Sunday, August 28, 2011


I haven't wanted to blog lately.

and honestly.. I still don't want to.

but I decided I should share the only pictures we took while I was in Kansas.

enjoy :)

While I was there I had a craft day with my mom. it was awesome. I decided those days should happen ALOT more, cause they are AWESOME. This first picture is of my pumpkin..the finished one has a bow rapped all around it. its really cuuuuute.

Then we made some jumbo clothes pin magnets cause I have nothing cool for my fridge and too many things to hang up thanks to all the awesome people getting married lately ;) 

One day while there we went to Schlitterbaun. They are the best water parks in the world all in Texas except for this one they have started building in Kansas. awesome right?! it is only half done but it is already pretty great. and an amazing way to cool off on a 100 + degree weather day.

Welp those are all the pictures I have and all the time I want to spend doing this! 
If you want a better up date you can call me :) 
ha yayyyyy 

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