Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Friday Night

and we are at home. but it's good cause I like relaxing with my mister. and after this week I need it. Mister is watching the Clipper game. its the play offs if you didn't know. so I am sitting next to him pinning my little heart out. it is really getting the creative juices flowing. I think tomorrow after work of course and after planning my lesson of course, I will make some things. Like a maxi skirt..if i have the fabric that is. or maybe a baby elephant cause I really want to try. I have decided that I better start now in making things for future children because with the list of things I want to make.. well lets just say i could probably sew for the rest of my life. which is totally fine by me. tonight i have been looking at beautiful photos of beautiful people and things. So I thought it would be good to share. and actually blog again. can you tell school has started? ha yea. so is it july yet? it is probably really sad that I know this but did you know that there are only 70 days left until the end of this semester? yea i am that excited.
enjoy my pictures of inspiration.
I want both of these. to ride around town

simple yet perfect

Seriously?? This will be my child. no worries. 

don't mind if i do.

hope you all have a great weekend. we will be working and relaxing a lot. 
Remember those ladies around you who taught you everything you know. 
Happy Mothers Day on Sunday :)

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  1. Great pix them myself......enjoy your weekend !!!! I love your blog, so fun to read.