Tuesday, December 7, 2010

21 years ago in a land far far away...

 Look how pretty? So Andrew, Aaron and I suprised everyone by putting the christmas tree up. But then we let them decorate it. :) However we did help by putting garland going up the stairs. Oh how I love christmas time. Putting decorations up really made me miss home though. I absolutly LOVE my house at christmas time. It is packed full of decorations and just screams christmas and winter time. However at the Sorensen home there is a fireplace. Two to be exact and it works and I get to sit on the couch by it and its wonderful. I have ALWAYS wanted to have all the lights out in the house except the christmas tree all lit up and have the fireplace going with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand and a cute boy (now my cute husband) by my side and snow falling outside. Isn't that a AWESOME picture to have? Now although there is no snow I can still make it happen and it will. I love that idea. I love christmas time. I just love the spirit it brings and just ah wonder.

A perk to living in California. We went to dinner and this was where we sat. Inside and warm but right on the beach watching a beautful sunset over the ocean. Heavenly Father has created such a Beautiful world for us! :)

Andrew & Lisa

Richard & I

Lisa got bread to go and they made the foil into a crab.

The lights on this house blink to the music so of course we sat out front and watched. So cute and fun!
I must show you all my SWEET nails ( i know that is a huge ring but look at the nails!)
I got a teal color at Urban Outfitters and I absolutly LOVE it! So fun and cute.
Andrew opening his birthday present from Marilee, she has got to be one of the sweetest people I have EVER met. I haven't gotten to know her that well yet but I already love her!
Hey Superman wrapping!
Oh he is way excited about this!

Yay for awesome birthday presents. This is an extremly fun game!!

If you don't know we are primary teachers at church so of course during senior primary we sang happy birthday to Andrew and I just HAD to take a picture of him in the awesome glasses they had him wear. Those kids are so cute and fun to teach.

For Andrews birthday, Monday December 6th I woke up at 7 and decorated our loft, area, thing. Suprising enough Andrew slept through the whole thing and had no idea what I was doing. I made a lot of signs and decorations and did a lot of things with the number 21 cause that is what he turned. This first thing he saw when he woke up was a sign that said "What ever 21 year old should get on there birthday... " and then around the aparment I had signs that said "something ____" Now because we don't drink I thought it would still be funny to do something with a shot cause that is usually what a 21st birthday is based around, getting drunk. So I got a teaspoon measuring cup/ shot glass and put it out with a bottle of fancy Apple cider ( No that is not wine! crazies). Thats what this picture is. Then I made a cake/tower of soda he likes, aka mountain dew and coke.  

His 21 year old table of chocolates and candy with pixie sticks next to a sign that says something to smoke/snort/put something bad into your body.

The Guess watch my Family and I got him :)

Now these are all pictures of him opening his present from his parents...


Andrew asked for a TV for his birthday or christmas becasue we need/ want one and he has been researching them like crazy and trying to find a good deal. Well he opened his present and they gave him a portable dvd player with a tiny..probably 1 inch screen and a note that told him how to find the real thing. And it ended up being by the boat...

He got what he wanted and even better! :)

He ( well I guess we?) got a TV. YAY Andrew's Birthday.
Oh he is excited. I think it was a perfect day.
After decorating in the morning I woke him up and showed him everything and all the letters people wrote and the pictures. He LOVED it. I will have to put more pictures up later from the camera. I didn't get better ones on my phone. Then we both worked and then went to lunch at Chipolte and got some caramle apples and smelly good stuff for the apartment and car. That night we went to dinner at Claim jumper. Amazinnnng stuff. And then it was present time. All around I think he had a great birthday, and so does he. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me put the suprise together and for the love you show us.

I really am trying to blog more. I know its not working. Maybe when school is over it will be better? Ha

Well here is a little food for thought,

I am thinking of buying a box of blonde hair dye and dying my hair. What do you think?

Has anyone seen Burlesque? Is it worth going to see or should I wait to rent it?

Where can we go to get cute stuff to decorate the apartment? Cheaper stuff. But I want color. Fun. Exciting.

How in the world can I start liking to run? I am going to start working out once we move but I want to like running not loath it. :)

What's on your bucket  list? (The list of things you want to do before you die) I started making mine. ha

Goals for 2011.. hm Highlights of 2010. Do that next time? Yes I think so.

We hope you all are having a fabulous December. Be happy and enjoy the holidays.
We love you all. Peace. Happiness. Joy :)
Love, Alex & Andrew Sorensen


  1. I love your blog posts! Ikea is an awesome cheap place for home decor. I miss you!

  2. So glad Andrew had such a great birthday! I am glad he enjoyed all his fun surprises. Alex you did an awesome job. Your a fun sweet wife! Excited to see you all soon. I was going to suggest Ikea too. There is one my my house now. I just Love it!