Thursday, December 23, 2010

And it went a little something like this

This was a great year. And we still have a week and a half of it to go!
So much has happend. It is crazy to think back to where we were a year ago today.
I was in Kansas with my family getting ready for Christmas and vacation and missing a guy named Superman, A LOT. It was just the beginning of the greatest year of my life :)

Here is a look back at all the ups and downs that we have had in this cramazing year --

January - Alex went on her first Cruise with her family   
January - Andrew broke his shoulder in December snowboarding and had to have surgery on it, while Alex was gone :(
Febuary - Best Valentines yet.. Dinner, Movie and a pretty pretty ring.
March- Epic fail of Kansas basketball. LAME
March - Taeden Checketts is born, Alex was living with Justina so it really was a big part of the year!
April - Conference with Alex, Andrew, Anna, Clayton, Lisa, Sydney.. a bunch of people pretty much. First conference for Alex to be there. Such a spiritual, fun, and wonderful weekend!
April - Spring Break in California with fun fun FUN people. Beach, games, Dr.Phil, 3rd Street Promanade, Peir, first Clipper game for Alex, Science Musem. Grrrrrrreat week.
May- Nothing happened this month...?? ha I have no idea.. School happend. ugh.
June - Andrew English Sorensen got engaged to Alexandria Elise Brown :)
July - Spent 4th of July weekend in Provo with great friends. Alex learned how to wakeboard.
July - Alex's Birthday. YAY
July - Alex's mom came to Idaho and they bought her BEAUTIFUL wedding dress
August - Alex went to Kansas for a week, leaving Andrew stuck in Rexburg. such a sad week.
August - Andrew & Alex move to California
August - Spent a week at Lake Powell soaking up the sun, wakeboarding, playing, having a blast with the Sorensen's and Turnbulls. yay for good friends.
August - Finished wedding plans and Brown family comes to California
August- Kjerstin Brown gets married and becomes Kjerstin Bair
September - Andrew & Alex get married for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple :)
Septermber - Andrew & Alex Leave for Honeymoon Cruise to Mexico!
September - Reception in Kansas paired with Alex getting her gall bladder removed.
September - Started Blogging :) haha
October - Started working and living life as newlyweds.
October - Went to the Oregon vs. USC Football game
November - Found out what a Swap meet was. (the coolest thing EVER)
November- Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with TONS of Food, Family, and Friends.
November- Traveled to Rexburg for the weekend and found an apartment :)
December - Andrew turned 21. YAY BIRTHDAYS
December - Michael BUBLE concert!! SCORE
December - Final weeks in California
December - Alex & Andrew first Christmas together
December - Alex & Andrew move into their first apartment together :)

Here is to the New Year and creating more fabulous times and memories.

Christmas is here! Can you belive it?? I hope you all are remembering the true meaning of christmas.
I over heard someone say that they hate holidays because of all the crazieness in the streets and malls and then finding gifts for everyone. But that is NOT what this is about people. This is about the most wonderful gift we have ever been given, Jesus Christ. This is a day for all of us no matter what we believe to celebrate the one person that has shown the way for us to go. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. He suffered so that each and everyone of us can return to live with our Heavenly Father. I am amazed everyday at the things he has and continues to bless me with. I know that he lives and loves all of us. I know that around this season and through out the whole year we should be dedicating our lives to him and following his teachings.
We are truly blessed.

Andrew & I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy this time with friends and family in celebrating the Birth of Christ. We love you all and feel so blessed to have you all in our life. Thank you for all that you do for us and the wonderful examples that you are.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year.
Love Love Love you all.
Peace, Happiness & Love,
Alexandria & Andrew Sorensen

P.S -- Go loook at our Youtube channel. :)

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