Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's get it started in here

September 27, We have officially been married for 24 days. Way to go us. :)

It has been a crazy, wonderful, and surprising month and we (aka Alex) thought we should top it off with a blog. I feel that is what happens when you get married so why not start. I feel like Andrew can do our video blog on YouTube and I will do the writing blog. So for those of you who check this out ( if anyone does...PLEASE check this out!) go check out the MrMrsNewlywed video blog on YouTube. I believe the newest post will be of our honeymoon adventures :)

Well as of right now we are still in Kansas. Yes I know we have been here a while. Two weeks to be exact. Well the Kansas reception was the 17 and on the 20th they decided I (this is Alex btw) needed to have my gallbladder out. I have been having stomach problems for about a year now and they decided thats what needed to happen.

I was here and ready to go so Thursday they pulled that sucker right out of me. Now you may ask did it hurt? Can you move? Well the answer is yup it sure did hurt and I can move but VERY carefully. For the past 4 days it has been the couch for Andrew and I (Yup he is my sidekick now). Computer and TV are always by our sides but man is it getting old. Hence the Blog.

We did just get our Thank You cards today. Awh I am excited for them but not too sure about the actual us writing of them. Although this time I get to pull my trusty sidekick along to help ;)

 oh the fun of being married. I sure am learning how to be a good wife. I thought blogging would be a good way to start. Any more advice out there?

I feel like we really haven't experienced true "marriage" yet. When will that even hit us? Stay tuned and maybe you will find out :)

So this week will be fun
-Thank you cards
-doing homework ....yes I am taking two online classes at the moment : \
-Doctors Appointment
- Packing
- Flying back to California

Yup I say it will be pretty eventful so be prepared.

BUT WAIT this weekend = General Conference. Now can we say SCORE. I am excited.
Although last conference I was actually there but this one will have to be enjoyed from the comfort of our new "Loft" now that sure does have its benefits. :)
 Andrew & I at Conference last April 

Well I think this is off to a great start. Comment please? Okay thanks :)

Love, Alex & Andrew Sorensen


  1. Alex your blog is completely cute. I am sorry about your gallbladder but glad you are still here so that I can bring you your late wedding gift. :)

  2. SUPER cute blog alex!!! congrats on the wedding. so excited for you!!

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    P.S. You guys are wippersnappers! I feel old being 30 and married for over seven years.

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