Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas in the Land of Oz

Christmas. oh what a wonderful day. 
I think i like the holiday season more than the actual day.. although this year it felt different. 
The whole day was simply wonderful. I actually really like Christmas on Sundays cause then I feel like I really spent the day thinking about what it is really about and not just the gifts. 
We like to wake up early in my house. This year I was so surprised to find that the little children let us sleep in until 9! WOAH. what a deal. and I think that is just because we didn't want to wake up until Taeden did. perfection. Now here is the annual sitting on the stairs waiting to go down picture.
Thats right we don't get to go down the stairs until everyone is up including the parents so they can get this lovely photo every year. and then we run.. yes literally run. to the living room. 
(this year it might have been a nice walk for the oldies.)  

we look great in the morning don't you think? 

i love these photos of the kids holding up their pj's. so adorable. 

the after church photo! 

What a great day. It was so nice to be surrounded by family and to see how exciting it was for the little kids. the older you get I think it looses its excitement but with little kids around it brings it all back. I can't wait to have our own little ones waiting for santa to come. We were spoiled this year. I think i may have to show you one of my goodies later on..once I get it back. so stay tuned for that. I also got this beautiful point and shoot camera. What a beauty it is. So much nicer than my old one. I was thrilled. I have taken a few pictures and lots of videos with it. Andrew was happy to get these awesome head phones and a shaver. welcome to adulthood.

How was your christmas? it is hard to go back to reality after a break like that.


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