Monday, June 29, 2015

Hello Crew: Month Four

Four months! 

14 pounds 2 ounces
25.25 inches long
(although we think he might be a little longer because it seemed like the nurse didn't stretch his leg out the whole way.) 

  • Kicking, wiggling, smiling 
  •  Being around his cousins. I think he likes to hear all the noise and see them running around. He is always so curious of what is going on. and his cousins love him! It's adorable! 
  • Loves to Facetime with his Grandparents! Again he is always so curious of the noises and where it is coming from. 
  •  He likes to be (gently) tossed in the air or swung from side to side. 
  • Loves being outside! He is always so happy being outside. 
  •  Pulls everything to his mouth these days. Wants to eat whatever is near him 
  •  Staring at dad. We always catch him staring at Andrew. It is so cute! 

Least Favorites: 
  • He is starting to not like the car seat as much. Still does great if he is sleeping but gets  frustrated when he is awake and has to stay in there. I think part of the problem is that no one else is back there with him. We put a mirror up so we could see him and he could see us and I think he liked that a lot more. 
  • Loud Noises. I think they scare him
  • When his belly hurts/ he is gassy. But who can blame him, that is the worst. 

On a normal night he wakes up about 2 times. He naps about 2 times during the day. Once around 11 or 12 and usually sleep for about an hour and then again around 4 and lately he will sleep for 3 hours for this one. There have been a few times I felt like he was sleeping too long and wouldn't want to go to bed that night so I had to wake him up! On 6/22 he slept in his crib for the first time. At night he sleeps in the bassinet next to our bed so that I can just sit up and grab him when he needs to eat. But now that he is starting to roll and he is getting so long, we figured it might be time to start the transition from bassinet to crib. Nap time he has been sleeping in his swing so when he went to sleep in the crib today for nap time I was really happy with that! 

Still breastfeeding. For a couple days we tried to give him some rice cereal to see if that would help him sleep but he was just not having it. So we stopped and he has been better at sleeping so I'm not too worried.

He has really started to latch onto things when he grabs them. It seems more like he is doing it on purpose now instead of just on accident. He will grab onto some of his toys a lot better these days. 
He really enjoys sitting in his bumbo too. I will put him in there and he will just watch me make dinner or clean and he seems to really enjoy being able to sit up and really look around.  He rolled from his belly to his back and has rolled from his back to his belly. He actually will roll onto his belly and then not try to get back to his back but instead he will just cry because he gets frustrated. What a funny little boy! I will lay him down and he will pivot so that his head stays in one spot but his body will go all around. He will do a complete 360. It is crazy that he is already moving so much! He also really likes us to hold his hands and he will stand. His legs are so strong! 

We went on a lot of trips this past month. Crew went to Yellowstone for the first time. We went with my sister Justina and her family. It was a lot of fun to see the amazing things that Yellowstone has. Crew did great most of the trip. It was nice to get out a few times and walk around and then he would sleep when we drove for longer periods of time. We saw lots of hot spots and a lot of elk and buffalo. We even saw a mama bear and two cubs which were just the CUTEST! I loved seeing them. That was Crew's first time in Montana and Wyoming.

We also went to St. George for Crew's second time. It was memorial day weekend and we got some friends together, Andrews parents, Andrew's sister Anna and her family, and Andrew's Aunt Julie and her fiance Val and went and played for a few days. We played in the pool, some people hiked Angel's landing, ate a lot of food, and just enjoyed each others company. Crew was loving getting held so much, especially by grandpa. Richard would just carry him all over the place and Crew loved seeing all these new things and would even fall asleep a few times. 
Crew and Ryder had matching outfits! and it wasn't even on purpose. 

On the day Crew turned four months old we went to Yellowstone again to see the places we didn't go the last time. It was a shorter little family trip for us and was nice and relaxing. We saw some really big hot spots and some geysers like Old Faithful. Recently I have decided I want to make more family videos to remember these trips we go on and just to have fun family home videos so we made one of our Yellowstone trip. I hope to make a lot more and maybe even some of just everyday life stuff.  If you want to go watch the video click here.

 Our ward (church congregation) had a pine wood derby and chilly cook-off. It was a ton of fun watching all of the guys compete and eat good food. Andrew really wanted to do good but ran out of time to make an amazing car. But he didn't get last so thats impressive ;)

 Four month picture!

It has been a fun month and I am sure it is just going to keep getting better. I love watching this little guy grow. It is so fun watching him learn new things and experience the world.  Hopefully I will start blogging more about our adventures and not just these monthly updates that are super long but for now they work :) 
Until next time,
love, alex 

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