Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Playing with the Browns in O-Town

This is what we did with the Brown Family for two weeks. 
It was great :) 
grandma played with babies. 

partied :) 
ha aka had our shepherds dinner. 
aka where we have bread and cheese and meat and grapes and sit on the floor and read about the shepherds the night Jesus was born. It is a wonderful tradition and I love it. 

played with babies some more and ate that whole thing of cookies.

grandpa played with babies
Funniest moment EVER. or you might of had to be there... 
We are at chinese dinner and I am using my chop sticks and Haizlee says "I want to use those" and so I give them to her but I say "now haizlee those are very hard to use so it might take a little bit" and she perfectly places them into her hand and picks up a piece of chicken and puts it in her mouth. PERFECTLY
I freaked out. I could not believe she just did that! Now I wish I could have gotten a picture or recorded it but this is her trying it again...not as perfectly. But man the first time she did it perfectly, my dad and I were shocked.  

what a cutie! 

We told him to smile and I think he saw his parents leaning in so he leaned. 
I thought it was so funny! He is sooo adorable! 

ohh cameron. being...well a teenage boy 

We like to take pictures while we are at dinner. 

Do not fear these are not all the pictures I have. This is just the beginning! of many. 
I had to break the posts up into categories so this is the...rando one. Not christmas or swimming but everything in between. like food :) 
We like to eat especially when we live in Rexburg Idaho and you are missing out on all of these lovely places to get fat :) so fatter we got! 
Those two weeks were loud. very loud. but ohhh so FUN. 
We got Sheridan's like every other day because it is the greatest thing ever. 
We also tried to go to a KU game but it was sold out. grrrrr
Next time we will plan in advance! 
We had a great great time. Family is wonderful and I do not know what I would do without them. It is hard having them so far away. But that is why we have wonderful technology. to communicate. all of the time. AWESOME. 
Now stay tuned for a few more posts of the wonderful times in Kansas. 
Hope everyone is staying warm and toasty in this cold weather. 

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