Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hello Crew: 8 months old

Since we are 10 days away from celebrating Crew being 9 months old I decided I really needed to do a post on him being 8 months old. SO much is changing in the past few months. He is really growing up and it makes me so sad and so happy. This little boy is adorable, wonderful, and all sorts of fun. 

8 months old!! 
Since we haven't gone to the doctor I haven't been good at figuring out his stats... especially because one month I was off on his weight..Sooo I just figured it wasn't a big deal to know exacts. He is feeling heavier and looking longer. Hahaha so perfect!! 

  • Pulling up on anything and everything so that he can stand. He gets so excited once he is standing. It is adorable and scary all at the same time! He is very wobbly so we have to watch him like crazy. We have already had a few tumbles resulting in tears. It's so sad and I feel so bad for not catching him. 
  • On October 1st we felt his first tooth poking through on the bottom. Then a few days later we felt the second tooth, right next to the first. I put this under favorites because I feel like when the teeth finally break through the little guy gets a little relief. At least thats what I hope. He now has some sharp daggers that you do not want to get your finger too close to. 
  • Army crawling over to our pumpkins and chewing on the stems. haha he LOVES it. yes I have tried to stop him from fear that it will really hurt him but after a while I decided it wasn't hurting because he kept going back to it and wasn't crying. Pumpkin stems = awesome teething toys. 
  • Loves being able to go wherever he wants, which means EVERYWHERE. He army crawls most of the time and then crawls for three feet and then goes back to army crawling. At this time army crawling is faster so he prefers it.
  • Have I ever mentioned that he loves to shake his head back and forth? Like he is saying no. It is adorable and hilarious. He did it a lot when we was 4-5 months old and then didn't do it as much.. Well lately it has been coming back. It's hilarious when people ask him a question and he does that. It's like he really knows what they are saying and is responding. 
  • Loves being outside. 
  • Watching/looking/staring at people. He will stare you down and give you a very serious look the whole time. 
Least Favorites:
  • Well we did the sleep training thing and it helped. A LOT! and then he got sick, was teething, and such and it started going back to bad again. It is ALWAYS a work in progress. He is just not the greatest sleeper. He is a SUPER light sleeper. If I just open the door to his bedroom it wakes him up. If I'm laying next to him and try to sneak away it usually wakes him up, I do get lucky sometimes. Naps are also still difficult. He still sleeps in my arms. Part of me loves it because I just sit and read or catch up on social media. Other times I don't like it as much because I know I could be getting so much more done while he sleeps. I figured once we figured out nighttime we would work on daytime but then nighttime went back to bad....soooo work in progress. always. 
  • His carseat. He hates getting in. Gets so excited when we open the door to get him out. BUT he usually calms down once we get going and aren't messing with trying to get him in there. 
  • He is starting to show some separation anxiety signs. It makes sense since he is with me 24/7 pretty much. 
Read above. haha. 

Loves breastfeeding. I know it is so comforting to him when he is teething or isn't feeling well. I love that. I love that I am his comfort. He started not liking being fed real food as much so I have been trying to experiment with ways to feed him. He is still working on picking food up and successfully getting it in his mouth. He loves food but seems to hate it at times. Another work in progress I think. 

Always wanting to be on the go. Always going after Zoii's antlers (she chews on antlers instead of bones). He always tries to put them in his mouth and chew on them himself. EW. Always going after Zoii's water and food bowl. Always trying to pull himself up, on the coffee table, the TV stand, the couch, the chair, mom, dad, zoii, everything, then stand, and wack whatever is closest to him. He is so proud of himself when he does. SO ADORABLE!! 

   In month 8 Crew...
went to his first BYU football home game
Attended BYU Spectacular
picked pumpkins at the pumpkin patch
swung in a swing at the park for the first time

Every month just keeps getting better and better. Crew is the sweetest little boy and we just love spending time with him and watching him learn and grow. I love being his mom!

love, alex&andrew

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