Thursday, February 14, 2013


So if you didn't know, I kinda love the color yellow. Like if something has yellow in it.. it makes it ten times better. Our wedding colors had yellow in it. yea I just love it a lot. and I was just thinking why do I love it so much. I pin a TON of yellow(were talking pinterest here). It just makes me so happy. I love bright colors and I feel this is one of the best and brightest.

I actually know exactly when it was that I started loving yellow. 
I was in 9th grade and on the Drill Team/ Dance team, whatevvve ya wanna call it. 
All the 9th grade girls were to do a dance with their dads for the spring show and for the "costume" our dads and I were supposed to wear a t-shirt that was the same color. SO presh I know. 
 I was one of the last people to pick a color.. actually I don't even think I was there that day so when I had to figure out a color the last one I could think of that was avaliable and not horrible was yellow. 
The more I thought about wearing yellow the more I loved. Then we got the shirts and it was so bright and cheery and awesome I was really glad I ended up with that color. 

The day of the performance my dad (or was it you mom?...ha) sent me yellow roses. 
the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. 
and of course I was in 9th grade and getting something sent to you while you were in school was pretty LEGIT. or at least it was in my book. 
In the card he said "Yellow is our color" and ever since then yellow has definitely stayed my color..maybe not so much my dads but yea know.. men :) 

But honestly it was awesome and I have loved/been obsessed with the color yellow ever since. So thanks dad for making our color yellow.

SOOO now you know why I am so in love with all things yellow. 
Hope you had a great day of love. I know it was a spectacular day over here.
p.s - I just tried to find a picture of us all cute like and failed. I will have to talk to the mama and have her email it to me :) 

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