Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It was my Birthday.

Two weeks ago I turned 20. 
I will never again be a teenager. 
sweet sweet deal. 
these will be the best years of our life :) 

it was a somewhat good day. 
had work then school. then skipped some school. then free frozen yogurt 
then more school. then yummy yummy thai dinner. then get together at our place with cake, ice cream, and presents. so overall great time. 
Here is the AMAZING cake Justina made. ah it was so yummmy! 
I crave it often. and look at how beautiful it is!! 

this picture is all kinds of awesome :) 

Happy Monday. Enjoy your week. 
We are traveling to California 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am an awesome blogger.
can't you tell?
it has only been like 3 weeks since I have posted.
ha woopsies.
Let me just tell you.
school is insane. INSANE i tell you
and work thats just annoying at the moment.
I could be sleeping 3 extra hours but no.
I get to make 20 bucks instead. ha.
Is it worth it? I guess in the long run it is.
well july
It has been interesting
Fourth of July was great.
Didn't do any homework that weekend.
that was a big oopsies
Birthday came and went.
I am no longer a teen. i like saying that.
it was a great day.
more to come on that one.
now back to school.
did i tell you it is crazy?
teachers can drive me crazy some days.
especially when they give you a grade and they don't tell you why and can't even really explain to you why they gave you that grade. hm its just GREAT.
however yesterday I walked out of my figure drawing class for the last time. I have been waiting three months for that. it was an AMAZING feeling.
then I turned in my photography final portfolio and took the final and its like the weight of the world just came off my shoulders.
next I have to sit through a class. thats it. just sit and be there.
then as I walk to my car I turn in my final project for intro to computer art. and then
what a great feeling
it feels like this semester has been so so so so long.
now DONE.
I feel like singing. or shouting. or smiling.
Andrew is a lucky man too.
He has one class today, with me :)
just has to sit.
then he has a final on Thursday.
we are both done done done. 
California here we come.
Kansas here I come.
Lake Powell here we come.
Hello 7 week break.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Camping 101

1. Don't hit your head on a metal box before you even leave town. 
and if you do make sure you have good medicine. 
2.  Bring play pin like thing for baby T 
3. Make sure to bring batteries for camera. 
4. To shake out tent climb inside and shake bootie. 
5. Baby doesn't like to kiss fish but he will touch
6. Fish by a fallen tree. they like to congregate there. 
7. Make sure you have all the parts to fix a flat tire. 
8. Run away from scary naked, doing who knows what in there tent, kind of people. 
9. Bring ALOT of marshmallows and starbursts :) 
10. Enjoy the sun. night=cold. 

How is your weekend going? 
Ours has been going great :) 
Have an awesome and safe fourth of July! 

Friday, July 1, 2011


Dear July,

I have always loved you oh so dearly.
You meant summer. which then meant warmth. and too much sun (which is the best).
It also meant the worst humidity ever. I could step outside and my skin would soak it all up. no lotion required.
July also means my BIRTHDAY. the greatest day of the year, right?
and right before that day it is the 4th. Oh July 4th I love you.
You mean barbecues. friends and family. playing games. fireworks. and occasionally hiding from the cops...(mom you remember that night? bahahahaha)
Oh and you can not forget the fireworks. I think because it is close to my birthday I have always felt something so magical about them. They are so beautiful and artistic and and and magical..
July you are the greatest. You usually meant trips to Idaho which were awesome because they led to family, parties, lots of great food, and fun but in the end going back to Kansas
July was the relaxing month.
June was full of too much busyness. awesome and fun but busy.
July meant heat. burning your feet stepping on the pavement. playing basketball late at night cause it was too hot to play during the day. going to the pool.all.the.time. sleeping in. ohh sleeping in. laying out on the trampoline at night looking up at the stars realizing how small I am compared to this great big universe. working long days at grasspad. coming home with heat exhaustion smelling like seed. getting pizza and going to theater in the park. staying up late..doing anything and everything.

Now July, we have a little issue these days. All of that has changed. and I do not like this kind of change. NOT ONE LITTLE BIT!
You have become the busiest and most chaotic months of the WHOLE YEAR!
No more sun and fun and relaxation and sleeping.
Now it is all just school, school, school and then some work and NO SLEEPING.
and right now I hate it.
I want summer. I want my beautiful relaxing, go to the pool, die from the heat, sleeping in, SUMMER!
no school, no due dates, no projects that must get done at a specific time, no too busy to read a book.

But no, July you have changed.
July means finals. and projects. lots of them. because when you are an art major they like to give you projects upon projects.
July means "ok if I make it through the next 3 weeks, then and only then, will it be summer."
(If you don't watch it July, August might become the new favorite)
Yes, July 4th you are still here and I thank you oh so much for that. I need you.
and this year it will be simply wonderful.
But then it is time to buckle down. no messing around
Birthday is even filled with school and work from 8am to 7pm. COME ON! grrrrr

So all I ask July is,
Please oh please oh please be nice, gentle and kind to me.
Lets rekindle our friendship.
I know we can make this work together :)
p.s-hope you enjoyed my spat. and the two pictures from last july :)