Tuesday, November 10, 2015

BYU Homecoming 2015

On October 9 & 10 we celebrated BYU Homecoming. I had really wanted to go to the BYU Spectacular, which is dancing and music, this year they had David Archuleta as special guest, but I was nervous about taking Crew because his bedtime is between 8-8:30. Andrew got him some headphones for the football games so I figured that if he wore those and if he got really fussy we could walk around with him. Two days before the event I got on and got tickets. They had a disclaimer saying these seats were to the side of the stage so it would be hard to see but you could still see the big screen. That was perfect to me because I really just wanted to hear David and Vocal point (BYU's acapella group) sing.

Well night of the event we are going to our seats and yes they are on the side but it is the second row from the stage on the side. We kept thinking well maybe we are in the wrong seats, but sure enough they were the right ones! It was awesome! Since it was the side of the stage they also had no one sitting next to us so Crew had a little more room to wiggle around and even got to sit in his own chair. Crew did great the first half of the show. He loved watching all the dancing and the lights change colors. Then he started to get a little fussy because he was sleepy so I just walked up the steps to the top and stood in the dark door way and rocked him. Because he had his head phones on and the lights were dimmed he fell right to sleep. I was then able to just take a seat and rock him while watching the rest of the show! It was perfect! Those headphones were amazing because Crew can't fall asleep with any noise. He is really picky like that. If he hears anything he wakes right up. But even when the crowd went crazy for David and for Vocal Point he slept through it.

It was an amazing performance. As we were leaving I told Andrew that I want to come to this every year. We can do this show and the football game! A perfect combination for us. I loved when David and Vocal Point sang "Nearer my God to Thee." (here is a version of Vocal Point and BYU men's choir singing it. It is a really good version too) It was absolutely STUNNING! Ever since having Crew I have been a tad more sensitive and it made me tear up. It brought such an amazing spirit into the Marriott Center. It warmed me with an overwhelming sense of peace. I just love Davids voice and whenever he sings gospel songs it really makes me feel closer to God. I love it. I'm already looking forward to next year.. as long as we are in this state at least.

The next day, on Saturday, we went to the football game. It was the first game that was early enough for Crew to be able to come and not mess with his bed time too much. It started at 5:30 so I dropped Andrew off a little early to get seats and then Crew and I came right at kick off. Again the headphones were amazing!! The first quarter the sun was right in our faces so I stood behind the stands in the shade, which I actually enjoyed more too, and we watched the big screen. Second quarter we were able to watch the game then during half time I tried to find somewhere to feed him that was a little more private. I was SHOCKED to find that one of the bathrooms actually had a place for moms to go. They had a couple changing tables and chairs to feed in. It was perfect. There were a lot of moms in there feeding, comforting, and changing babies. Thank you BYU for being so considerate!

Afterwards I was able to walk around with Crew in the carrier and with the head phones on and he fell asleep. FOR THE REST OF THE GAME! I'm telling you it was awesome and I'm a major believer in those head phones. I'm so glad it went well. It was a great game. BYU won so it was perfect!! Overall it was just an awesome weekend and I thought I would finally blog about a specific event! Love stuff like this. We are so happy to be here in Provo and be able to attend so many awesome events. I love showing Crew all the wonderful things in this world!

love, alex&andrew

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