Monday, April 29, 2013

Puppy Jake

On April 17th 2013 the Sorensen's sweet dog Jake passed away.
This dog was Andrew's best friend. He loved him so much and you could tell that Jake loved him too.
This is one of my all time favorite pictures of these too. Lake Powell 2011
We knew that someday Jake would die but we didn't think it would be so soon. I had been dreading this day because I knew how hard it would be on Andrew.
Jake will be missed by so many people. There were tons of people who loved this dog just like it was their own.
Andrew's parents property is on hills and it goes down into some brush and stuff like that. Jake loved to run down the hill and bark around the property to scare off anything that is out there. It was like he was protecting the Sorensen's. One night after they got home late and let the dogs out Aaron, Andrew's brother heard Jake scream. He ran outside to find him. When he finally did Jake was covered in blood. He picked Jake up and took him inside. Jake had been attacked by a pack of coyotes.

After taking him to the doctor the next day they found that he did not have any broken bones or internal bleeding, just a lot of bit marks. They cleaned him up and gave him some stuff to let him sleep for a while and not be in pain. He slept and when he woke up he wasn't drinking much or eating anything. It was hard just to give him the medication he needed.

Lake Powell 2011
We thought there was a good chance he could make it but we also knew there is always a chance he could end up passing away.

That evening we got a call saying that Jake had passed away. He was released from the pain he was in and off to a better place.

It was such a sad reality to face and it still is today.

We miss and love you puppy Jake.

Lake Powell 2011 
Jake had such a fun personality. The thing that I noticed the most is that he hated cameras! There are very few pictures of Jake awake because once he saw a camera looking at him he would run off! That is why most of the photos I have of him are from far away. Or were taken very quick and then he would move or Andrew is holding him. He loved a good snuggle on the couch. Like I said before he loved to run the hill outside and bark, he was a protector. He was excellent at herding the chickens back into their coup. He would run around the pool and bark at the people in it. I think that was because he was afraid they were getting hurt and wanted to save them but did not want to jump in the water. When you found him laying on the ground on his belly he usually had a paw sticking out the back like he was ready to run at any moment.

Summer 2011
If you knew Jake what are your favorite memories of him? We would love to hear!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

BYU Basketball 2012-2013

I know I don't need to say this again but I will.
We love our sports.
Being at BYU this year has brought so much excitement and enjoyment into our life. And not only because of the sports but that is a large part of it!

I know that I especially have LOVED going to the basketball games. That is by far one of my favorite sports to watch and I have loved being able to watch it live so many times.

Now that the season is over I wanted to do a little review on our adventures to the basketball games!

Do you see the long line?

A packed house! 

Waiting in line in the cold. We are crazy! 

Whoosh Cecil! 
I love this school. I love basketball. and I love calling this team my team. We had so much fun going to the games and I can't wait for more! Andrew did such a good job each game going early.. when he could.. to wait in line and get us the best seats possible. And honestly that made each game so much better! This last picture of Tyler shooting a free throw was the last game at the Marriott Center for the season and we were on the third or fourth row I think. It was AWESOME! I could hear when Tyler or Brandon or anyone got mad. And we could see how they reacted to everything. I loved it. We may not have won a national title but I think we did a great job and we will continue to get better. Way to go boys!!

I already can't wait until next season! Even walking or driving by LaVell Edwards stadium I get excited for Fall. Awh its beautiful.

love, alex&andrew

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Accomplished Goals: I ran a 5k!

Okay so maybe I didn't run the whole thing but I participated and finished and I am really excited about it! Now just because I checked that off of my list does not mean I am going to stop. I am still working on my endurance and running skills. Have you heard of the app, couch to 5k? It is suppose to help you go from sitting on the couch/not exercising to running a 5K and so far I have loved using it and am continuing to work my way up on the 9 week program it gives you. I keep stopping or getting distracted so I am not as far as I planned but oh well I am just excited that I am still going somewhat strong!!

So this 5k that I accomplished was more than just for one of my goals it was for a great person in both Andrew and I's life. Andrew's cousin Kate married a man named Jace. They have the CUTEST little boy named Trevin and I am sure you have seen them in some of my last posts. They are the cutest little family.

The little Super Family! 

Sydnee got second for the women! WAY TO GO! 

Well ever since Jace was young he has had Kidney problems. His mom donated her kidney to him when he was around 16 years old I believe but now that he is older he is in need of a new one. He goes to dialysis regularly.

The Family!  
This was a 5k to help raise money for Jace and his family. It is a wonderful cause. The theme was to dress up as super heroes. Although I had big plans to make a cape and mask, I didn't get around to it so I decided the superman shirt would work!

We love them lots! 
We had such a fun time running/ walking and I am so glad we were able to raise awareness and support for such a great guy and his adorable family. There was even a little kid race where Trevin got to run!

If you would like to help support Jace by donating click here!

love, alex&andrew

Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's Talk..

It has been a crazy semester. I feel that it has gone so quickly but slowly but quicker than fall semester. It has been one great semester. I have actually really enjoyed it. But it is really nice to almost have it behind me. I have one semester left and one internship/class left. Let's chat about that...

So about a month ago I sent out my resume to those businesses that I wanted to intern at. I was reallllllly nervous and then when I got a reply saying that they wanted to interview me and I needed to bring in my past work, thats when I really started to freak out!

I hate applying for jobs and interviewing and putting my work out there. I just would rather not do those adult like things. or just get a job with out even applying (now thats the easy life)

I had been talking with the internship coordinator for like 4 months by now and figuring out what I should do and when to talk to people and such, so I was feeling pretty prepared.

My dream internship was Shabby Apple.
Now if you don't know what that is you should go google it and go drool over all of their dresses. I have loved them since.. probably sometime in High School when I found out who they were. I just love how sophisticated, feminine, and modest EVERYTHING they make is. And they are here in Utah which is nice so that we don't have to move for just four months.

So I applied for their internship position.
and was scared.
and nervous.
and excited.

and then they replied saying they would love to bring me on as an Intern!

I honestly could not believe it and still can't at this point. I keep thinking something is going to happen to make it so it doesn't all work out. That is why I really haven't told many people.
You would think I would be shouting this on the roof tops but honestly I have kept it pretty quiet over here until everything has been finalized.

And I can officially say that in a little over two weeks I will start interning at Shabby Apple.
I am beyond words excited.
Can't Wait to get it started.

I will be working on pattern work, sample making, sourcing fabric, assisting, and anything else they might need.

So now you know! I am nervous to start working in the sewing/fashion industry but I am excited to start something new and so amazing.

This is going to be one GREAT summer. I can already tell.
I will also be taking a Swim wear/ Knits class which I am also beyond excited about.
Then it is just one more semester to go and I will graduate!!! YIPPIE!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!
love, alex

Friday, April 5, 2013

Andrew did something silly..

He decided it would be "fun" to do the taco challenge.
This consisted of him getting one of those boxes that comes with 12 tacos at taco bell and eating it in under 30 minutes, allllll by himself. 
Well he had been talking about it for a while. So he decided it needed to happen. Just for "fun."


We got it. Went home. Watched some March Madness. and he ate 12 tacos in 25 minutes. 


But now he can say he did it right? 
He was full for a long time after that. 
And then the next day he felt really bad for his body. 
It was sluggish.  

Not such a smart idea.
but I thought it was entertaining. 

Oh well I guess you have to try things at least once in your life, right?

Now he knows how great it is :)

love you mister!

love,alex :)