Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy October 3rd!

1 year and 1 month ago today.

I married my best friend in the beautiful Los Angeles Temple.

It was the best life decision I have ever made and the start of something I could have never imagined.
At first I was a little weirded out at the thought of being married at 19 years old but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I never really saw myself as a 19 year old anyway.  I wasn't much of a dater through out the years. When I met a guy and hung out with him by the first night I would usually know if I wanted to pursue it or if the guy would just drive me crazy. and most of them did. or it was just better off as a friendship.
However when I met Andrew something lit up inside of me. I got butterflies every time I saw him. I knew that I didn't just want to be friends with him and I didn't want him to leave my life either.
Little did I know that he would never leave my life. I got him for forever.

This past year as been full of life adjustments, changes, and amazing adventures with my best friend.
I love you Andrew English Sorensen. You are my everything and more. thank you for being my husband. you give the best hugs a girl could ever ask for. I love knowing that I get to grow old with you.

I am so in love :)

Just a little recap of the first year..

  • Cruise to Mexico for our Honeymoon
  • Alex got her gallbladder our just 3 weeks after the wedding
  • We lived in California until December 
  • Alex worked at her Father-in-laws office for three months
  • Went to the ammmmazing Michael Buble concert. 
  • Rented our first apartment together 
  • Celebrated Andrew's 21st Birthday 
  • Celebrated Alex's 20th Birthday
  • Got a new puppy Oakley. Who unfortunately died but will always be loved and remembered. 
  • Had the fire department show up at our house. 
  • Watched Andrew play a lot of sports. 
  • Had our first Christmas together 
  • Celebrated our second Valentines Day together. First as a married couple.
  • Participating and watching the Worlds Largest Dodgeball tournament..well we tried at least. 
  • lots and lots and lots of homework..
  • Going to Alex's first Dodger game
  • Andrew got to see his best friend Logan for the first time in two years and I finally got to meet him! 
  • We went camping 
  • and finishing 
  • spent another week apart which I highly suggest we never do again. I hate those kind of weeks
  • We spent another lovely week at Lake Powell. play play playyyying 
  • We have spent a lot of time hanging out with Justina & Curtis looots. 
  • watching sports
  • watching reality shows. including anything Kardashian & Project Runway. 
  • We got a fish named Elias. 
  • playing all the time. we are really good at finding random this to do
  • he makes her laugh all the time.
  • he laughs at her all the time. ha 
  • he also scares her all the time 

What is going to come in this second year of marriage?
we have no idea. but we know it will be amazing by each others sides. 
Now for our 1 year celebration we went to an amazing restaurant in California which was right on the beach. yay. 
I absolutely love this restaurant and they have the most amazing Clam Chowder. I loove it. 
So we went there and then went to my all time favorite frozen yogurt place.. Pinkberry. yum yum yum
It was a wonderful night. I loved just being alone together with no stress or worry. just us having an amazing time celebrating our one year of forever. 

Andrew got me this amazing pearl ring that I have been wanting and a necklace that is just perfect. It has a pearl on it, then a stamped piece of metal with two birds on it, then another small stamped heart with a+a on it. MAN this boy did gooooooood. 
I got him this awesome BYU football book that he has been wanting for..well ever since he first laid eyes on it. And I also got him a pair of shoes but they are taking for-e-v-e-r to get in. 
but he is supper excited about them. 
overall what a successful first year of marriage. I think we are qualified to start year #2  
wish us luck cause here we gooooooooooooo
love, alex&andrew 

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