Wednesday, October 3, 2012


2 years and 1 month ago today.
I married my best friend in the Los Angeles Temple. 
and it has only gotten better and better since. 
Day One
Happppy 2 years and one month Anniversary to US!
Last year I didn't write about our anniversary until October 3rd so I decided I should do the same this year. What a great tradition. and What a year we have had!! I can't believe we have been married for two years. One of the first things Andrew said about our two years was that that is what a mission feels like. and it made me think of all those people who left for their missions when we got married... they are all COMING HOME! my gosh I have been married for as long as a mission is. and really that doesn't seem very long but for me it is. and for all those missionaries, it is a long time. SO way to go missionaries and way to go us!!
One year 

It has been one heck of an amazing year. What can I say.. things just keep getting better and better with this guy. I just keep falling more and more in love with him. I really never knew what people meant when they said that their love is stronger than the day they married. The day I married Andrew I thought I loved him to the extreme but today I can honestly say I love him more than the day I married him.  Just think of the song by Brad Paisley, And I thought I loved you then. Yup thats how I feel. and really those words are exactly how it happened for us. I seriously could not stop looking at Andrew that Sunday at church when I met him. and now he is my whole life.
WOW crazy how things like this happen.

A little look back on the past year...

  • Semester Fall 2011 at BYU-Idaho 
  • Picked Apples at the Orchard 
  • We went to our friend Clayton's Mission Call opening -- He is in New Zealand 
  • Then went to Clayton's Farewell. 
  • Andrew worked as a Scarer in the Straw Maze in Rexburg
  • Went to St. George for Time out For Women with Andrews Family 
  • Went back to St. George for Thanksgiving/ Christmas with the Sorensen's 
  • We went to Zion and to the old Sorensen home. 
  • Andrew turned 22 
  • Alex got her Associates Degree in General Studies 
  • Celebrated Sydney Turnbull going to Ukraine at her Farewell
  • We went to Kansas for Christmas with the Browns 
  • Went to the Great Wolf Lodge with the Browns 
  • Alex worked on her youtube channel while Andrew went to school in the Winter
  • Alex got into BYU for Fall 2012 
  • We went to a BYU Basketball Game
  • Went to a BYU Volleyball Game
  • We watched a lot of TV shows ;) 
  • We tried to start being more healthy :) 
  • Alex went to Time out For Women in Idaho Falls 
  • Celebrated Taeden's 2 year Birthday
  • Spent Spring Break in St. George & California
  • Explored the Los Angeles Zoo for the day
  • Watched a lot of sports. Especially Basketball 
  • Semester Summer 2012 for both Andrew and Alex 
  • Went shooting with Anna & Jordan and Lindsey & Dave
  • Grandpa Brown Passed away 
  • Cameron Went into the MTC
  • Alex turned 21 
  • Justina & Curtis have baby boy #2  Caleb Steven Checketts. 
  • Andrew got his Associates Degree in General Studies 
  • Moved to Provo, Utah. 
  • Went to Lake Powell with the Sorensen's, Turnbulls, Rahns, Julie & Val. 
  • Alex started school at BYU
  • Andrew started working for a Lawn Maintenance Company. 
  • Hiked Y Mountain on September 2nd at 11pm for our Anniversary :) 

wow. amazing what a year can do. I love looking back at all the things we have done and remembering all of the wonderful experiences we have had. Makes me look forward to all the years to come. I can't wait to see what happens in the coming year!

For this years present giving Andrew got these legit moccasin slippers he has always wanted and I got a pair of pretty pink vans. I think we are officially the shoe loving couple, and if you don't believe me come take a look at our closet.
Two years 
Well we are happy. Life is oh so good. and I still get butterflies every time he walks through the door and smilies those beautiful pearly whites at me.
I find myself cherishing these days more and more. and taking in every single moment we have together because I know days like this won't last forever. and who knows when we will have time like this again. I am soaking it all in and enjoying every moment. these are the best days of our life.

Hope you guys are having a great week.

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