Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beach Cruising

On March 7th we headed to California. It was a glorious trip. I am in love with California. It is gorgeous and don't even get me started on the weather, let's just say I think it's not too shabby. Anna, Jordan, Ryder, and Aaron also traveled with us. It was the perfect break from colder weather, even though I can't complain much about our weather because it has been pretty great considering the fact that it is winter.

When we got there we headed straight to the beach were we road bikes along the shore... OH MY GOSH, it is my new favorite thing. ever. I love the beach. and I love bikes. put them together and you get one amazing calming, soothing, tranquil, enjoyable afternoon. I decided Andrew and I need to move to Santa Monica (ha.ha.) so I can ride this trail everyday. It's just magical.
Okay am I talking it up too much? But really.... it's the best.

After riding we headed to a fabric store that I could have spent hours rummaging through and spending a TON of money. I love fabric. have I mentioned that before?? By the time we were done there it was time for a relaxing dinner at our favorite spot, Gladstone's.

Every time we travel to California we have to stop here. It is right on the beach so you watch the sunset as you eat and they have the BEST clam chowder ever. and I am obssesed with clam chowder. Our left overs then got wrapped into a swan and a ninja penguin.

On Saturday Lisa threw a baby shower for Anna and Ryder! It was fun to see all of the cute stuff she got for the little guy, eat some really yummy food, and catch up with everyone in Cali!
That afternoon family came over to hang out and eat more yummy food. It was so much fun to catch up and just chat. We hadn't seen Nicole and Dave for a long time and we hadn't even met baby Zen. I loved meeting her! She is just the cutest! And lucky for us Lynette was visiting them so we got to catch up with her as well. I love family time.

Sunday we had Church and then just hung out at home. I got lots of snuggles from baby Ryder and enjoyed just relaxing, talking, and watching funny clips on YouTube. We also saw Frozen for the second time. It's adorable, if you didn't already know.

Unfortunately, on Monday we had to go home. After staying up late it was difficult to get up and get ready to go but luckily our flight was delayed a few hours so we didn't have to wake too soon and we got to relax a little longer.

It was a wonderful weekend and we are already trying to find a time that we can go back. I think we are both dreaming of a day when we could potentially live there.

Until next time California.
love, alex&andrew

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