it real... It still hasn't really hit me.. I'm not sure if it really will until I have to go push baby out of me and then get to take you him/her home! AH

I can't wait to be a mom though. I have wanted to be a mom my whole life and it is finally becoming real. Thank you baby, it is all because of you.

We have had a pretty good week, a little more lax for me which has been nice but a little rough for Andrew getting back into the swing of things in school. Last week on Wednesday I got off work at 2pm and then headed straight to St. George. I had never driven that far by myself and I was actually pretty nervous about it. The length of it, the boringness of it and the being pregnant part. But it turned out okay. Definitely long, my butt and legs were sore and achy by the time I got there but I found things to listen to and people to talk on the phone so that helped!

I went down because Lisa and I signed up for a serging conference for the weekend. The conference was awesome!! I was expecting to get a little sleepy and have a hard time being in class all day but it really was great. I loved learning old and new things and working on AMAZING sergers! They were to die for. It was also really fun hanging out and bonding with Lisa for the weekend. We had a lot of fun talking sewing, crafting, and fabrics!

The week before (aka the first week of September) Andrew and I went to California for the week. It was the BEST! Such a good trip, full of relaxation but also adventure and seeing new things. We were there during our anniversary so we got a chance to spend the day together exploring LA.

We first headed to the California Science Center to mainly see the space shuttle Endeavour, that was just put there and they are building a million dollar facility for. It is HUGE! and awesome. You can't even comprehend the fact that it has been to space and back multiple times! We got to learn all about it and then walk around it and see it in all its hugeness.

We then headed to the Santa Monica Pier. I absolutely love that place. and it holds so many good memories for us. I have always loved ferris wheels and this one is just perfection. You have the beach, the ocean, the sunset, the city, and not to mention the amazing man that was sitting next to me! The day before our wedding we took wedding pictures all day long. One spot that I had to have pictures done at was the pier, on the ferris wheel. So on our anniversary I thought it would be fun to go ride the ferris wheel again, since we had not ridden it since our wedding. Oh my what four years has brought us to!

Then we headed to our favorite restaurant, Gladstones.  I am not a fish loving person but I LOVE clam chowder and they have the BEST clam chowder you will ever eat. and you get this delicious bread to dip in it so I was a pretty happy girl. Not to mention the view of the ocean that is absolutely stunning. Andrew likes to get a yummy fish and I am pretty sure he leaves drooling still because of how good it is.

Of course we then had to go get some dessert so we headed to BJ's where they have the yummiest pazookies (pizza cookies). We were stuffed and exhausted by the time we were done and heading home. It was a perfect day together.

On the other days we were in California we did a little shopping both clothing and fabric, we went to the beach and did a little body boarding, we went to a Dodger's baseball game and saw some amazing fireworks, and just relaxed and hung out with family. What better way to spend a week!

Since being back I am just working working working. and Andrew is back into the grind of things at school. I think it is going to be a crazy semester for him. He has also been working at the straw maze and helping get things ready before they opened and now helping at night. He is SO excited to start haunting next weekend! He got his new mask in yesterday and I am not sure he is going to be able to wait a week to scare with it. The mask is pretty awesome.. it is VERY real looking which makes it really creepy. He is going to do an awesome job. He made a video for the haunted forest and it turned out really good! He is just so talented in so many things. I am so proud of him and all the hard work he does.
The MASK! 
Ryder didn't know what to think..
our poor children. haha

I just love that guy. even in a creepy mask.

I have been feeling great. Still just tired and more sciatic nerve and lower back pain. I am pretty sure that is going to last forever. I feel that the sciatic nerve pain is just getting worse. Now just standing I can feel it hurting. and then bending and moving a lot just makes it worse. I'm finding ways to make it better, so far it is just lots and lots of stretching. But I feel really lucky with how easy pregnancy has been.

I am definitely popping more, however now I feel that it just looks like I have gained weight in the belly, not that there is a baby in there. I am enjoying the smaller belly while I can because I know soon enough I will be huge. Keep growing healthy and strong in there little one! We love you so so so much.

Hopefully I can start updating more and keep a good record of this amazing, beautiful process we get to go through. Stay tuned for more!


P.S- We met Youtube stars, icons, and role models Shay Carl and Colette. We have watched them for five years and he is the one who inspired me to start my own channel! We were shocked we ran into them and a little star struck.

Dear Baby: Weeks 12,13,14!!!

Hello my sweet crisp apple.

You are growing big, although I can't really tell yet. I feel like I did pop a little over night but I would be the only one to notice. It really just looks like I am bloated or maybe put on a pound or two in the belly region. But even then I haven't really gained any thats something.

I am feeling great. Still really tired but not as tired as the first 12 weeks. I feel lots of cramping in my belly, which I hear is just my belly and ligaments stretching to make room for you. I get really irritable late at night.. just before I go to bed. Which is either the pregnancy talking or the "I don't want to go to work" talking. It is hard walking up at 7:45 or earlier. I live for the days when I get to sleep in longer. I really just live for sleep these days.

My sciatic nerve is causing me the most problems these days. For both of my jobs I am standing and moving around a lot for most of the time. Sometimes moving, lifting, and doing a lot of stuff, other than just sitting. I live for the sitting times too. After standing for so long my sciatic nerve really starts to get to me. I get achy and tired realllllly quick. I always want to just come home and sit for a long time. When I do come home and sit for a while and then try to get up its hard to walk. My legs like to give out on me. Fortunately, Andrew's Aunt Julie showed me a stretch I can do to help it. I do it every night as well as other basic stretches and yoga poses. I really feel that it helps to keep it at bay.

We went to Lake Powell 2 weeks ago. It was wonderful as usual. When we were docked and getting ready to leave the marina I got a little nauseous by the rocking of the boat but once we got moving and then to where we would anchor for the week I was great. I was mostly just exhausted by the end of each day and there were a few days I just felt crappy but nothing too bad.

We told the Turnbull's about you, at Lake Powell. We told everyone not to say anything until I did and I knew that would be realllllly hard. Val accidentally slipped to Curtis which was actually pretty funny. She told him not to make the pregnant lady lift something so heavy. And he got this shocked/surprised look on his face. It was funny. Then once we got moving I put on a shirt that I had made that said "Baby's First Lake Powell" and pointing to my belly. It was really cute. We tried to get Jerryne to see it first and we really had to push her to look at me but when she finally did she freaked out. screaming and all. Then Amanda and CJ found out and got all excited too. We sent Sydnee a text of a picture of me wearing the shirt. It was fun letting everyone know and I was glad to finally have everyone around me know and not have to try to keep secrets.

We found this whole camp set up and had to check it out! It was so crazy! 

I loved riding around on the sea doo's and on the boat. I didn't do any wake boarding because I didn't want the possibility of falling weird and something bad happening, especially since I wasn't very far along at the time. It was a beautiful trip full of relaxation, fun, family, and friends. I loved it.
Yup this is Lake Powell 
After getting back I have just been working my buttie off at the fabric place and down east. It has me feeling exhausted a lot but it hasn't been too horrible. I just love vacations. I never want to come home from a vacation. I love planning them and going on them and enjoying them but I really don't like coming home from them, especially when it involves going back to work. (how everyone feels I am sure)
I love all the amazing sunsets we get to see. 
One day we got a lot of rain, was great to watch. 

Andrew wake boarding. Richard is pulling him. 
At Lake Powell we took pictures of our vans and a pair of baby vans we bought to announce to the rest of the world that we were pregnant. They all turned out so cute and it was really hard to pick a picture to use. We were excited and nervous to announce it to the world but it was fun to read and hear about everyones reaction.

This is the picture we posted. 

We are so excited for you little one and so is the rest of the world. I can't wait to hear your little heart beat again in 2 weeks. and I am SO excited to see you in a month and a half when we go in for the big ultrasound.

You are already loved so much.

Keep growing strong and healthy.

Love, your momma.

P.S- This next week will be your first time in California, I CANNOT wait! :)

Dear Baby: Week 10 & 11

Dear Baybaybaybbbaby,

Hello my little juicy lime.

It has been a crazy past two weeks. We left for St. George on Thursday July 23rd to hang out with the Browns. It was so much fun just hanging out and relaxing with the family for a few days. On Thursday we went to Cedar City for family pictures. It had been a long time.. like maybe four years (our wedding) since we had all been together at the same time! Crazzzy. Family pictures was a lot of fun, I can't wait to see them! Andrew and I took a couple pictures pointing to my belly. haha We're cute.
Afterwards it was just a day of relaxing and spending some time together by the pool. I started realizing that the heat gets to me a lot quicker when I'm pregnant. I have to make sure to have A LOT of cold water with me and get in shade, air conditioning, or hang out in the water.

While in St. George we also went to Sand Hollow and rode the sea doo's around and played on the beach. Then another day we went to these awesome dinosaur tracks that are out in the desert a little ways. We got caught in the rain and had to hurry home to get out of it.

Ever since getting back to Rexburg I have just been working a little and then hanging out with the family the rest of the time. Wednesday we had a Brown family get together with the extended family at Rexburg Rapids. I went down both of the water slides. ha the are verrrry mild so I figured it would be fine. (Hope you enjoyed it ;)

Thursday we prepared for Justina's Baby shower the entire day. Emily, Mom, and I had lots to get done. It turned out awesome and just beautiful. Mom made so many amazing things. I was in charge of the games which went good. Some were a little funky haha oh well. We did one game where you had to guess who's baby picture was who. that one was really fun.

Other than feeling lightheaded and drained after being in the sun and heat for a while I am feeling pretty good. Still tired all the time but not so much nausea at all, just making sure I eat often.

We have our next appointment on Wednesday. We get to hear your heart beat for the first time! AHH I'm actually kind of nervous. I hope everything is still going good and your heart beat is strong.

Then it is on to LAKE POWELL! AH YAY.

It has been so nice to spend time with family. I love it and don't want it to end.

Stay happy and healthy in there.

I love you little lime juice.

love, your mommy

Dear Baby: Week 7 into 8

Hey there my little gummy bear!

You are the size of a raspberry this week. Or a peanut. Little baby peanut!

We had a lot of firsts today- June 14th 2014 - We went to the doctor for the first time. We officially officially decided that the due date is February 20th 2015. AH crayyyyy. We did the whole questions and blood and urine testing stuff. It seemed all normal and good to me, nothing crazy. We did get to have an ultrasound done! YAY! Our doctor doesn't usually do them until 20 weeks because it is unnecessary but we really wanted one earlier, so we said yea lets go see how its all going, make sure there really is a baby in there, make sure there is a heartbeat, and see if you are really the size we think you are.

look at how little and cute you are!
You are the crescent moon looking thing and
the large blob above is my full bladder. 
Well turns out you are looking wonderful in there! We didn't get to actually hear the heartbeat but Andrew and the tech got to see it and they said it looks strong, beautiful, and GREAT! What a relief! It was such a happy feeling when he said that and it made it all real to see that there really is something in there. Andrew said that it looked like jello shaking. hahaha well I'm glad you look like jello! It is all starting to feel real. I can't wait to feel you kicking and moving in there.

This past week has been pretty good. I had the weekend off for my birthday and it was awesome! We (me, justina, and emily) went to Taryn's (my cousin) baby shower. It was really fun to hang out with family. Then us girls went shopping and I got some new shoes YAY! and it was fun just getting to chill with the girls.
I got a Pirate cake! yay :) 
On Sunday - MY BIRTHDAY- we went to church then just came home and relaxed, cleaned up a bit, and I made lasagna for dinner. Yea I made dinner because I was craving lasagna and I just wanted to make it and have something really yummy. I made it and had the sisters over with the boys too. It was delish. I felt spoiled and loved all day. I got some water shoes, a fishing reel, jewelry, these really comfy sandals, and a cute shirt. Then we had the most delicious ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I love that stuff!

A lovely Taeden Photo Bomb. ahaha I love this. 
Its been a nice week. Not too hecktic. not too crazy. not a ton of nausea, still lots of fatigue but sometimes I do feel a little more burst of energy or at least not feeling as tired, as I have been.

I feel like the weeks are actually going by pretty quickly. Maybe it doesn't feel that way day to day but I feel like summer is just flying by and before we know it we will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary! AH crazy. I am trying to enjoy all the day to day things and life. It can be hard when I just go to work every day but it has its moments. Can't wait until next week for my family to be here. then we get to hang out a lot and not work a lot and then its time for Lake Powell. SO much fun in the next few weeks I love it! and when its over I think its going to be pretty depressing. Let's not think about that right now!

Heres to hoping I keep feeling good. and staying healthy.

Stay healthy and happy little peanut.

I love you.
love, your momma

Dear Baby: week 6 into week 7

Hi there.
You are making me a little nauseous lately. Not too bad just every once in a while and when I don't eat frequently enough. I am still feeling really lucky. This week my allergies were SUPER bad and I'm thinking it has turned into a slight JULY. ughh. at least its not horrible. thank you for that.

We told immediate family this week. They all freaked out, of course. It was pretty awesome!

Your Grandma & Grandpa Brown, Uncle Nathan, & Uncle Aaron:
I sent my mom and dad a small package. I had drawn on some paper "SURPRISE, Grandbaby #5 coming February 2015" and then I attached a binky with some string to give it some pizzaz. I was a little nervous about my mom opening it without me knowing it but luckily it worked out PERFECTLY! I had told her I was sending a package that was for Cameron since he was coming home from his mission that same week. So I called her after I got off of work on Monday June 30th and she was sitting at the table opening the mail! AH PERFECT. So I asked all casually so did you get my package? and she said "Yes, I didn't know you were sending me something" and of course I said uhm I told you I was sending something for Cameron (I was really trying to contain my excitement and nervousness). So I told her she should open right then. And she did. and she FREAKED OUT. muahahaha 
I am pretty sure the first thing she said was ALEXANDRIA! oh my gosh. and there was screaming and then the boys (Nathan and Aaron) in the background being like what whats wrong. and mom told them. THEN dad walks in through the door. How perfect was that timing???! So mom tells the boys to not say anything and then she hands the paper to my dad and he starts fffreaking out too. Yelling again. And lots of oh my gosh. thats awesome. YAY! It was so perfect. I was pretty nervous it wouldn't all work out and I wouldn't be able to hear their reactions but it was awesome, I don't think I could have planned it better. 

Your Grandma & Grandpa Sorensen & Uncle Aaron:
For the Fourth of July weekend we went to St George to hang out with Andrew's parents and to relax a little. That whole week we were trying to figure out a way to tell them. Finally on the drive down there we thought it would be awesome if we could find a shirt that said something about being a dad for Andrew to wear. After we got there at midnight we went to Walmart looking for a shirt. and we found the PERFECT one in a size small. hahaha We decided that would probably add to the funnyness of it so we did it. The next morning once everyone was up and walking around the kitchen Andrew changed into the shirt and then just came in and talked with is mom. It was hilarious because she noticed it, laughed, and then kept talking about what they were talking about. Andrew was like wait a second, why would I be wearing this shirt? And thats when it finally hit her and then his dad caught on. It was hilarious. Then the freaking out and excitement began again! It was awesome.

This was right after we told them. Andrew and the awesome shirt. 

Aunt Anna & Uncle Jordan & Cousin Ryder:
We told Anna and Jordan when we went to hot tubbing. Andrew would always joke about us being pregnant so when he said something about having a baby on the way they didn't believe it until I said well the really funny thing is that it's true. And then it was like wait what? Are you serious? haha and then freaking out and excitement! I was great. 

Aunt Justina & Uncle Curtis, Cousins Taeden & Caleb: 
We told Justina when we went over to pick something up from her. She and the boys were at home so I told Andrew that while I was talking to Justina he should give Taeden his phone with a picture of the pregnancy test and tell him to show it to his mom. Well we were chatting and Andrew did it and right away she knew what it meant and started screaming and freaking out, of course. She then told Curtis that night. It was a perfect way to tell her! 

Aunt Emily:
Emily I just ended up calling on the phone because we were headed down to Utah and she was going to go on a camping trip with Justina and Curtis that weekend and I really didn't want any one else telling her before I did. So I just called and said that I'm sorry I have to tell you this over the phone but I wanted to be the first to tell you that I'm pregnant. Then LOTS of screaming ensued. It was hilarious and I think it kinda freaked out her roommates. 

Aunt Kjerstin & Uncle Adam & Cousin Haizlee:
To tell Kjerstin I sent her the picture of Andrew and I with him wearing the #1 Dad shirt and then said Guess what. Being Kjerstin and always guessing that the news is I am pregnant, she didn't even look at the picture but instead just said "your pregnant!" and I of course was just like Actually yes I am! Haha and She started freaking out and Haizlee got really excited. They said that February was the perfect month to have a baby and it would be even better if I had the baby on the 18 (Haizlee's birthday). That is very possible so we will see what happens!

Uncle Cameron:
Cameron found out on the car ride home from the airport when he came home from his mission. haha and later I got a text message from him saying "so how long have you been married?" and I said four years and he was just like oh interesting. He was like wow so you can wait that long to have kids. hahaha yes you don't have to have a honeymoon baby or even a two year baby. its whatever you and hubby and God decide. 

Needles to say everyone is VERY excited that we are having a baby. We are really excited and could not feel more blessed with all the love and support we are feeling from everyone.

Other then some more nausea my symptoms are pretty much the same. I still feel like a zombie most of the time. and like a bloated whale. so thats all good. I'm hoping I stay feeling pretty good and no other symptoms show themselves or get worse. Crossing my fingers. I can't image being as sick as some women get and having to still work.

This past weekend was the Fourth of July!!! YAY. We went to St. George with the Sorensen's. It was amazing just relaxing and swimming a lot. I was so happy I got to sleep in and take naps.

You went on your first seadoo ride around Sand Hollow. I forgot how much I enjoy just cruising around on a seadoo. We will have to do more of that at Lake Powell this year.

Well I love you my little blueberry! Crazy to think that is how small you are.

Keep growing healthy and happy!

Love, Mom&Dad

Dear Baby: week 5 into week 6

Hi baby.
It's weird to call you that. I really don't feel pregnant yet. Other than the few symptoms I have had I feel that it is all just a joke and when we go to see the doctor he is going to be like there is no sign of a baby, so you must be crazy.

Andrew and I found out about you last week. A week ago today. Sunday June 22 2014. We had just gotten home from dinner at Justina and Curtis's with Emily. We ate curry and played logos. It was a really fun night.
We came home and I decided I had to know if I was or wasn't pregnant so I took the test.
The second pee touched it the plus sign appeared. I started freaking out. It happened so fast! We waited the three minutes to let it do its job and of course the plus was still there. It's not like those things disappear. We got excited. We got nervous. We freaked out a little. We laughed. I cried. It was one of those really scary but really happy moments.
And even after that it still feels surreal and I am still waiting for that confirmation that it is real. Maybe going to the doctor will give me that.

I actually thought I was pregnant the day we got Zoii (our dog!), on June 7th. But I have felt that before and figured I was just hoping/ feeling things. Funny to think back and know that I actually was at the time.

The only symptoms that I have had so far are..
1. Major bloating.
2. Peeing a lot.
3. SO THIRSTY. ALL THE TIME! which doesn't help the peeing.
4. TMI, constipation.
5. Fatigue. again all the time!!

Sometimes I wonder if I am just tired because I know I'm pregnant so I just think well I'm pregnant so I should be exhausted. Therefore I feel exhausted. hmmm who knows. Although it just seems to be getting worse so hopefully it isn't just my brain and it is pregnancy.

I'm really lucky though. I haven't felt any morning sickness (knock on wood) and I haven't really felt nauseous at all.

I thought about you a lot this week. Mostly just trying to get used to the idea. Me a mom? that is just crazy. I am not nearly prepared enough for that. I don't know enough to teach you everything you need to know!

It was an exhausting week physically. I worked every day except for Tuesday and Sunday. It was rough. Especially Thursday when I had to work both jobs. I went to the fabric job in the morning, down east in the afternoon and then had to go back to the fabric job to finish that night. It was a long day. I came home SO tired!!! I ended up eating & chatting with Andrew for thirty minutes and then going to bed. I need as much sleep as I can get these days.

I love you already. I am so excited to tell my mom and dad. I sent them a package this week. I made a sign that said, "Surprise, Grandbaby #5 coming February 2015!" and it has a binky strung on it. I told my mom it is a package for Cameron since he gets home from his mission on Wednesday. I am hoping she gets it either Monday or Tuesday and calls me asking what to do with it. OR she will just open it and freak out and call me. hahaha.

On Wednesday we are going to St. George for the Fourth of July and hanging with the Sorensen's. I am so excited for a break that is longer than a day! YAYY We will be telling them then. I'm not sure what we are going to do. I'm letting Andrew think of that one. It will probably involve a binky somehow.

We are excited. we are already dreaming of you. we already love you. we are already thinking up nicknames and such.

Keep growing healthy and happy.

Love, Mom&Dad