Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Misters Birthday

yo. yo. yo. Christmas is in a day and like 3 hours.

uhm I don't know where that came from. it just poped out.

GUYS CHRISTMAS IS HERE! and it kinda makes me sad because then all the treats, and cheesy movies, and beautiful songs, and shopping is over. yup it gets depressing after Christmas. But these next 24 hours I plan on living it up some how..

I finally finished Christmas shopping on Friday. Before Friday I had NOTHING for Andrew..ha oh man. But I was so focused on his birthday and then I had no idea what to get him for Christmas sooooo I just kept waiting and waiting and waiting and then I was like welp I will just buy him some stuff and hope he likes it. So I am crossing my fingers. but I must say I think I got some good stuff. Although when I say that it usually means he doesn't like any of it.. ha ohh we will see.

Speaking of Andrew's birthday, I completely failed at taking pictures. although he hates having his photo taken so how about we just say that he wouldn't let me take his picture ;)
Ironically his birthday was my last day of classes for the whole semester so skipping in my mind wasn't an option. BUT I still tried to make it one spectacular day.

I didn't have class until 12 so I got up early and decorated the apartment. Just the way my mom would when we were kids. She made sure there were signs all over the house saying things like happy birthday, or your age, or happy happy happy birthday. So I made sure Andrew had some signs of his own. and I decorated our ginourmous white board. It pretty much looked like arts and crafts time in elementary school.

so thennnn I made some yummy crepes, aka swedish pancakes or whatever everyone else calls them.
they are delish and we love them. Andrew was then nice enough to rush me off to class. but after words it was time to play. we got a cake from cold stone which honestly I was disappointed in. next time I will be sticking with Dairy Queen - which is the bomb digity :)

that night we splurged a little and went to Benihanas which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. yum yum yum in my tum.

and ya know it was a good night. yummy food. good company. and we officially have an old man in the house. he is 23 ya know??! I know, so old ;)

Well I love this old man. and I am so happy I have gotten to spend the past 3 years together celebrating his birthday and I can't wait to spend a bunch more together. 
I hope your day was wonderful and you enjoyed every moment of that day devoted to you! 

Stay tuned for Christmas break updates :) 

 p.s- hope you enjoyed my random photos of andrew from the past few months

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