Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hello Crew: 11 Months Old

11 months!
How the heck is he almost a year old! I didn't think this would be sad or hard for me but the more I think about it the more emotional I get. ahh I just can't believe he is getting so big and we have almost made it a year!

About 19.5 pounds. 

  • Observing EVERYTHING around him. He is always checking out what is around him. Trying to figure out where sounds are coming from. He stares people down if they try to interact with him. Then people always say he is very inquisitive, which he is, very much so. 
  • Starting to scream and use his voice a lot more. It is really fun to see his personality really start to come out. 

  • Climbing on anything he can. We had our Christmas tree box out for a few days and he was obssesed with climbing on top of it and then reaching to whatever he could, like a chair next to it, his jumping toy. I would be standing next to him making sure to catch him if he was to fall but he was being so brave. In his bedroom I have my sewing stuff and he climbed up on some boxes then pulled himself up to the table and was grabbing things off the table. He isn't even walking yet and he is making me really nervous. 

  • On January 8th he learned to clap. I was trying to teach him that morning and he wasn't really into it. After his morning nap we were laying in bed and I turned on Baby Einstein on my phone. He was watching it for a while and then all of a sudden he started clapping while the music was playing! We were shocked. It was adorable! Slowly over the next few days he would do it when we cheered for him or when he heard music. Lately he has been doing it more and more. A lot of times it is when something exciting is happening, like a football game on TV or loud music.
  • Loves getting into the cupboards. He figured out he can get into the pots and pans cupboard and loves to pull things out. He even climbs into the cupboard if he can get his footing right. He also gets into the dish towels and pot holders drawer. He LOVES when we open the refrigerator or when we open the dishwasher. He wants to climb into both of them. 
  • We have a Swifer like thing to pick up dirt and hair and every time I get it out Crew crawls straight to it. He loves trying to push it around. I'm teaching him to clean young. haha
  • When we open the car door to get him out of his carseat we are ALWAYS greeted with the biggest smile. It is one of my favorite things. I love how excited and happy he is to see us. 

Least Favorite:
  • He hates when we don't let him play with all the cords. He looooooves any kind of cord he can get his hands on. When I take them away from him he gets really mad at me so I try to distract him with something else.
no comment....haha (insert cringe emoji) 

Eating a lot lately. Loving whatever we give him. He is not a huge fan of weird textures like a piece of banana, although he likes the flavor of banana, and also eggs. But we have been giving him a lot more types of food and he seems to really enjoy most of them. Some days he will eat a lot and others only a little. I'm sure it has to do with how he feels or teething.

  • He loves to run away from us. He will start crawling away from me, usually towards something he isn't supposed to get, like Zoii's food or water, and I will say something like "Crew, what are you doing" and he will look at me, smile, get really excited and then start crawling really fast towards it. A lot of times I will start chasing him and he thinks it is hilarious. He is such a fun kid. 

Crew's first BYU Men's Volleyball Game
  • Recently he has started clicking his tongue. He has only done it a few times and it is really quick. We just randomly hear it and then try and get him to do it again but he never does. 
  • He has these moments where he gets really excited to see and grab Zoii. He grabs onto her and gets really happy and makes these cooing noises. Its adorable and hilarious. 

During Crew's 11th month...

  • This month we got to celebrate Crew's first Christmas! For the first time we got to play Santa and I am so excited about it! I am so excited that we now have a child to celebrate the holidays with. It really does make the holiday more fun and magical. I'm so excited to watch him experience the joy of the Christmas season and to start our own family traditions. On Christmas morning Crew woke up early so it was just me and him wondering the house for a little while and it was kinda nice to start the morning quite and really thinking about why this day is so special. Crew really had no idea what was going on but he loved his new toy to stand with and all of the boxes from everyones presents. There were so many fun things for him to play with, toys and not, he was busy all day long. 
  • After Christmas we traveled to Park City to spend the week with the Sorensen family. Crew loved having his cousin Ryder to play with. A lot of the time he would just follow him around and always wanted to do what he was doing. We took him out in the snow for about five minutes. It was so cold outside! But he did love getting pulled around on a little sled we got. We did it inside and outside and he thought it was a blast! We spent the days relaxing and/or skiing. It is beautiful up there. 

  • Crew has officially lived in two years and he isn't even one yet. ha yay. Crew enjoyed the new year by sleeping and then waking up an hour later to eat. We are excited for the New Year and excited to celebrate Crew's 1st birthday soon! 
Love you so much little baby boy who won't be a baby for much longer. ah.

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