Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I learned in school

So far this semester I have learned, 

A. How to draw on my hands
B. How to draw a geometrically correct skull
C. Every teacher thinks I am only taking that class, well except one. 
D. There are like 50 different types of necklines. 
E. If I had $18,000 dollars I could internship in NYC
F. The government can have its good moments. 
G. I need to be able to be creative in a future job. (well DUH)
H. I like mornings..when I get enough sleep.
I. I can draw in magazines. 
J. God is Great. and I love getting credit to take a religion class. 
K. I love my major
L. I can't compare myself to others. 
M. School is expensive.
N. It sucks to buy supplies.
O. I need to always be thinking. I love getting things done and feeling accomplished
P. I have to be organized or I go CRAZY.
Q. Not making a great dinner every night is okay.
R. Not having class on Fridays is a life saver. 
S. I may not have a social life but I will get good grades..hopefully
T. I have an awesome, patient husband. I love him :)
U. He also looks amazing when he is tan ;)
V. Reading in my free time is not an option anymore..or sewing 
W. You just have to learn to laugh and say oh well better luck next time
X. Multitasking is the greatest. 
Y. I love learning. even though it stresses me out. 
Z. I love my life. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have and the support system that I have. 
This is going to be an AWESOMESPICE semester.
one week down and like 14 more to go maybe.. 
HERE WE GoOOOoooo :) 
love, alex&andrew 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Lives!

Happy Easter Sunday from the Sorensen's! 
We hope you all had a wonderful day, hopefully with friends and family. 
We enjoyed going to church and having the Easter program = beautiful music
We then relaxed at home. watched an awesome video from Elder Holland (see youtube - mormon messages everything is wonderful)
Then went and spent the evening having dinner with the Brown family. 
It was wonderful. 

We hope you all remember our Savior, Jesus Christ, today and everyday. 
He has done so much for us. He gave us the greatest gift. The gift of eternal life. 
I feel so blessed to have His gospel in my life and feel of his love. 
I know that he loves me and died and was resurrected for me. 
I know that through Him I can repent of my sins and live with him and my family again, for eternity. 
Lets start this week out with a smile on our faces. 
We love you all. 
love, alex&andrew 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


How do I feel about blogging right now..?
not so great. school & work is exhausting and its only been 2 days. I don't know how I will get through this semester. but man am I excited. 
Oh but I may not blog so much...blah sorry 11 followers :) 
well we are alive and well. St. george felt amazing. rexburg weather sucks. 
ugh I had to walk in cold rain today. and I have a cold. ugh yup the first day of school and I am sick. 
But I must say I LOVE art and love that I get to learn more and more about it. 
oh and I love my job. its great.
and and and I lovers me husband. 

sometimes I just want to say ughhhhhhhh you suck
sometimes I just want to run away to Italy and hide away in the country side with the love of my life. 
sometimes I wish money didn't matter. AT ALL. (okay maybe all the time)
sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and dinner would be made.. a delicious dinner not just cold cereal. (yes we did have that for dinner tonight. don't judge)
sometimes I don't want to talk to people at all. (is that bad?)
 sometimes I just want to walk around all day taking pictures of my man ;) 
sometimes I want a baby. (how many of you just thought "oh gosh you better wait"?? mom? love you)
sometime I will blog again.. maybe I will become a weekend blogger. 
sometimes I just want to curl up in bed with my lover and sleep all day long. 
sometimes I think being happy is the best way to be :)

I will leave you with this awesomeness

"Keep trying, keep believing, be happy, don't get discouraged, things will work out"
Gordon B. Hinckley 

Hope you are having a great wednesday. 
love love love
alex & andrew 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time Well Spent

I LOVE Vacations. I LOVE road trips. I love love love it. 
Maybe its because every year since I can remember we went on road trips with the family. 
Most of the time to Idaho to see family but we went to plenty of other places too.. I just don't have many pictures of those trips. We would spend HOURS in the car. We went from Kansas to Idaho in one day.  Thats about 17 hours. Depending on how many times we stopped. and to be honest I loved it. I love reading in the car or listening to music and watching the scenery go by. 
I have decide I want to go on a major long road trip. 
Let's start off going to kansas. then down to nashville. take a break in florida spending a lot of time on the beach. then make our way up the east coast staying in the cutest little towns but making the ultimate stop in NYC. After that maybe do a little church history touring all over on our way back to Kansas. Then end the trip with st george and provo. Perfection. LETS GO!!!
If only... But for now..
Hope you enjoy looking at my vacation memories, there sure are a lot :) 



New York City 
St. Louis

Las Vegas

Lake Powell 




Nauvoo, Illinois 

Omaha Zoo 

Omaha Zoo 

Jackson Hole 

Salt Lake City 


Disney World 

Grand Cayman Islands 

Grand Cayman 

Los Angeles, California 

Lake Powell 

Las Vegas 

Los Angeles California 

I love that now every vacation will be spent with Andrew. I love always having my best friend there to spend the amazing times with me. It is perfection. love love love. I love having a husband. thats a cool word to say. he is my husband. score. Yes I scored :)
Now here is to the next Vacation and road trip. 
Starting oh lets say TOMORROW! yay. 
We are going down to Provo. 
Then on to St George. 
Here is to sun. fun. awesomeness. ah yay. 
Now we won't have internet sooooo if I don't blog for a while don't worry We will be Back!!!
Oh I love spring break. It would top it off if we had the beach as well..maybe next year. 
Love you all. Remember others. Have an awesome week or so. 
love, alex&andrew :) 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I know that my Redeemer Lives!

What a wonderful weekend we had. It was filled with General Conference. 
If you don't know Andrew and I are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
General Conference happens twice a year. It is where the entire church gathers to listen to our leaders, The Prophet of the church and his Apostles. We listen on both Saturday and Sunday. 
This year we just relaxed at our apartment and watched. On Sunday in between sessions we hung out with friends and made crepes then watched the final session with them. It was simply wonderful. 
What a wonderful way to rejuvenate our spirits. 
If you missed it or want to hear more of it click here
I thought that for this post I would post some favorite quotes & moments. 
I have to say I love seeing our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. 
He just looks like the kind of guy that I could run up to and get a huge hug from. 
Just look at how cute and friendly he looks. 

Some thoughts I captured from this beautiful weekend include...

  • Be an example of the believers. Start by keeping the Sabbath day Holy. 
  • God gave us families to help us become who he wants us to be. 
  • The Savior knows all of the pain we face. 
  • I love this work, and it is work!!
  • We live to die and we die to live Again
  • Families are like ropes - We aren't as strong when each strand doesn't work together but when we all pull together we create a strong hold. Families are then Happy & Strong. 
  • Faith may begin with a desire to believe. 
  • Your Future is as bright as your Faith. 
  • Often the answer will not come while we are on our knees but instead may come while we are on our feet serving others. 
  • Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words. 
  • You must make the climb to enjoy the view. 
  • It is usually through another person that Heavenly Father meets our needs. 
  • Temples bring Joy - They are more than just stone. They are Faith, Testimonies, Fasting, Prayer, and Trials. 
  • Each Temple stands as a beacon to the world. it is an expression of our Testimony.
  • All things are possible through the Lord and He will keep his promises to you, as long as you are faithful. 
  • Marriage helps to overcome selfishness. 
  • God knows what he wants us to be and he loves us enough to teach & guide us. We must then be willing to listen & follow. 
  • We are never done. 
  • Place your confidence in the Lord. He will help you through. 
  • The Church is not a fast food outlet, we can't always have it our way. It will always be His way!
  • He gave us life beyond. He taught us how to live. He taught us how to die. 
Now these are just some things that I got out of conference. You all may have gotten something else out of the teaching. I hope you all had a wonderful time and are having a great week.
We hope it goes by very quickly so that we can enjoy our spring break in the fun and sun. and sitting by the pool. Yay for going on road trips to warm weather. I am so so so excited. 

enjoy, love, serve, & have faith in Him
love, alex & andrew sorensen