Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am an awesome blogger.
can't you tell?
it has only been like 3 weeks since I have posted.
ha woopsies.
Let me just tell you.
school is insane. INSANE i tell you
and work thats just annoying at the moment.
I could be sleeping 3 extra hours but no.
I get to make 20 bucks instead. ha.
Is it worth it? I guess in the long run it is.
well july
It has been interesting
Fourth of July was great.
Didn't do any homework that weekend.
that was a big oopsies
Birthday came and went.
I am no longer a teen. i like saying that.
it was a great day.
more to come on that one.
now back to school.
did i tell you it is crazy?
teachers can drive me crazy some days.
especially when they give you a grade and they don't tell you why and can't even really explain to you why they gave you that grade. hm its just GREAT.
however yesterday I walked out of my figure drawing class for the last time. I have been waiting three months for that. it was an AMAZING feeling.
then I turned in my photography final portfolio and took the final and its like the weight of the world just came off my shoulders.
next I have to sit through a class. thats it. just sit and be there.
then as I walk to my car I turn in my final project for intro to computer art. and then
what a great feeling
it feels like this semester has been so so so so long.
now DONE.
I feel like singing. or shouting. or smiling.
Andrew is a lucky man too.
He has one class today, with me :)
just has to sit.
then he has a final on Thursday.
we are both done done done. 
California here we come.
Kansas here I come.
Lake Powell here we come.
Hello 7 week break.

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