Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hello Crew: Three Months

I am a little (okay, really a lot) late in writing this but I thought I should still do it to keep track of the progress our little man is making. So all the information and pictures are from month 2 - month 3. 

Three months! 
 Based off home calculations, he was..
12 lbs 8 ounces
24 inches long 
  • He loves his toy Zebra. If he is crying in the car we just give that to him or shake it in front of his face and he is mesmerized and stops crying. 
  • He loves to lay on his play mat and look at all of his toys. 
  • He is constantly eating his hands or trying to put things in his mouth. This has led to lots and lots of drooling. 
  • Loves loves loves to be outside. and new places. He likes to just look around and check everything out. 
  • Such a smiley and happy boy! He is a great baby probably 90% of the time. The other 10% he is either really frustrated because he is hungry or tired and we waited a little too long or he has a little gas that we need to work out. 
  • He loves looking at Andrew. We always catching him staring at him and then he will randomly smile at him too. It is the CUTEST!!
  • He likes to listen to me read him books and he looks at the pages a little.  

Least Favorites:
  • Does NOT like a bottle... I pump and then try to feed it to him in a bottle or have Andrew feed it to him and Crew is just not having it. 

It changes OFTEN! One night he sleeps great and the next he is up every two hours. A usual night is that he wakes up to eat every 3-4 hours. He typically will go to sleep around 9 and wake up around 9. 
Still loves to breastfeed. It is going well except for the random times it hurts like crazy and I don't know why. But Crew does so good. Like I said before he does not like a bottle which makes it difficult to leave him for any longer than 1 1/2 to 2 hours, so I haven't other than one time to go to the movies after he went to bed. 
Like I said before he loves his play mat and all of his hanging toys that make noises. He is starting to grab at them and pull them towards him. He is a little wiggle worm. Always moving and kicking his legs. Will roll onto his side but not all the way onto his belly just yet. 

I got my one wisdom tooth out at the end of April. Andrew was great at taking care of Crew so I could rest a little after the procedure. 
Crew also got to meet Andrew's birth mom when she came to visit us at the beginning of May. Crew loved being held and bounced by her, he even fell asleep in her arms which takes a lot of work! 
It was my first official Mothers Day in May. I loved having my little boy to cuddle with. I am so grateful I get to be his momma. Kinda scary at times but also one of the greatest opportunities I have ever had. He has enriched my life more than I possibly could have imagined. GAH I just love this little boy and I LOVE watching him grow. He is changing every day and I love watching it happen but also just want it all to slow down. I honestly can't believe we are close to four months. Before I had Crew I told Andrew I knew that the first three months would probably be the hardest for me and to be honest they were really hard BUT they have also been amazing. I can be having a really hard day and Crew will give me the biggest smile when we make eye contact and it just makes my heart burst and makes that day 1000 times better. and if I'm being honest I think he is the cutest baby EVER! 
 I love you little man.

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