Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hello Crew: 18 months old

18 Months old!! A year and a half. 
How did that happen?
After his first hair cut! 
He will point at our dog Zoii and tell her no. Haha where did he get that from, I wonder....

He made the sound and hand movement to imitate an elephant! It was so adorable. He was trying to imitate mom.
Dad getting ready to cut Crew's hair

When dad asks for a hug Crew will give him one. Seriously melts my heart.

Ready to go to Lake Powell!
He napped for two hours and forty-five minutes...once. I can count on one hand how many times he has done this in his life. but my was it glorious when it happened. and kinda freaked mom out.

Had his first hair cut! It was a little trim so nothing crazy but it made the back of his head look much better. Dad cut it while mom tried to distract Crew. Crew did not like the noise of the scissors cutting. It scared him a little and he was very curious as to what dad was doing behind him.

During Crew's 18th month we....
  • Traveled to Idaho and saw lots of family. 
  • Traveled to St George and saw and played with more family. Loved having so many kids around. 

  • Spent time with cousins at the Dinosaur museum 
  • First trip to Lake Powell!! Crew had a blast going to Lake Powell for a week. Being able to go outside any time he wanted was probably a dream come true. He loved splashing in the water, riding the sea doos, going for rides in the boat, and playing in the sand. Other than waking up at 4am for the first half of the week he did so good on the trip. He was a little unsure of wearing his life jacket so much but we made it work. 

Driving the seadoo all on his own. 

Lots of pictures because he is so dang cute and Lake Powell. so yea. LOVE HIM! 
 Love, Alex

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