Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marry me?

A year ago today my best friend asked me to marry him. 
and guess what?? 
I said yes :) 

It has been simply amazing. 
I could not ask for a better man to spend the rest of eternity with. 
and I am so so so so soooo glad we will be together forever. 
it is my fairytale come true. 
i love my mr. 
i love being a mrs.

This are pictures from the night we got engaged.. we went to dinner with friends and later that night he asked :) 

How he asked told by Alex:

The whole week before we were planning on having a "going away" party for one of our friends. 
We were planning on going out to eat and then getting a projector set up and watching a movie out under the stars. all week I was really excited about it and planning on having this "party" that everyone was talking about. Well Saturday rolls around and I have to work, then we go to the "Rexburg waterfight" (which was awesome btw) and then Anna (andrews sister) and a bunch of others want to go bridge jumping...well andrew is like I have a bunch of stuff to do around town so I don't really want to go. So I was like okay I will just stay here with you and go run errands. well Anna ended up convincing me to go with them so that I wouldn't be "bored" with andrew "cough cough figure out what was going on cough." I go bridge jumping with everyone.. (turned out to be SO much fun and I actually jumped..ah so so so scary) and when we get back we shower and all the girls are like oh lets get cute for dinner. 
So I am like alright awesome I love getting all dolled up. 
We go to dinner at Wingers, and the guy that we are throwing the "party" for is only there for like 30 minutes so I thought that was kinda strange...hello this was for him..well at least I thought it all was. 
We go back to the house and Andrew is like freaking out about getting everything all set up.. and he is acting really weird.. I had NO idea what was going on, just thought he was annoyed or something that he was the one having to get everything set up.
We all get blankets and pillows and get laid out in the grass and pick out a movie and all. 
Anna goes to put it in and....
my face pops up on the screen. 
it was an ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh moment.
for a slipt second I was like why the heck is my face on the screen. 
I turned to andrew and hid in embarrassment realizing what was going on. 
and from there on out everything started clicking. 
this was not a party for our friend...
it was all for me. 
Andrew made a video of pictures of us. 
some of us dating, some of just me making funny faces, and some of me when I was a little girl (thank you dad) 
and it was all playing to our song.
Michael Buble - Everything
At the end of the pictures it said a bunch of sweet stuff. 
he then pulled me up and he knelt down, pulled out the ring and said, 
Alex, will you marry me? 
and of course I said YES, yes, yes, 
of course yes. 
and the rest is history :)  

Beautiful right? 
If you want to see the video it is the post just below this one :) 

yes, I was the ONLY one that had no idea what was going on the whole week, day, hour, everything! up until my face was projected onto the side of a house..ha
mr. pulled it off really good didn't he? 
even my roommates knew because they heard someone talking about it.. ha. 
good thing I don't catch on too easily. 

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday :) 


  1. Cute story ... you guys are too cute!

  2. Ahhhhh! thanks for that. Sweet. I agree. He's a good guy to spend... well a LOT of time with.... :D