Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hello Baby: Week 36

How far along: 36 weeks! 
Gender: BOY!!
Weight gain: 20ish.
Maternity clothes: Yes and no. Same old bigger clothes, stretchy pants, and t-shirts.. my t-shirts are getting too short though! and my pants are getting a little annoying but it is in the calves and ankle area not the waist like you would think. I've swelled up a little and its just enough for me to notice when I wear skinny jeans. 
Stretch marks: Yup!
Belly button in or out: Innie. I think it's going to stay that way, but we will see.   
Sleep: Mainly just restless legs this week and WEIRD dreams. most of them I don't remember details by the time I wake up but they leave me feeling weird. One night I had all these dreams and in every single one of them I remember feeling anxious and ready for labor to start. I kept thinking it was going to start. It was really weird. I guess I need to stop reading about labor and delivery. Knowing that I am almost full term has me on edge because I really could go into labor at any minute. I probably won't but you never know with these things!
Best moment this week: It was a very relaxed week. We had our 36 week appointment on Wednesday and did the non-stress test. It was really cool to be hooked up and hear the baby's heartbeat for 20 minutes and to see what his heart rate was. It is amazing to just hear this little guys heartbeat and feel him moving inside of me. Now the negative to this appointment was that while sitting there (They had me sitting with my legs up and I felt like my back was at a weird angle) my heart rate was getting high. I started feeling really hot and light headed. Now if I am being honest I feel hot most of the time these days.. especially at the doctors office and at church. I feel that they keep those places really warm. When the nurse came to check on me I told her how I was feeling so they started checking me out seeing how my oxygen levels were and my heart rate. It was at 140 just sitting there so she told the doctor that he might want to check that out. About 15 minutes later after doing all the normal check up stuff for my appointment and talking to the doctor about baby and delivery he checked my heart rate again. It was still high at about 140 so he had the nurse do an EKG. While that was happening my heart rate jumped from 140 to 170 (which that is not normal. Usually you are at 140 when working out moderately and then 170 would be working out doing something really intense) So he decided it would be best if I go to a specialist to get it checked out since labor is a strenuous activity. I actually know that I have a pretty high heart rate. When I would work out, before being pregnant, it would spike just walking. So I figured it would be good to figure out if there is anything really going on or if I just have a high heart rate. After going to the specialist she said it looks okay, just have a high heart rate, and that pregnancy is probably just affecting it. She isn't too worried about it for delivery, which is really nice to hear. I am going to go back in three months to just check it out again, once my hormones are back to normal.  That definitely made this week a little more interesting! But all is good so we aren't too worried. We are now going to Dr's appointments once a week so they can keep track of me and baby. 
Miss anything: This week it is probably having my clothes fit normally. I am starting to have a lot harder time getting dressed and being comfy in my clothes. But I only have 4 weeks left so I really feel like buying more clothes that are specific for maternity just wouldn't be worth it. 
Movement: Lots and lots of movement. During the non-stress test I kept track of how often I felt him move and the doctor said he is a very active baby, and he really was at that time. He really does move a lot. I felt him get the hiccups this week. I had never felt him have them before but I was so sure of it this week. It was really rhythmic and close together. It was weird how low it was because I usually am feeling him up in my ribs and his head is low and in my pelvic bone so the hiccups were low too. It was a really cool feeling knowing he was getting hiccups. 
Cravings: I feel like I have been wanting a lot of sweets this week. I always want dessert of some sort. I was also craving pizza again which surprises me. Sometimes it sounds really good and other times it sounds horrible. I also woke up in the middle of the night really wanting twizzlers or red vines! Haha
Queasy or sick: Same stuff as last week. I feel that my acid reflux is getting worse. Not only have I been taking a pill twice a day but tums are starting to be needed often. 
Looking forward to: Finishing his quilt and working on other projects. I am ready to just start conquering the to do list and getting everything done! Now that I am not sick I feel much more ready and able to get things done! I really hope this week I can finish his quilt, and I hope that it turns out good. It's the first quilt like this that I have done so I'm crossing my fingers it turns out alright. 
36 Weeks! 

Let the count down begin! Can't wait to officially meet you and see your cute face, little guy!! 

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