Monday, October 4, 2010

It has been too long..

Well here are my random thoughts until I actually do my homework and then let myself post a sweet blog. I already have it thought out.

So here you go...

I really think peeing is just a way of ruining my concentration time. It always happens right when I am in the middle of my homework or in the middle of starting a blog ;) ha

I love weddings and fashion and I want to work at a magazine for one of those someday.

My mom's Banana Chocolate Chip muffins would be to die for right now... and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with that cream cheese frosting.

Unfortunately I can't have either of these for a while.. I am working up to gaining my fat intake back.

My husband is such a great handy man and I love him to death. :)

I wish I knew exactly what I want to do with my life and could plan the exact way to do it.. Now.

I am not very patient. I need to be organized with EVERYTHING and if I am not I feel lost. I think it drives Andrew crazy that I am so organized but I know it will be great and he will love it in the long run.

So about this homework thing. I spend all weekend getting it done turn it in and the Monday jumps up on me and what do I have? More to do. I am already for it to end and it is only October.

I was one of those kids that never really excelled in anything.. well unless you include singing.. but I always wanted to be amazing at some instrument or sport or anything athletics. Andrew was a good kid and got into volleyball to the like him! SO you kids out there who don't want to practice the piano or go to basketball practice, GO.  Listen to your moms and learn something while you are young, your parents are paying for it, and you DO have time. Oh and the athletics are nice cause you get to move and exercise while doing something you like. Find something you like and do it.

I want a hobby. Even though I probably don't have time to do it but I love sewing but it is so expensive... Maybe I should figure out something to do with all of my art okay ideas?

We were checking out at the store today and I was looking at those Star magazines that tells you all about Celebrities lives and I got to where it showed some celebrity with their daughter and he took her to American doll and I told Andrew I love seeing what celebrities kids do and he was like you are such a creeper. Now I don't feel like a creeper..I don't know maybe I am but its fun to see what Celebrities are doing especially if they have kids.

I totally miss watching Gilmore Girls. :( I guess that is why they make DVD's

Andrew and I got our Loft looking Awesome! We organized all the kitchen stuff and got all of our clothes hung up and Andrew Vacuumed.  What a sweetheart.

I love the way Andrew is obsessed with sports cause so am I. And the sports that I know not a lot about he helps me to learn. We watched sunday night football and all the guys had pink shoes and gloves on and other sweet pink stuff for breast cancer awareness. it was awesome!

Now we are going to go hang out together.

Love Andrew & Alex

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  1. please share those cupcake recipes!! they sound awesome!!