Thursday, March 31, 2011

All dogs go to Heaven.

Dear God, 

You had a little guy enter your Kingdom on Monday and we are hoping you will watch over him for us while we are still here.

Down here we called him Oakley. or Puppy Oak. or Oak. or depending on the day "you little rascal" or "mutt."

With him,
I was learning how attached and in love with an animal I could be.
I was learning patience and how we really need to wait to have kids ;)

Oakley was our baby. He was our kid. We spent most of the day with him, trying to fulfill his needs.

But on Monday... it all changed. Our life changed. We realized that something you love can be taken away. I know you gave us this experience for a reason.. We just have to figure it out now.

We have a few favors to ask though..

  • Let him know that we love him so much. Even though we got mad at him quite a bit I hope he knows we were just trying to help him and love him the best way we know how. 
  • He loves the snow. If you could let him play in it every once in a while that would be great. He loved to just run his nose through it making trails. He also liked to chase it. Just give it a good kick and he will run after it.. may even try to bring it back to you. 
  • He needs to go on walks daily. He has so much energy. Tell him that he did so great on Saturday's walk. It was perfect. I wish he was still here to go running with me. It won't be the same with out him. I hate running by myself..
  • Can you finish teaching him how to play fetch? He was doing so good at it. We were so excited the first time he ran to get the pine cone Andrew had thrown and then brought it back to our feet. And all of the times in our apartment playing with his toys. Throwing them and Oak running to get them.  
  • He still needs a lot of training. And we know that with a little help he can do great things. He picked up on sit the first time we tried. Please teach him how to do more great things. 
  • Can you please let him play with Olivia and Max. We miss them too and know that they will all have a lot of fun together. 
  • He never got to enjoy the summer. He never saw a field of perfect green grass. He never got to feel the warmth of the sun or go running on a cool summer morning. Please let him experience it. I am positive he will love it even more than snow and winter. 
  • Every once in a while give him some good old bones to chew on. He loves them and would spend hours enjoying them. 
  • We miss him more than words can explain. We NEVER thought in a million years that we would lose him this soon. We stuck the hard times out with him and started creating memories and enjoying the awesome moments. We decided to make him a permanent part of our family. Oakley, you are and forever will be. Maybe God will let you meet the spirits that will one day be Andrew and I's kids. I am sure they would love to play with you.  

That was a wonderful 3 months. In the beginning there were plenty of times I wondered "Why in the heck did we get a dog" but I am so glad we did. I think we learned so much. It showed Andrew and I how to work together or in some cases how not to work together.

Puppy Oak, I will miss you cuddling with me while we watch t.v. I will even miss your annoying little nibble at my feet or on my hands. I will miss how excited you got when we put your leash on or gave you a treat or fed you. I will miss you coming in the shower after I am done and licking at everything. I will miss you so much this coming spring break. I was so excited to show you a back yard and let you just run around all by yourself without having to worry and letting you play with another dog.
 Thank you for letting us be your owners, if even for that short amount of time.
We love you Oakley. Don't cause too much trouble up there and don't ever forget about us. We will be up there to see you later on down the road. In the mean time I hope you look down on us.

Love, Alexandria & Andrew Sorensen 

On his 4 month mark. Taking our 4 mile walk. 
The last picture taken of Oakley.
We love you, Oak.

Our poor sweet little puppy died while at the Animal Hospital while getting neutered. 
They had just gotten done with the procedure and red fluids started coming out of his mouth and then he flat lined. They tried to give him meds and CPR which did help for a minute but then he flat lined again. 
They aren't for sure why it happened but he could have had a virus in his blood or a heart problem. 

Check out the Videos below for more Puppy Oak love and memories. 

Oakley Chasing Snow

Puppy oak on snow mountain

Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Out of Bed

It is 10 o'clock on a Monday morning and I am ready for the day. 
meaning I have showered. put my face on. done something with my hair. and put some sweats back on :) hey it is only a monday. 
This hasn't happend for a while. I hate mornings. I hate them so much that I let them ruin my nights by going to bed at a reasonable time so that I won't want to kill myself in the morning. 
And the funny thing is that most mornings I don't wake up that early...
However today was a change in the routine. We had to wake up at 7:30 AM 
it was a toughy let me tell you. 
Now the reason for this out of the ordinary wake up call was because of a little pup called Oakley, aka Oak, aka puppy oak. 
Now although we had to wake up early I think we got the better end of the deal because not only is Oakley gone for most of the day but he is having a little procedure done. 
I don't think anyone would want to be in his position right now. So here is to the early morning, no dog for the day, and trying to get lots of things done today because I am like 2 hours ahead of schedule. 

Saturday was actually Mr. Oakley's Birthday..kinda. he is now 4 months. 
So what did we do that day? 
Well we went on a 4 mile walk. yup we are pretty proud of ourselves. 
Oakley got to run and play and then be carried cause he was too lazy to walk anymore. 
bah yup our dog is weird sometimes..ok a lot of the times. 

Other than that our weekend was full of things like..
Playing games.
Going to see Savior of the World. which was great. 
Watching Basketball. yea that sucked, for reasons I don't want to talk about. 
Watched movies and then played more games. 
We are becoming the couple that plays games but I guess what else do you do in Rexburg on a freezing cold night. 
oh and we ate..ha 

This week will consist of greatness. 
Things like job hunting, grocery shopping in Idaho Falls, cleaning, organizing, might just start it off. 
But on Wednesday is Taeden's 1st Birthday! YAY 
I am really excited for him. I can't believe it has already been a year. seems like just yesterday we were going to get Justina a Wendy's Ice cream shake after she gave birth and going to meet the little guy. 
Man has he turned into a stud. Such a great looking kid and I love him very much. 

At the end of the week it is CONFERENCE. ah Already? again? wow that seemed like it just happened too..but I will take all that I can get of it. LOVE it. 
I wish we were going but we can't..we will be going down the next week so we shouldn't spend the money on gas. Oh well. Watching on TV is great and eating crepes makes it even better :) 

Now to send you off for the start of a great week here are some awesome pictures. There is a girl that goes to BYUI and she is a photo major. I follow her blog. She is doing this project and needed 50 people in love. So we decided to help her out and look at the awesome pictures she took!! love it.
Check her out here

Happy Monday!
Love, Alex & Andrew 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

6 things I learned this weekend...

1. Science can be cool, if there is a crazy german guy doing it.
2. My husband can plan a surprise date, that is hilarious
3. March Madness is seriously madness. I think I have watched over 20 hours of basketball just this weekend. And there have been so many upsets I could have never predicted
4. Sugar cookies are the BOMB. especially when my sister makes them and Taeden helps us.
5. Trust in the Lord, live your life giving to him and trusting that he will point you in the direction you should go. He is ALWAYS there to help you. And you can always turn to him for everything and anything.
6. We can make friends at church. it really is possible. I like it and need to try it more often. I need to be a friend to others instead of waiting around for someone to be a friend to me.

6 things I want.. I am in a needy mood.

1. I want to go to the beach.
2. I really want to go on a road trip
3. I want to be an amazing artist.
4. I want to be able to cook fantastic desserts
5. I want to have my own clothing line. yup I am going to start working on it.
6. Sometimes I want to fast forward 2 or 3 years. see how it all turns out. But then i remember I will miss all the fun

6 things that should happen this week..

1. Work out/ go running with Oakley EVERY day. ( If he goes running he does so much better the rest of the day)
2. I will will will finish my dress
3. I am going to serve everyone around me. When I die I want to be remembered as the person who was always serving others and not thinking of themselves. (note the 5 things I want.. yea I am working on it starting..NOW)
4. We will go to the temple.
5. I will find coupons and figure out how that all works. Anyone have ideas? I don't really know how to start but I want to be have a part time job being an extreme couponer.
6. Become a friend to someone new!

No pictures? Wow this is weird. maybe later. I just felt like posting something short and sweet. 
Have a great week ladies and gentlemen. 
Love, The Sorensen's 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Take my hand and never ever let it go..

How was your weekend? ha that was like 4 days ago.. 
its already the next weekend woopsies. 
but that is all I have pictures of. 
We fed the ducks. 
Can I just say FUN. 
Who would have thought feeding ducks would be so much fun. 
At first I thought they were going to peck me to death but man they were like a dog.
We even dropped bread into their mouths or they would grab it from our hand. 
I felt like a little kid again and I love that feeling. 
Like for easter I asked if we could go easter egg hunting and andrew laughed at me. 
Whats up with that? I love those little traditions. little kid or not. I love halloween and getting excited for holidays and doing EVERY little tradition. 
How do yall feel about this? 
Friday we had dinner and played games with friends. 
Such a fun night. I LOVED it. we laughed so much. 
I love those nights. no cares. no worries. just pure laughing at the stupid funny things 
We played cranium girls vs. boys with girls winning of course. great game. 
Saturday was BYU-Idaho's try at the Worlds largest dodgeball tournament. 
They didn't break the recored but it was fun to watch. however there was quite a bit of cheating going on. aka getting hit by the ball and staying in. but andrews team did end up winning. 
They started out with over 1,000 people and got it down to like 10. taking an hour and a half. 
Then I went to the Flower and Bridal show with some ladies. 
Yes, I know I am already married but man do I LOVE weddings 
It was really great to see all the ideas and beautiful things they had displayed. 
That is what all the rando pictures are of. I loved that topsy cake..looked like it was falling over. 
And I want to do the hanging flowers in our house with fake flowers. 
And of course I had to get some YELLOW. love it :) 
Oh and did you see all those lady bugs?? DANG. there were TONS. 
You could even buy some for $0.25 and do whatever you wanted with them. 
Saturday night we had dinner and played games with Justina, Curtis, and Taeden. Which is always an AWESOME time. 
Sunday was well, a day of rest :) 
Over all a GREAT weekend. 
This week hasn't been too bad either. 
One more thing to do on my dress then DONE. 
Registered for class = uhh stress. 
And today = lots and Lots and LOTS of basketball. March madness has officially begun. 
BYU played today and WON. KU plays tomorrow and will WIN
I have a bitter sweet feeling for this time of basketball. Makes me nervous but excited and sometimes drives me crazy with how much basketball there is! 
Now before I say goodbye and if you are still reading way to go, I should give you a sticker, but for now I will recommend that you read "The Incredible Gifts of Women" by Barbara Jones
GREAT great GREAT book. 
I started it on Monday and can NOT put it down.
I saw her speak in person two years ago and just loved everything about her. 
Amazing women with an amazing story and gift of speaking. 
The book is such a great inspiration and helps to lift you up when you are in that weird funk. 
And I felt I was in one at the beginning of the week and I think reading the book has made me feel so much better. 
Really it is a MUST read. You can even borrow mine if you want :) 
well once I am done. but you must read it. 
Now I will leave you with one note of inspiration. 
Always Find Joy in the Journey 
Love, Peace, Happiness, God Bless Japan, and this world. 
Love, Andrew & Alex 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I am so so so excited about this that I had to share right away. 
Bountiful Baskets 
Its amazing. 
All you have to do is sign up on Monday. Pay $15 
Then on Saturday go and pick it up and BAM
You have amazing fruits and veggies. 
I LOVE fruit so I was so excited about this and when I saw we were getting strawberries and blueberries  I got even more excited. AND fresh green beans. WOAH
So $15 and we got.. Apples, Melon, Strawberries, Blueberries, Bananas, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Asparagus, and tomatoes. 
I am sold for life. or as long as I can get it. 
There are good things about Idaho :) 
Have a great weekend. I know we are 
Love, Alex & Andrew 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Its Thursday which can only mean..

I am doing another awkward and awesome thursday. Why you may ask.. cause I feel like we had some darn good awkward moments. And awesome ones too I guess..

  • Leaving Andrews volleyball game to go to ZUMBA and some kid is following close behind groaning. hm so I ask if he is okay, I mean I felt more awkward keeping quite. He says he hurt his hand in a game. I walk into Zumba get lined up and the kid comes up to me and is like "are you not going to take me to it, it is really killing me!!" uhmmmm what? I kinda went awkward for a moment and was like "uhhhh I don't think I am who you think I am.." then kid walks away. wow that was weird. I feel it was because I was wearing blue..which is what the people that work the sports wear so they know how to fix hurt people.
  • Andrew killed his foot by dropping a bottle of mayonnaise on it. Awkward landing I guess. 
  • I went to a job interview and LOCKED, yes LOCKED the keys in the car. And every person we knew with a car just so happened to be in Idaho Falls for the day. great. So Andrew rides his bike to me with the extra key. And I sit on the curb, trying to hide myself from the interviewing person so that I don't look really irresponsible. Its right in the middle of a BYU game. WOW I am a good wife. ha
  • Silence in a car with people you only kinda know. Yea I feel like this is awkward. Maybe I should be talking about something...
  •  Being told I have my old job back and then a couple hours later being told some guy just walked right in and stole it cause he can start working asap. ughhhhh
  • Being called to have a job interview without even really trying to get one. score. 
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on the sale rack. 
  • My husband is still in one piece. 
  • Its march which means it is march Madness. 
  • Starting to put my own food storage together, I feel like a real wife now. 
  • BEAUTIFUL days. it was nice out today. at 12pm I feel like that is changing though 
  • World's LARGEST Doge Ball Tournament on Saturday. 
  • I have a hot husband. He loves me I love him. We are going to live happily ever after
  • Sleeping in until 12 
  • Finding chicken patties (I love them and look for them) at Walmart for $5. Yes I thought this was awesome.
  • I am going to finish my dress this week! SCORE SCORE SCORE  

Time for another look back. 
The weekend before Andrew and I got married my sister Kjerstin got married in Las Vegas so we went down for it and spent some time with my family before we all headed to California for our wedding. 

We found out that Andrew has his own tie shop. sweet deal. 

What a beautiful day in California. Oh i miss it

We are Harry Potter Fans. YES 

Have a great week. Stay happy and positive. 
Love Life, Family, Faith, Friends 
Love, Alex & Andrew 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking Back

Who finally went and bought a cord to get photos off my memory card. 
So now we have a major look back for the next couple of days. 
In August 2010, 2 weeks before Andrew and I got married we went on a trip to Lake Powell with his family. They have gone on this trip every year for years.. and now it was my time to join them.
It was a week of wonders. 
I faced a fear of wake boarding. kind of. 
I killed myself wake boarding. and then got back up to prove to myself I wouldn't die again. 
I almost killed Anna's face. Well tooth to be exact. We are killer tube riders. or anna just is. 
Andrew and I rode jet skis around and they scared me to death.
Yes I am a scardy cat.
Andrew however is pretty fearless. Jumping off cliffs, wake boarding A LOT, jet skis, climbing everywhere.. Being the adventurous person that he is.
We ate tons of good food. Played games. Took naps. Fished. Went on awesome adventures. Watched movies. looked up at the amazing stars. went tubing. and just full on enjoyed the incredible planet that God has given us. It is simply breathtaking. 

The first fish I caught on the trip 
Andrew's first fish on the trip 
Hanging out by the waterfall after it rained

A little karaoke from the boys 
Getting some ice cream 
Playing with the fish and trying to get them to eat a toe. 

Here fishy fishy...

Excuse the nasty but look how cute. we fell asleep that way :) 
Out for a ride. 
Yummy Ice Cream when its nice and hot 

In the cave we found, everyone just playing around. 
The week long project. Finally finished. sweet. 

Captain Andrew 

Oh this just made me really want summer.
I got goose bumps just thinking about it..
or its because our apartment is freezing. 
Here is to friends, family, warmth, and a beautiful earth. 
Love, Alex & Andrew