Friday, November 5, 2010

42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Did you know..

-Broccoli is a cancer-fighting food.  
-Multitasking hurts your brain.
-David Osmond has MS and a beautiful voice.
-A 2 year old in Indonesia was addicted to cigarettes, Smoking 4 packs a day.
-Every three months you should throw away your mascara AND eye shadow.
You are introducing bacteria to your eyes EVERY time.
-Andrew and I have been married for two months and two days. :)
-In November guys aren't supposed to shave there mustache to promote prostate cancer.
-Advil can give you heartburn.
-The world's most expensive home is 1 BILLION dollars, 27 floors, with 6 floors of parking, a theater that seats 50 people, grand ball room, helicopter padS, and swimming poolS.

What do you think..

-Should we see the movie 127 hours? I hear there is a book? Maybe I will read that. Sounds good.. life changing good.

-What should Andrew get for his Birthday? He is turning the big one. the big TWO ONE. the big kahuna. THE 21!!!! So what do I do?
Maybe put a cake in his face again...?

-Where to live. Hm oh where is a good place, not so very expensive, that is IN REXBURG. Where we can live? Suggestions..please..and let us know about any place you have lived. I want to hear it from a real person.

-What is a job in the fashion industry that I could go into? other than designer.. I mean what is really out seems like no matter the major there are A LOT of just odd jobs out there. So I feel like as long as I have a degree I am set. SWEET!

What I think...

-I think that HALLOWEEN is so fun but dang why does it have to bring out so much..uhm.. for lack of a better word, hoochies?.. I know I know the older you get it turns into not so much the candy but the party but I mean really, put some clothes on. 
Now for our Halloween we went to the USC vs.OREGON game, man that was a fun time. LOVED IT.
The people around us were hilarious and the game was great. Oregon won of course. GREAT first college football game for me. Next time though I want to be the home team. This is a pic from my phone, thats why it is so bad..

-I went to this swap meet with Lisa (Andrews Mom) and it was the coolest..kinda dirtiest...thing. Man there were a lot of great finds and just fun stuff from shoes to clothes to tools to furniture to fabric to makeup to planters to kids toys. It was sweet to look at ALL of the FUN stuff. I had to get some things.. and even though I probably could have spent a lot more I held back. But I did get a MOUNTAIN of fabric, a bunch of elastic, a bunch of small fabric flowers, and the real WINNER was THREE pairs of sandals. All for the beautiful price of $20. Now that is Bargain Shopping.

- Andrew and I got are now Primary teachers :) hahaha yea we are beast. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a class at church on Sundays. We teach the 10 year olds. We have only done it once and there was only three girls. They were HILARIOUS. oh to be ten again. We really have seven kids but four were gone so we will see how this week goes :)

- We are going to The Getty Museum tommorrw. I am excited, I love museums :)

- There is a kid that I went to school with way back when, who has cancer. I don't really know him and I don't think I have ever even talked to him but I am friends with him on Facebook..that always seems to happen. He sends out updates of what is going on with him and the cancer and sometimes I read them but sometimes I am just like oh whatever. However when I do read it and look at his facebook it continually amazes me. He has so many problems. It seems like he is always going to the ER or having some test done. Yet he is ALWAYS so postive. He is enjoying life to the fullest and not letting one thing get him down. It motivates me to suck it up and enjoy everything God has given me beause man do I have A LOT. I truly have nothing to complain about. It is wonderful how God sends you those reminders in ways you would never think of. This is my reminder to all of you!! Enjoy life. It is worth smiling about. I know there are things that will get you down but I also know there are people all over that love you and if you don't think that is true remember that God does love you and so do I!

We love you all. We would also love lots of comments.
Have a great weekend. Peace.
<3 Andrew & Alex Sorensen


  1. Good to read your post. Well... where else should you live??? That is simple... KANSAS!!!!
    It's fun to read about all of your fun adventures in life.
    You have a dress pattern and fabric I bought you a while ago. I could send it to you. With all the fabric you just bought it sounds like you need to be asking for a sewing machine for Christmas.
    Love you tons. Keep posting your blogs. Mom

  2. Hey Ya''s me, Andrews couzin Jana. I love reading your blog. I want to go to that swap meet too! Sounds like a great time.

  3. You and Andrew will make great Primary teachers. Have fun with the kids 10 is a great age they know a lot but yet still love thier teachers. they will look at the two of you and want to get married in the temple someday. And Swap meets sound like a lot of fun. I just hate to barder with people, but the deals are great. I wish I could go with you and get some fun new stuff for my new house. love you guys, Marilee

  4. Ummmm...WOW! Where does all of this randomness come from? You are hilarious!

    So really, I should throw away eye shadow too, not just mascara? That is interesting because I have some really old eye shadow! We are talking 5 years plus, maybe! And yes, definetly make a cake and throw it in Andrews face again. That photo is great. You could make that a birthday tradition for him. Just don't tell him..maybe one year he will catch on :)