Sunday, July 3, 2011

Camping 101

1. Don't hit your head on a metal box before you even leave town. 
and if you do make sure you have good medicine. 
2.  Bring play pin like thing for baby T 
3. Make sure to bring batteries for camera. 
4. To shake out tent climb inside and shake bootie. 
5. Baby doesn't like to kiss fish but he will touch
6. Fish by a fallen tree. they like to congregate there. 
7. Make sure you have all the parts to fix a flat tire. 
8. Run away from scary naked, doing who knows what in there tent, kind of people. 
9. Bring ALOT of marshmallows and starbursts :) 
10. Enjoy the sun. night=cold. 

How is your weekend going? 
Ours has been going great :) 
Have an awesome and safe fourth of July! 

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