Sunday, September 25, 2011

LP 2011

Hellllo Peeeeoppple.

Its been forever. I know. life is great. busy busy busy. oh my how school is so busy. and I have been sick this week which made me not in a great mood. sorry everyone who had to witness that one. ha
I thought I should catch up on some posting.

In August we went on the Annual Lake Powell Trip. It was amazing. So relaxing and just playing all day long. amazing.

Now here are some pictures to show you what a week in Lake Powell is all about :)

We gaze at the beautiful scenery 

we wakeboard..a lot. 

I am becoming a pro. (yea i know I am the white one of the group) 

one of my favorite pictures of the trip. look at that amazing color. and the amazing wakeboarder and his cute little puppy. and the MOON. dang. 

we do sweet tricks in the sunset. 

we braid some awesome mullets. 

we hike to rainbow canyon. 

and take lots of pictures. 

we have fun. 

we go on awesome boat trips. 

we have tube wars. 

we jump off cliffs. 

we make puzzles 

we take crazy, bumpy boat rides in a storm. 

and we watch the moon come up. 

Needles to say we have an awesome week. 
love, alex&andrew 

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