Thursday, December 29, 2011

goodbye november.

November has come and gone. see all of those pictures? yup that was our month..and the beginning of december. November was wonderful. Just what we needed to finish off the semester.
1. Took a trip to St. George for Time out for Women. It is a wonderful uplifting event with speakers and music. So uplifting. makes you leave feeling amazing and wanting to do better.
2. We got to see my niece Haizlee who I haven't seen in a loooong time. she is so adorable and such a big ball of energy.
3. We had Thanksgiving and Christmas in St. George with the Sorensen's. It was wonderful. Food, family, and lots and lots of fun.
4. During that trip we went and saw the history of the Sorensen's. We saw G-units grave site and his stomping grounds. It was so cool. I loved learning more about Andrews family. That little house in the pictures..yea that is where he grew up. CRAZY!
5. We drove through Zion and found some ostriches on the side of the road just chillen. so we stopped and said hello. Man they looked scary up close. looked like they could poke an eye out!
6. On the way home from St. George we went to temple square in Salt Lake City because I have always wanted to see it lit up with christmas lights. oh my, it was magical. I could have walked around and looked for hours. Every single branch was covered. and it was so peaceful and breathtaking. I absolutely loved it.
7. The last few pictures are andrew..and one of me.. opening birthday and then christmas presents from marilee. She is awesome. He got lots of BYU stuff, even a sweet cookie cutter! and I got the Hilary Weeks CD. oh my is it amazing. She has such a beautiful voice, and she was at Time out for Women too..HILARIOUS. I love seeing her perform.

And that was November. Lots of school and studying in between. The beginning of december was packed full of studying, work, homework, and finals. It is so nice to be done and over with and have this wonderful break relaxing. And I got my associates so I am feeling pretty accomplished :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. I am so grateful for the life and love of Jesus Christ. He is the greatest example there ever was. He loves each and everyone of us and is watching out for us.

Stay safe and warm.


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  1. Love seeing the pictures! What a fun month full of travel, family and inspiration! It is so fun to see Andrew open his package, I am glad you liked the CD. Love you both! Marilee