Monday, February 16, 2015

Hello Baby: Week 39

How far along: 39 weeks! wow that was quick. 
Gender: BOY!!
Weight gain: 25+ 
Maternity clothes: Yes! I wear a lot of t-shirts but I'm realizing that some of them are a little too short which I hate! I really don't like the idea that my belly could or is just popping right out, so I am trying to wear longer shirts. 
Stretch marks: Yup!
Belly button in or out: It's still in between right now. A nice flat mark on my belly.
Sleep: It has been changing a little this past week. My HANDS are waking me up these days.. I never thought that would be something that bugged me during pregnancy but surprise! I guess swelling can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and I have it. Especially at night. I woke up one night rubbing my hand. My hands will also fall asleep while I'm sleeping so I wake up to them tingling. Still waking up with achy legs and having to pee a lot! like every 2 hours... I think it is preparing me for what is to come! Every time my body wants to roll over I wake up and have to brace myself to roll because of achyness and just the belly. 
Best moment this week: We took maternity pictures on Friday. It was fun to get some cute and cheesy pictures of the both of us and the belly. I have loved having the weekly belly shots to look at but it was nice to get some with Andrew. I actually liked more of them with the both of us than just me... mostly cause I feel awkward just having me in the picture. We also went to dinner and a movie this week which is always fun with just the two of us. I was in the bathroom at the movies and actually got sad looking in the mirror and thinking about not being pregnant anymore. Pregnancy hasn't been too bad for me and it is such a special experience I am actually sad it is ending soon. Although I am probably more excited to finally see this little guy and get to hold him. Another really great moment was on Valentines day we made the most amazing meal at home. Steak, shrimp, pasta, Alfredo sauce, and asparagus. I was in HEAVEN. It was a great way to spend Valentines together. 
Miss anything: Walking normally. I try really hard not to waddle or have pregnancy affect the way I walk but it has started hurting. Lots of pressure from the little guy pushing down. So I definitely walk funny when I am at home and try to suck it up when I am out and about. 
Movement: He is out of room to move too much. Now its just lots of pressure and making my belly lopsided. I can see him move a lot more now. I feel like he is covering every inch in there.. pushing, kicking, poking, everything! 
Cravings: Nothing new this week. Still wanting chocolate a lot. I feel like a lot more things sound horrible this week. 
Queasy or sick: Uncomfortable, lots of pressure, and peeing a lot. No sickness. 
Looking forward to: My mom will be here Tuesday, baby shower on Wednesday and then hopefully baby comes soon after! I can't believe we will be meeting him soon. I am freaking out and yet am so excited at the same time! 

Here are a few of our maternity pictures. I will have to share more later. But for now its just a cute little teaser :) 

39 Week Bump! 
Well here's to hopefully, maybe, possibly meeting baby this week :) 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello Baby: Week 38

How far along: 38 weeks! 
Gender: BOY!!
Weight gain: 20+ 
Maternity clothes: Is it weird that dresses and skirts are actually much more comfortable these days? I think the most annoying thing is having to wear pants. Shirts haven't been too bad, they are just getting shorter and I really don't like the idea of my belly sticking out. 
Stretch marks: Yup!
Belly button in or out: It's still in between right now.
Sleep: Same old stuff. Still really achy. I will wake up really sweaty.. even with the window open, which is just weird! Lots of tossing and turning and some not being able to fall asleep. 
Best moment this week: Our friends Logan and Alex came up for the weekend. It was fun changing up the routine and doing something different. We had fun eating good food, chatting (Andrew and Logan could talk for forever!) playing games, and showing them some of Rexburg. It kinda just took us away from reality for a couple days. Once they left it all hit us again and was kind of overwhelming. But it was fun to have some good friends up here that we could chat with and do random stuff with! 
Miss anything: Being able to bend over.. or getting on and off the floor easily. Sewing can be difficult when it's not easy to go from the floor to the table to the machine. It can be really exhausting actually. I can't do as much anymore or get as much done and it's weird and hard to face. I don't like not feeling accomplished or like I didn't do anything productive that day. It's one of those things I really need to work on. 
Movement: Lots of movement. Lots more hiccups. which is so weird. I never felt him having hiccups until 36 weeks and now I am feeling it so much more frequently. It is a really cool feeling and I love it... unless I am trying to fall asleep.. which has happened a few times. Also, last night I woke up in the middle of the night and rolled over and he started moving a ton. It was really cool to just feel him moving so much and lay there enjoying it at 3 in the morning. haha I know in a few weeks it will be almost the same except he will be laying on me, not inside of me.. wow! 
Cravings: Marshmallows. I love to put a bunch in a bowel and warm them up so they get big and toasted. It's the best. I did it when I was a teenager and I have been craving it a lot lately. Yummy sugar! I feel like I am always wanting chocolate too. Luckily I still am loving greens too. I just need to create more of a balance between the two. 
Queasy or sick: Uncomfortable, lots of pressure, and peeing a lot. No sickness. 
Looking forward to: Getting really excited to meet baby, obviously. Excited for Valentines day, although we have nothing planned so it might just be another normal day but I like being able to celebrate our love even if it is in just a simple way. 

This is her new favorite spot to be while I sew. I think it's adorable. 
She has to army crawl to even get under there. 

38 week bump! How many more of these will we be able to do??? 

Here is to another week full of projects and video making, a little more organizing, and lots of anticipation. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello Baby: Week 37

How far along: 37 weeks! We are full term, ahhh. 
Gender: BOY!!
Weight gain: 20+ 
Maternity clothes: Yes. Me and pants just aren't working out anymore. Leggings/ stretchy pants are the beeeeest. Luckily I don't have to go many places, and if I do it isn't for very long so the jeans come off right when I get home. Bras are also a nuisance. haha it's like normal clothes are no longer allowed and I have a feeling I won't want to wear them for a while. 
Stretch marks: Yup!
Belly button in or out: It's in between right now. It's pretty flat. No in, no out.
Sleep: Restless legs, weird dreams, achy achy pelvis/hips, waking up more to pee, tossing and turning a lot, you know the normal...ha. Considering the circumstances I feel like I am doing pretty good. I cleaned out some cabinets for a couple hours one day and was exhausted before I was even done. I had to finish quick and go lay down for a while afterwords. It is crazy how much my body has changed and how some normal activity affects it completely differently than before. 
Best moment this week: We got the baby's room (or atleast the corner that is his) all put together. We put the crib together. That was really fun to get done and it made it so exciting. Obviously I know this is really happening but I still don't feel that it is really really happening. Doing all of these little things are making it more real everyday. So we got the crib up and the other night we got a dresser and put it together for all of his clothes and little things. We then got some pictures hung up around the room. We have a TON of sports memorabilia that we have accumulated over the years so of course we thought it would be perfect to use for baby's room. and it is PERFECT! It turned out so cute. We have some BYU, some Dodgers, some Clippers, and some KU. Next I just need to make my sewing area look organized and presentable... although I'm sure baby isn't going to mind my mess and not many other people will go in that room. So we shall see. I'm trying to use my time before baby comes, wisely. I have to make sure I am getting the most important stuff done first. Cleaning and organizing I feel that I have been doing good.. project making, not so much. I have really been focusing on the getting his quilt done. I got the top done on Friday and plan on quilting it all together soon... like Monday! It needs to get done before baby comes or it will never get done. 
Miss anything: Normal sleep. I'm tossing and turning, peeing, getting hot, and plain old not being able to fall back asleep. But I don't think I will ever get "normal" sleep again! 
Movement: He is all over the place. Low, high, left, right, ribs, hips. Its crazy! I can't believe he is big enough to hit everything! Some times he gets my ribs a little too roughly or he sits too high making me really uncomfortable. 
Cravings: I really wanted Chinese food, a cheeseburger, chocolate, and sweet pork salad this week. We also had broccoli one night and I wanted to eat every last bite of it. I wanted a lot more and I might already have it on my grocery list to buy a few more bags. Something about those greens! 
Queasy or sick: No sickness just getting very uncomfortable most of the time. Still lots of acid reflux.  
Looking forward to: Some days I am really excited and can't wait for baby to come. Other days I am freaking out and can't imagine having a baby. But I am excited for baby to come. I am really excited to be a mom and to see Andrew being a dad. I can't wait to cuddle with him and show him all of the things this world has to offer. 
Baby's little corner. We have all our favorite sports covered! ;)
(He still needs sheets..we will get around to that) 
She never sleeps like this and then one day I caught her doing it and thought it was hilarious! 

She was cuddling with me and then went into this weird
position and just stayed there for a while. weirdo. haha
Week 37 Bump!
Hello February, the month baby is due! Ah so crazy. I feel like it has gone quickly but I definitely am getting to the point where I am ready to be done being pregnant. I think my body is getting more achy and sore by the minute! However, if I'm being honest labor still freaks me out when I think about it. At least most of the time.. I have to calm myself by realizing how many people do this on a regular basis and then there is the wonderful epidural. I'm sure it will go great, my anxiety just likes to keep me on my toes. Along with resting, this week I have some more cleaning, organizing and of course more projects. I am getting that quilt done and then working on all the little projects that will be quick, well hopefully. I love getting these things made for him and knowing they are for my little guy! Can't wait to meet him and cuddle him!