Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hello Crew: 19 months old





Here is Crew's 19th month in review in photos. He is adorable. and I just can't stop taking pictures of him. and then I can't delete or not use all of the photos. He is just so CUTE! gosh I can't say it enough. 

In the 19th month... 
  • He stood on the ledge of a pool and after we counted to 3 he jumped in!! This was a huge leap (no pun intended) in his confidence at the pool. 
  • He will click with his tongue along with a song. 
  • When he count 1,2,3 he gets really excited and tries to count with us and will say two and put up both pointer fingers. SO CUTE! 
  • He loves nursery and does soooooo good!!! I am so proud of him. He has had no problem going all on his own. When we go to pick him up he gets really excited and usually gives us a hug or says hi. He is growing up so quickly!!
  • He loves saying "nigh night" and pretending to go to bed. He will lay down and pull a blanket over himself and say "nigh night" 
  • Crew spent his first night away from mom and dad!! And he did AWESOME!! He went to St George with Grandma Sorensen and his cousin Ryder. He spent about 24 hours with out mom and dad. It seems to have made him way more confident and has helped him realize he doesn't need mom or dad around all of the time. WOW he is growing up quickly. He did awesome and it was a great refresher for mom and dad. 
  • When we are at the park he has started to yell for Zoii when mom does. One day at the park Zoii went through a hole in the fence and I could not find her and she wasn't coming back. For about five mintues I was screaming her name and pacing the fence trying to find her. Crew started yelling along and calling for her. In that moment of panic it was adorable that he was mimicking me and trying to get his sweet puppy to come back. Luckily we found her a little farther down the fence trying to find the way back to us. She had forgotten where the hole was and couldn't find a way back. Crew and I led her back to the hole and safely back to our side of the fence. Now whenever we are at the park and I start calling for her Crew starts calling for her as well. It is adorable. He also loves greeting her at the door when we get home and giving her a big hug. He sure does love her!!! 
  • He loves to see the train drive by the park. There are tracks right next to the park we go to and often times when we are there a train goes by and Crew gets so excited to see it. One time it did frighten him because they didn't blow the horn until the train was right in front of us. But most of the time he is just fascinated by it! 
I hope I can continue documenting so much of Crew and our everyday lives. I know I will love looking back and reading about this little stories and moments in our day. As well as looking back at all of these adorable photos. Maybe, just maybe I can start writing more often and tell more little stories in shorter posts instead of just doing them once a month. I would really like to get back to making this blog more of a journal for myself to record everyday activities and all my crazy thoughts, instead of just a once a monther about Crew. I know I will never regret documenting too much so I try to do it as much as possible! 


Hello Crew: 18 months old

18 Months old!! A year and a half. 
How did that happen?
After his first hair cut! 
He will point at our dog Zoii and tell her no. Haha where did he get that from, I wonder....

He made the sound and hand movement to imitate an elephant! It was so adorable. He was trying to imitate mom.
Dad getting ready to cut Crew's hair

When dad asks for a hug Crew will give him one. Seriously melts my heart.

Ready to go to Lake Powell!
He napped for two hours and forty-five minutes...once. I can count on one hand how many times he has done this in his life. but my was it glorious when it happened. and kinda freaked mom out.

Had his first hair cut! It was a little trim so nothing crazy but it made the back of his head look much better. Dad cut it while mom tried to distract Crew. Crew did not like the noise of the scissors cutting. It scared him a little and he was very curious as to what dad was doing behind him.

During Crew's 18th month we....
  • Traveled to Idaho and saw lots of family. 
  • Traveled to St George and saw and played with more family. Loved having so many kids around. 

  • Spent time with cousins at the Dinosaur museum 
  • First trip to Lake Powell!! Crew had a blast going to Lake Powell for a week. Being able to go outside any time he wanted was probably a dream come true. He loved splashing in the water, riding the sea doos, going for rides in the boat, and playing in the sand. Other than waking up at 4am for the first half of the week he did so good on the trip. He was a little unsure of wearing his life jacket so much but we made it work. 

Driving the seadoo all on his own. 

Lots of pictures because he is so dang cute and Lake Powell. so yea. LOVE HIM! 
 Love, Alex