Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation from BYU!

How are you?
I'm pretty great myself. It has been a crazy two months. Like life changing, goal reaching crazzzzzy.
GUYS. I graduated. Like one of the two MAJOR goals in my life has been accomplished. the second one is to be a mommy. BUT the first one has gotten a big fat check next to it.
It actually feels pretty surreal. I'm not sure how to feel about it. Technically I was done in December but I took one more class that actually didn't affect me graduating at all but actually walking at graduation and going through the motions and not having any class at all really has made me realize that I AM DONE! obviously I am not done done. My education will continue for the rest of my life but that good old bachelors of mine is DONE! hallllllleeeeelujjjjjah. It feels great. But now what do I do???
I feel like I should be getting a big girl job and know everything I need to know. But I am not really planning on that right now, unless I find one in Rexburg, and I definitely don't know everything. I actually feel like I don't know enough to graduated. When everyone started graduating I saw this picture floating around.
I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels this way!
Graduation was wonderful though. The weekend before graduation Andrew and I's friend, Sydnee got married to Parker. We had been hanging out with them for the past few months and the weeks leading up to their wedding we were always over at the Turnbull's house helping with wedding stuff. I had SO MUCH FUN helping! It was a blast getting crafty and really seeing all of Sydnee's amazing ideas come together. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was perfection! We are so happy for them and could not be more excited that Sydnee found such an amazing guy. Parker is the sweetest guy and a lot of fun to hang out with. We just couldn't be more excited for them.
The Sorensen's were in town for the wedding so the morning after the reception we loaded up the moving van (we were already exhausted from the reception but we pulled through) and headed to Rexburg. That night we also unloaded! It was an exhausting weekend to say the least but I am glad we got it done so quickly and efficiently!

Andrew started school that Monday so we stayed until Thursday morning and then headed back down to Provo for graduation! My mom was in Rexburg to drop Emily off at BYU-I so we just drove down with her, Lisa and Aaron and then our dads flew in and met us at the Turnbulls.

Thursday was just Commencement and Friday was the Convocation.  On Thursday everyone that was graduating just walked into the Marriott Center and we listened to the speaker. I loved when they had everyone stand up and then they said Congratulations you have all graduated. and they pretty much conferred us as graduates. It was the moment of AH I did it! this is SO cool! Afterwords we went to Jdawgs because I needed food asap and who doesn't like a good hot dog slathered in special sauce! Then we went to the BYU volleyball game!

On Friday the ladies woke up and went to this awesome fabric store and scored some sweet stuff and then I had to RUN to graduation. haha I was about 25 minutes late. Luckily I had to be there an hour earlier so me being late wasn't that big of a deal, I just didn't have to wait around as long as everyone else did. But I sure was nervous.

All 2014 Graduates, Friends and Family. Crazy! 
When we all walked into the Marriott Center it was so cool to see all of the graduates friends and family standing and cheering us on. They had helped us come so far. On both days I had my phone with me and was texting Andrew about where they were so I was able to find them pretty quickly.

Right before walking into the Marriott Center, Selfie.

I was nervous but also really excited to walk across the stage! When they called my name I just felt all giddy and excited that it was actually happening. I went and shook the hand of two guys I didn't know and was handed the envelope my degree would go in. I HAD DONE IT! I did do it! It was amazing. I heard my family screaming for me. Andrew especially. Then as I walked off the stage I found my mom amongst the people on the side lines taking a picture of their graduate as they walk off the stage. I loved seeing her. She was such a big help in me achieving this goal. Both my parents were.
Right after I walked off the stage!
After I got my degree this is where I sat and listened 
Right after I sat down from walking across the stage, selfie
Waiting on the other graduates to get their degree was pretty boring. I was ready to go see my family. When we walked out to leave I just cut over to my family and stayed with them. Andrew got me a BYU sock monkey!! Ever since I worked at the bookstore I told him I wanted a sock monkey for our future monkey. Then when I was graduating I jokingly told him I wanted it for graduation. So when I walked up to him he gave it to me! I thought it was so funny he remembered but so sweet. And he got me a lei. what a sweetie.

I kinda love this picture. haha he was putting the lei on me. 
My BYU Monkey! 
I love this cutie! 

After taking pictures and maneuvering the crowd we headed to our favorite little run down Mexican place, Beto's. YUMMMMY. This is one of those places we are really going to miss not having. So good. and so cheap. and there was no crowd or wait. Which was really good cause I was starving again after eating only a few cheerios that morning. What was I thinking?! Then we headed to the bookstore for some shopping and then on to more food at Waffle Love. OH SO GOOD. seriously. If I wasn't so full I would have stuffed my face. They have the greatest dessert waffles around.
Selfies on the way to the car! 
It was a marvelous weekend. I loved having my parents in town and Andrew's parents. I felt so much love and support. It was hard to say goodbye and see everyone leave and then head back to Idaho.

He is so good looking. 
The best parents ever! 
My biggest supporters. 
Now that we are here we are getting into the swing of things again. I have been organizing, making swimming suits, relaxing, and looking for a job. Andrew has been going to school and working hard. I actually just got a part time job at the Down East in Idaho Falls. I am really excited because I have always wanted to work there. It is not as many hours as I want but there is potential for more and I can still try and find a second job. So if you know of any send them my way, please and thank you!

And that is us. Exciting things happening. It is slowing down now. Just starting the job for me, school for Andrew, and trying to get over a dang cold that has me wanting to sleep all the time.

Hope you all have a great week.
love, alex&andrew

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