Sunday, March 3, 2013

World Moguls Championship

About a month ago.. or more... well lets just say in January. I think... Okay one evening we went to Park City area and saw the World Moguls Championship with our friends Alex and Logan and her family. It was insane. if you don't know what I am talking about or anything go look it up on youtube. It is like flying down a mountain with a lot of bumps on skis and then doing a trick at the end and hoping not to fall. It was so cool to watch!! They were all so fast and did it so smoothly and made it look so easy, even though I know it is not! And then their tricks were cccrazy cool. flipping and twisting and turning and such. 

This is the course they come down on. 

Watching the crazies 
There were over 50,000 people there watching! Can you blame them? it was a great show. And then afterwords there were fireworks! Ah I love fireworks. so pretty and fun and such.

THEN as the 50,000 people were leaving we decided it would be best to stay and sled down the hill a few times. That was probably my favorite part. We were flying down the hill and then trying to climb back up it a bunch of times. You would go really far and fast too. How wonderful. 
If you can see it, we saw this helicopter take off from like 100 feet away. how cooool. 
This is what we were sledding down. And those lights are all of the traffic we were waiting for to leave. 

It was a great show to watch and so much fun afterwords too. Then we ended up going to Betos, aka the best mexican food ever. Honestly, it was cold but we were having so much fun I didn't even notice it after a while. Although we all got lots of snow either down the pants or in the face or somewhere where it does not belong! ha this is the part of winter that I enjoy. the fun things that you can do or that occur outside with the snow. now just walking class to class and freezing. 
What fun things have you found to do this winter??? 
Have a great week! 

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