Thursday, June 9, 2011

hello blue eyes.

I took pictures of Taeden for a class of mine and I looooved how some of them turned out.
Taeden= my nephew= Justina & Curtis's baby = My sister and brother-in-law
He is such a cutie.
I love him.
He is so much fun to play with.
They live right down the street from us and we love to hang out and I love to babysit the little one.
Justina and him went to Kansas for like two weeks and I already miss them both so much.
It will suck so much when we don't live so close.

Well this week has been great until I got sick last night.
ugh. ugh. ugh. I HATE being sick.
it better go away soon.
we are planning on having a great weekend.

What are your plans this weekend?
Have a great night :)


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