Friday, January 4, 2013

Wrapping up 2012

Guys I have a lot to talk about and I really just need to get it out of my brain and into this wonderful blog so I can share all the amazing things we have been up to.

How I felt after finals 
Uhm so its 2013?? uh yea I would have never known with all of those Facebook posts ;)
But really when did this happen and when did January just show up and kill off December. I am really not okay with this. But like any new beginning and change I am excited to start this semester and see where is takes me. I learned so much last semester I am excited to dive back in and fill my little noggin with knowledge. And I know Andrew is really excited to find a new job and start working again. (If you have any good leads for us please contact us asap)
We made lots of treats 

Well like most of my posts lets go back a little bit. HA
If you didn't know Dec 10-14 is finals week for BYU. Most classes you can take the final whenever you want. Thats how it was for all of my classes but one and that was just on Monday so it was pretty legit. As for the other 3 I took another one on Monday and two on Tuesday. Did I drive myself crazy...yea I really surly did. It was a stressful, exhausting, not caring, but really caring couple of days. I must say though that I was SO happy to get them over with than to sit around and study my booty off and get the same grades. Overall finals went very well and I am pleased and happy to say that one more semester is behind me.
We left for California on Thursday the 13th so that we could work and earn a little money while we were on break. And can I say that I am really glad we did because first of all we missed the after finals rush and we missed the sky dumping snow all over the place.
Went to a Clipper game while in Cali 

That whole next week we worked our little booties off but not forgetting to relax and enjoy this break time.

Jake looks creepy but it was so cute they were all cuddling! 
I made some jewelry for Christmas presents, and honestly I thought about keeping if for myself ;) 
So you should probably stay tuned for my bunches and bunches of posts about CHRISTMAS! yea you know that awesome Holiday time :)

love, alex&andrew

P.S- Here are some more awesome photos from the Clipper game. We went to The Pantry before the game. It has some a-m-a-z-i-n-g home cooking. We were verrrry satisfied.

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