Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

2011- come and gone.
me oh my. I always feel like life goes by so slowly when it is crazy and packed with so much left to do but I feel like this year flew by. Where did it go??? My two semesters were so crazy and busy and packed full I could not wait for them to be over and now that they are I just can't even believe it! So much has happened but at the same time I have felt like it hasn't been one year and nothing has happened.

January = We moved into our first official appointment. and then we got a puppy. he was the cutest thing in the world. But I will admit he drove me insain. I learned that I have a lot to learn before I have children, which scares me cause he was only a dog. ha but I learned to love him so much. He became my little child. I wanted to have him for years to come but God had something else in mind.

February =  Andrew was in school and working hard. I was at home making things, like food and clothes. We played battleship at school, where you sit in a canoe in a pool with other teams and dump water into there boats and try to sink them. It was awesome! We did pretty good.. didn't win though. oh well there is always next year.

March = Still school and hanging out at home. trying to get through the semester. the saddest moment in our marriage happened when our little puppy Oakley died. It was such a sad sad sad sad couple of days. I cried a lot. We had so many fun walks with him. Andrew would kick the ice and he would go and chase it. It was adorable. He was adorable. And I miss him. 
On a good note, Taeden turned One! YAY

April = The end of winter semester for Andrew. We took a trip to St. George with Andrews family and celebrated Easter. It was wonderful. So much warmer than Rexburg! We then had to come back to Rexburg and both started school up. It was hard to go from doing whatever I wanted everyday to school everyday AND working 8 to 11 everyday. The classes made me crazy and they were hard but we learned so much that semester!

May = The one thing I do remember that happened was that Andrews best friend Logan came home from his mission in Japan. We got to go to California for a short weekend to see him and go to the homecoming. It was WONDERFUL. so much fun. We went to a Dodgers game and hung out with Andrews family then went and I got to meet Logan. It was so cute to see Andrew and Logan together. We are all going to be best friends for a very very long time.

June = Uhm I don't really know what happened in this month... lots of homework. I had to do a lot of photography assignments so I was usually always working on those. Andrew was playing and having fun and doing homework. We played on a grass volleyball team this semester.

July = I remember July to be a month of crazyness. Trying to get through with school. I just remember being so busy and full of things to do. However we did get to go camping with Justina and Curtis and Taeden which was really fun. Then for fourth of July we had a barbecue with my family and then went and watched the fireworks. I also turned 20 which is pretty great.

August  = Alex went to Kansas for a week. Andrew hung out in California for a week alone. Then we both went to Lake Powell for a week with Andrews family which is just wonderful! We then went back to California and prepared for Anna and Jordan's wedding.

September = We celebrated our ONE year Anniversary and Anna and Jordan's wedding.  We went to Clayton's Farewell in Utah. He is in New Zealand! What an amazing experience for him to serve the people there.

October = Andrew started working at the straw maze as a scarer. He did an amazing job. It was so fun to hear all of his stories.

November = We went to Time out for Women in St. George. then went back to St. George for Thanksgiving with the Sorensen's and celebrated Christmas as well.

December = We celebrated Andrew's 22nd Birthday. Finished off our Fall semester. I got my Associates  in general studies. We got to celebrate with the Turnbull family and see our great friend Sydnee's Farewell before she headed off to her mission in Ukraine!! And now we are celebrating Christmas and New Years with my Family in Kansas.

Pictures of these events to come soon :)

What are you looking to do and change with the new year? 
 My goals consist of working out, working on my photography and sewing, getting into BYU, moving to BYU and figuring out what to do after that. I am excited for this new year and new set of adventures. 
Andrew is looking forward to getting his associates, getting into BYU, getting into the communications program, moving to Provo, and just having an overall great year :) 

we hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve tonight. 
Heres to a new year :) 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

goodbye november.

November has come and gone. see all of those pictures? yup that was our month..and the beginning of december. November was wonderful. Just what we needed to finish off the semester.
1. Took a trip to St. George for Time out for Women. It is a wonderful uplifting event with speakers and music. So uplifting. makes you leave feeling amazing and wanting to do better.
2. We got to see my niece Haizlee who I haven't seen in a loooong time. she is so adorable and such a big ball of energy.
3. We had Thanksgiving and Christmas in St. George with the Sorensen's. It was wonderful. Food, family, and lots and lots of fun.
4. During that trip we went and saw the history of the Sorensen's. We saw G-units grave site and his stomping grounds. It was so cool. I loved learning more about Andrews family. That little house in the pictures..yea that is where he grew up. CRAZY!
5. We drove through Zion and found some ostriches on the side of the road just chillen. so we stopped and said hello. Man they looked scary up close. looked like they could poke an eye out!
6. On the way home from St. George we went to temple square in Salt Lake City because I have always wanted to see it lit up with christmas lights. oh my, it was magical. I could have walked around and looked for hours. Every single branch was covered. and it was so peaceful and breathtaking. I absolutely loved it.
7. The last few pictures are andrew..and one of me.. opening birthday and then christmas presents from marilee. She is awesome. He got lots of BYU stuff, even a sweet cookie cutter! and I got the Hilary Weeks CD. oh my is it amazing. She has such a beautiful voice, and she was at Time out for Women too..HILARIOUS. I love seeing her perform.

And that was November. Lots of school and studying in between. The beginning of december was packed full of studying, work, homework, and finals. It is so nice to be done and over with and have this wonderful break relaxing. And I got my associates so I am feeling pretty accomplished :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. I am so grateful for the life and love of Jesus Christ. He is the greatest example there ever was. He loves each and everyone of us and is watching out for us.

Stay safe and warm.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

back in time.

After not posting for half of the month of November I decided to just have my own no post november.
We were so busy all month and this month is no different so you all are lucky I am posting :)
But man I am getting so behind in showing our awesome pictures of our adventures.
SOOO I am making time to show you are life. Cause it is AWESOME :)

To enjoy the nice weather before the freezing winter hit we went to the BYU-Idaho Apple orchard and picked apples. I thought it would be a fun activity and we would end up being able to make a bunch of yummy apple stuff and so we went. I had fun taking pictures, enjoying the awesome weather, and picking yummy apples. Andrew really liked figuring out all the different types of apples and what they are used for. We got about five pounds and STILL to this day have apples. I made a pie..and baked apples..and um I really can't remember but it was good. I might have to make another pie again. they are so good. I love apple pie!
On that same beautiful afternoon we road our bikes to the nature park, fed the ducks, and just enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and colors. I LOVE fall it is so pretty!! I am starting to miss it a lot as the freezing cold has hit...

 Can you tell it was a BYU game day? 

Life is pretty great right now. I hope to get caught up on updating soon. 
I am starting to realize how much I need to do, so prepare yourselves! 
These are the last two weeks of school so it might take me a little bit but I am going to do it! 
Happy Decemember. I love this month. I love the Christmas Spirit. Or as we should all say the Spirit of Christ that is present. I think that is my favorite part of Christmas. The Joy and happiness that is present and the sweet spirit of giving that everyone has. I feel like people are nicer..most of the time. 
It just makes me so happy. I hate when it is over because I feel like I lose that sweet spirit but I am realizing we can feel that way year round. That is my goal for next year. I want that sweet spirit in our home year round. I hope you all try to have the spirit of Christ in your home this holiday season. 
We love you all.