Thursday, November 18, 2010

Isn't life just WONDERFUL

WOAH. Who knew that time could fly by so quickly. Not I.
I have thought about blogging a lot. I just never did it. ha too busy or too lazy. I need a break OKAY?
Well we have had a WONDERFUL two weeks! And the next two will be even more WONDERFUL.

Last week Anna & Sydney came to visit for the week. That was a WONDERFUL change. :)
People our age around. sweeeet
We all went to the Swap meet. Found lots of treasures like rings, guns, clothes, earrings, backpacks.. the fun stuff.

On Thursday night we decided it would be a great idea for Andrew & I to go for a weekend trip up to Rexburg to take Anna and Sydney back. Yup just for the weekend. thats 14 hours of driving. AWESOME. WONDERFUL

So Friday we went from Thousand Oaks to St George. Stayed there a couple hours then went to Provo.
Hung out with Sydneys family, they are amazing, sweet, WONDERFUL. We stayed the night then went to Rexburg. Once there Andrew & I spent a couple hours looking for an apartment to live in for next year.
And GUESS WHAT??? We found one. Good price. Nice. Big. WONDERFUL. Andrew is excited for the theater in the club house and I am excited for the work out room :)

We spent that night catching up with WONDERFUL friends and my sister Justina, brother in law Curtis and the cutest little guy named Taeden. It was so WONDERFUL to see them. Ah made me so excited to go back to Rexburg.. Strange, I know. Andrew is SO exctied for the Snow and Cold. Crazy, I know.

(How Cute are they??? Love them)
Sunday we slept and then down to Provo we went. Took a short break and then headed to St.George.

Monday = More Sleeping, Eating, hanging with Family, & went to this WONDERFUl craft store, Tai Pan.

WOAH it was pretty darn WONDERFUL if you ask me. Huge and just fun. I want a lot. I can't wait to decorate.
Andrew & I are starting a tradition that after every big Holiday we go out and spend $20 or so on 50% off items for that specific Holiday. It is our way of collecting things for the Holidays but not spending too much.

Now it is back to work and the WONDERFUL weather outside. I am enjoying it while I still can.

However now that I have seen the apartment and been back to Rexburg I am ansy to get there. I am really excited to decorate our apartment and just start the married college experience. It will be so different than the single life in Rexburg. I think I am also ready for a change. Although it has been nice to have these breaks these past few weeks, not just going through the same routine everyday.

Saturday = Clippers Basketball game. How WONDERFUL! :)

OH MY. I figured out everything for Andrew for his Birthday (Although I am still open to creative ideas..HINT HINT) But I have the presents all figured out. YES :)

Thanksgiving = NEXT WEEK. Woah It seems like it is too soon for it but at the same time not. Hm make sense? I am excited though. Lots of family coming that I have never met. Lots of Food. Lots of fun of course.

And then in no time it will be Andrew's Birthday. Which means MICHEAL BUBLE CONCERT. AHHHHHHHHHH I just can't contain myself. We are SO SO SO EXCITED.  I really hope he sings Christmas music cause it is so WONDERFUL. I LOVE Chirstmas music. We have already started to play it in the car and in the office. sweeeet.

And then it is CHRISTMAS. Which is just WONDERFUL all in itself. It is an amazing holiday. The lights, the smell, the presents, the joy, the family. It is all just WONDERFUL. And I am so excited to spend it all with Andrew :)

And then it means moving to Rexburg. uhh good and bad thoughts on this. Andrew is way excited. I am too but I don't know how I feel about all the snow and cold. Snow is fun but in Idaho it gets to be too much...

Now I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to three of the most amazing people out there. My little brother Aaron, my Mom, and my Dad. They all have a Birthday this weekend.
Aaron = November 20th
Mom = November 21st

Dad = November 22nd.
We hope you all have a WONDERFUl day. We miss and love you oh so much.

If you have had withdraws from our wedding pictures it will be okay because I have MORE!
And I could keep putting picture up but I think I will save you all from Alex & Andrew over load. So here is the last of them. These are pictures from the Kansas Reception. My mom did all the decorating, Teresa Lyons did all the food, Justina did the cakes and Dustin Izatt did the Photos :)

I must give a shout out to Justina for making the cakes. They turned out better than I could ever think of. I LOVED them. And they tasted even better than they look. it was just so WONDERFUL.
Here you go..

So Fun, and WONDERFUL.

Well we love you all and hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. Hopefully I post before then :)
Have a Yellow kind of day.
Peace, Love, Happiness
Love, Alex & Andrew

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