Friday, December 17, 2010

Your a falling Star, your the get away car

If you all aren't aware, which if you are not I don't know where you have been hidding this week, it is the dreaded finals week. ugh. Which means no complaining on the lack of blogging. thank you :))

Luckily for me I only had one. However nothing could have prepared me for it. ugh it sucked. But the joy can begin because school is OVER! And lucky for me I am done for the next 4 lovely months. That is such a beautiful thing. I have been in at least one class since April 2009. Yea that is 5 semester in BYU-Idaho time. That adds up to the big number of 49 credits! CRAZY but oh so SWEET. 11 more and I could have an assosiates. That just seems really cool to me. But NOT what I am doing. Hello Bachelors degree.

I am pretty sure this week has been a VERY long one. I think the reason for that is that on Monday we went to the incrediable MICHAEL BUBLE Concert. Awh it was amazing, left me speechless. He is such an amazing performer.
This group performed before Michael
MICHAEL! AH he is there I swear

Backside? ha

I have video, I just can't upload it. Hm Andrew...
Well go check out our vlogs on Look up our channel.
There are good post there of us going to a bunch of things. :)

And of course we went to the Clippers Vs. Lakers game.
Hello Blake, Lamar, Kobe. Great Game. Such a sad lose in the last second.

Me at LA Live

Us :)

Look what I got to open my phone up to the other day! Only the cutest kid ever! ah I miss this little guy oh so very much. A week and a half or so and I get to see him. YAY

I got a new app on my phone and you take a picture and you can change it and this is what I did.
I just thought it looked really cool and turned out pretty artsy.
I call it apple cider.

It is friday. YES
We are going to a work Christmas party tonight with a bunch of old people worth millions. I feel like it is time to make some old people friends :) ha
This weekend is going to consist of sleeping and packing. I feel pretty good about this. Sounds like an awesome time. As long as there is NO homework. YAYAYA
Anna and Lisa come home tonight. This is a wonderful thing. I need some women around again.
We ALMOST have christmas shopping done. SCORE. Just a couple people left and then done done done.
How do you ship something FedEx? Do I need to take it already packaged? uhh I feel stupid.
I feel like sitting by the fireplace, drinking apple cider, and reading a book with Andrew by my side.  
I am really good at being lazy when I want to.
I am trying to teach myself not to stress so much cause I pretty much SUCK at it.
Andrew and I are really excited to start exercising.
Andrew is excited for the snow.
Remember the true meaning of Chistmas.
And I will leave you with this..

We love you all and hope you are having a wonderful Holidays :)
Alex & Andrew

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  1. Hey Alex! I'm not sure about Fed Ex. I think you can take something that's prepackaged in and they'll just put a sticker on it. Go check out their website to see what it says. You can always ship UPS Priority Mail. They have free boxes you can pick up at the post office.

    I'm glad you and Andrew are doing well. Enjoy your first Christmas together!