Monday, November 29, 2010

our life in pictures?

We went to the Clippers vs. Knicks and it was AWESOME.
Blake Griffin was incredible. He had two of the best dunks of his career. 
Or as Andrew would say, the best dunks he has ever seen live. 
Oh so beautiful and just woah INSAIN!!! Words can't describe.
Great game. Next is Clippers vs. Lakers! AHHH :) 

I found these at TJ Maxx they are baseball bat Pepper grinders. 
Cool right? 

Andrew's foot shrunk. Poor guy. 

The cookies that spell out happy thanksgiving that we put on the tables.

One of the Thanksgiving tables.

Okay you really cant tell but this is the freeway at MIDNIGHT. 
Black Friday of course.
Anna and I had never experienced it so we thought we should venture out.
Little did we know how crazy it would be. 

Another shot but this is the line to the outlets..blah
However we scored!! with front row parking. MUAHAH sweet day. or night I should say

Then we hit up target at exactly 4am and scored a TV however we did not end up buying it..ha
But I am sure we made some late riser a happy person with a surprise TV in the sportswear section

Happy Birthday Andrew = December 6th. 

Happy Birthday Anna = December 14th

I am a lame poster. you all are lame commenters. I am going to post our life in pictures now that I have a SWEET iphone and don't have to worry about hooking up my crapy camera with the dumb cord.

Christmas is coming. We put the tree up. It was a surprise. 
Only one more month and we are in Rexburg. 
I am stocking up on warm things. Bring it on.
I love Andrew English Superman Sorensen.
I like to play angry birds. 
Andrew is going to be the best Sports Analysts around. 
Back to work and homework. Blah.
Love you all.
Love, Alex & Andrew Sorensen


  1. Your blogs are so cute!! I have to say I love having you around! And I am so glad I got to spend black friday with you!! :D Cant wait til you come back to school and we will play lots!!

  2. So I did notice that "we", whoever that entails are lame posters. However, you should know that I do read your wonderful blog. It makes me smile everytime! I love you and can't wait to see you and Andrew again. It will be so fun having you back in Rexburg. We can double date!!!