Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why yes, I am a Gleek.

Glee = Last night = Britney Spears = Sweet

WOAH. It was very.. Britney. Ah Glee is amazing. The singing, the dancing, it was insane. 
I must say that I like Britney. yes she is turning to the dark side and is crazy. so crazy but I like her music. I was one of those cute little girls dancing around the house singing "When I'm not with you I lose my mind Give me a signnnnn, hit me baby one more time!" 
Yes I know I did just admit that to the blog world but I know some of you out there did it to! 

Life on the couch is going pretty grand I must say. Monday we went to Walmart for 30 minutes or so and I swear I thought I was going to pass out. ugh. lame. I can't even walk fast without it hurting. And I wanted to start power walking/ running every day. I guess that will have to wait. I miss physical activity  :(

Tomorrow Andrew and I are flying back to California. Good, yes. Do I want to spend the day in the airport or on a plane? No, not at all. I love traveling but HATE the flying/taking all day part of it. And when I feel like this I am a little worried at how the traveling experience will be. 

California girls we're unforgettable. 

Today Andrew and I were talking and we decided we miss Rexburg. WOAH never thought I would say that when I have my best friend friend by my side. Dang, we are bored while we are there and now we miss the college life. Ha funny. So I thought I would do a tribute to our Rexburg days. Okay? Ready? Lets GO....
One of our first dates together was going to Jackson Hole for the Sumo Wrestling Competition 

Just hanging out at Andrew's apartment, attacking his face :) 

Andrew and his roommates on the last night of Fall 2009 semester

We went to the Pond Skimming and Froze  

Andrew and his roommate Greg fighting 

Us at the Circus! Yes a CIRCUS came to Rexburg! 

Playing at the park 

Noah's Ark Birthday Party 

The Night we got engaged we went to Wingers for dinner and everyone knew what was going to happen that night except for me. 

Anna(Andrews Sister) did a bachelorette party for me and we had a girls night! 

 We will be back in Rexburg soon enough I am sure. Although this time we will be married so next comes looking for a place to live. Oh the joys of being out of single Rexburg housing. But now comes more responsibility. Bring it on! 

I feel like I stress myself out with things to get done like homework and all the random stuff that comes along with life but I am working on not letting it happen. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..

I am thinking I may post honeymoon pictures or whatever I can find on my camera cause I have a lot so check here or facebook if you want to see pictures. I will work on actual wedding pictures soon. 

So much to do and not enough time to relax. ah bring it on. 

Well here is to the second blog post! Awesome. Sweet. Comment. Love. 

Love, Alex & Andrew Sorensen 

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  1. i love glee with all my heart and even skipped class today to watch it. britney is hot and i thoroughly enjoyed her presence last night. i think that is all :)