Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello Baby: Week 35

How far along: 35 weeks! AH only 5 more to go! 
Gender: BOY!!
Weight gain: I think I am around 18ish.
Maternity clothes: Yes and no. Same old bigger clothes, stretchy pants, and t-shirts. 
Stretch marks: Yea, I'm just not gonna think about it. ha
Belly button in or out: Innie. I think it's going to stay that way, but we will see.   
Sleep: Restless legs, waking up sweaty, feeling lots of anxiety while trying to fall asleep, who knew that sleeping while pregnant was so difficult? I didn't see that one coming. Although I am still getting lots of sleep, it is rough. I have really enjoyed taking naps in the middle of the day.  
Best moment this week: It was a really chill week. Nothing much happened around here. I have just been trying to get over my cold. It seems to want to stick around for longer than necessary. It has been nice just relaxing and hanging out with Andrew. I feel lazy a lot of the time but I know that in one month I will want this time back so I need to enjoy it while it lasts. Saturday we went and registered at Target. It was fun and overwhelming. I have been looking at lists and researching what we need so I had an idea but then actually going and registering seemed to really click how much a baby really needs and costs. AH, let's try not to think about the expenses. It was really fun picking things out with Andrew though. I love seeing what he likes and getting his perspective on things. We like the same stuff most of the time and then there is the rare time we don't and it's whoever really cares more, which we take turns doing. haha. Registering also got me excited to just have baby here and needing to use all of that stuff. It started feeling more real, like we actually NEED some of this stuff in the coming month. Up until now we haven't needed any of it so it didn't feel real. Well now its starting to hit me.  
Miss anything: Not being so hot! It has been nice since it is winter but it is rough sometimes. Especially at night. I can't imagine being pregnant in the summer! I feel that I would explode. 
Movement: He is officially in my ribs. kicking and punching all the time. Sometimes I have to get up and move around because it just starts hurting so much. He is also putting a lot of pressure on my lungs which makes it really hard to breath. I am constantly feeling out of breath. Walking around and stretching out helps with that too. When I am sitting it is really prominent how much he is in my ribs and how little space my lungs have to expand. 
Cravings: This week I have definitely been craving chocolate and salad/veggies. What a funny combo! I also really wanted salsa the other night! we got some and it has been very satisfying. Since I have been craving salad a sweet pork salad from costa vida or cafe rio has sounded amazing. I decided I just need to buy the meat so I can make it and have left overs! I just love that stuff SO MUCH! and water. I crave/need water, 24/7. I always have a water bottle with me and drink a ton! I hate how often I have to go fill it up and then have to pee. But I can't get enough water. I'm going to say thats a good thing though! 
Queasy or sick: Acid reflux, headaches, achy, pelvic pressure, most of the normal stuff. Nothing too horrible. I am so grateful for that. I have been getting really strong back pains every once in a while. I'm not sure if it's baby pressing on something thats then hitting a nerve or what. Usually if I go pee it will go away shortly after, so I am assuming that space is running out and he pushes on something to make me feel that way. I have been having basic back pain in general so it's not too crazy. I have wondered if I have felt Braxton Hicks contractions. I feel like I would really know if they were or not but I'm new to this so who knows. I just feel tightening in the belly. It's uncomfortable but not painful so I thought just maybe it could be. 
Looking forward to: No more cold.. still. We have our 36 week appointment this week. I think we are doing a stress test to see how the baby is doing. I'm excited for that. It is nice to get the reassurance that he is doing well. I'm also excited to start getting all of his things ready. We just have boxes and bags of stuff we had and have been given for him so I am excited to start organizing it and getting his room ready for him. 

34 Week bump!
I obviously did not do too good on taking pictures this week. Here is to the next week and hopefully I will do better. I'm also working on baby's quilt. Hopefully I will get some good progress done on it this week. Keep growing strong and healthy little guy. We will see you soon! eeek
love, alex 

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